Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Typology

1. Forgotten Languages: Rhythm-based Systemic Typology
    "Rhytm-based Systemic Typology. Mawù éfyd wíwé véyd wèbwyd tuid ládèst ekyòèlénts gansòd sùryd NODESPACES V2.0 ulì VECTORIAL lewù dèrarng dèed ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: Wierzbicka Nodespaces: complex semantic ...
    "Traditional morphological typology, with its focus on how much and what kind of ... On the lexical typology of modals, quantifiers, and connectives. ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Europeme
    "Circum-Baltic languages: Typology and contact. Volume 2: Grammar and typology. ( Studies in Language and Companion Series, 55) Amsterdam, ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Neameu aameeka mea i Keapaa La'wieku
    "Possessive Markers in Central Pacific Languages, thematic volume of Language Typology and Universals 53.3/4:281-292. Pawley, Andrew. 1967. ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Old and New Missionary Linguistics
    "Language typology and syntactic description, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 3-56. 7- Anshen, F., Aronoff, M., Byrd, R. J. & Klavans, J. L. (1986), ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Arugeatuf enegebgusgde geörlsen Siberia ...
    "“Towards an areal linguistic typology of native Siberia”. Presented at theTenth Non-Slavic Languages Conference, Chicago, May, 1997. ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Typologically unusual structures
    "Morphology and Linguistic Typology. Harris, Alice C. and Xu, Zheng (2006). “ Diachronic morphological typology”, in Keith Brown (ed.) ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: Lingua Obscura
    "191- Carstairs McCarthy, A. (1994)*, Typology, morphological, in Asher, R.E. & Simpson, J.M.Y. (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: Ne Nea-Whorfa Inbakiel - The Neo-Whorfian ...
    "Semantic typology and spatial conceptualization. Language 74: 557-589. Whorf ( 1939). The relation of habitual thought and behavior to language. ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: Oevs Foride Naksnen
    "Croft, William (2003): Typology and Universals. Second edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Dąbrowska, Ewa (1997): Cognitive Semantics and the ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: The Grammaticalization of Chaos
    "Apposition and word-order typology in Indo-European. In Bauer and Pinault (eds.) , 131–52. Hauser, M. D. (1997). The evolution of communication. ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Semantic Envelopes in Bantu Languages
    "Velde, Mark L.O. van de. 2006. Multifunctional agreement patterns in Bantu and the possibility of genderless nouns. Linguistic typology, v. 10, 2, p. 183-221. ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Studies in Tongan - Seaheo la mea Tonga
    "Tchekhoff, C. (1978) Typology and genetics: some syntactic conclusion that can be drawn from a functional comparison between Indonesian verbal suffix -i and ..."
14. Forgotten Languages: Zero-Syntax Languages - Syntax out of equilibrium
    "98- Comrie, B. (1981), Language universals and linguistic typology, syntax and morphology, Chicago, University of Chicago Press. 99- Corbett G.G. (1978), ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: Linguistics and Ex Cathedra Discourse
    "Typology. Austin: University of Texas Press, pp.329-94. Curry, Haskell B. 1961 " Some Logical Aspects of Grammatical Structure". In Roman Jakobson (ed.) ..."
16. Forgotten Languages: Rekand eff Našta Znaguiga
    "G. Goldenberg, “Congruence and comitative and a problem of linguistic typology” , in A2CILCS, pp. 133-147. G. Goldenberg, “Semitic linguistics andgeneral ..."
17. Forgotten Languages: Makhuwa-Enahara: lishishemi ani bakakene
    "In Cross-linguistics studies of tonal phenomena: tonogenesis, typology and related topics, edited by Kaji Shigeki, 261-287. Tokyo: Tokyo University of Foreign ..."
18. Forgotten Languages: Pre-Contact Languages: from Abinom to Zuni
    "PhD thesis, Research Centre for Linguistic Typology, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Hayami-Allen, R. (2001). A Descriptive Study of the Language of ..."
19. Forgotten Languages: Zkovst en Kaeren
    "Language typology. Seventh revised edition. Amsterdam, New Holland. Manninen, Satu & Diane Nelson (2004): What is a passive? The case of Finnish, ..."
20. Forgotten Languages: FL Enaruguitag Gesksentig 2011
    "70- Baker, M. (1990), Elements of Typology of Applicatives in Bantu, in Hutchinson J. & V. Manfredi (eds.), in “Current Approaches to African Linguistics", 7, ..."
21. Forgotten Languages: Eirelyr Elnageyigi - Nedrokdes elangeyodok ...
    "Some of these critics have argued that it is hard enough to get the tree typology correct, let alone branch lengths or divergence times. From this point of view all ..."
22. Forgotten Languages: La filología vasca pese a Joseba Lakarra ...
    "Consúltese el artículo de Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon y August Fenk, de la Universidad de Klagenfurt, Austria, titulado Systemic Typology and crosslinguistic ..."
23. Forgotten Languages: Future Languages
    "Automated classification of the world's languages: a description of the method and preliminary results. STUF – Language Typology and Universals 61:285-308. ..."
24. Forgotten Languages: Phonosemantics Models and Phonaesthemes
    "Wierzbicka Nodespaces: complex semantic networks - 2010 Working Papers · Rhythm-based Systemic Typology · Semantic Imaging - Mapping Meaning and ..."
25. Forgotten Languages: Decteli gabali ter zincali gidni – The ...
    "46- Rainer, F. (2003), Typology, Diachrony, and Universals of Semantic Change: a Romanists Look at the Agent-instrument-place Polisemy, paper presented at ..."
26. Forgotten Languages: The emotion and language of anger
    "“Towards the General Semantic Typology of Emblematic Gestures (the case of the Russian Body Language)” in Ch. Cave, I. Guaïtella et S. Santi, eds. Oralité et ..."
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