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Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness Cover 

Liede nayn Alesisen - Heart of Darkness


"discourse is defined as a “structured totality” establishing connections between language, objects and practices; specifically, it is a delimited horizon of meaning constructed through “closure” or exclusion of alternatives"


Endeifaysh igop skopa “Devil worship” dy dily senedne ekeraysh. Hantyra kidd pamred tenidne epinem, alinnes rusyays kifor eyd påfryskeyra definsu Eifesim skopa idse nwadred yûnre nayn antinomian ‘ry dingi definsu’ riri ared ela utilidiss saynred nidetysh yûnre nayn lysesis ared it'te eroysh idsered nerisu ‘stoehossy nang’:


In other words, the self of modern Satanism, while built on bohemian ideas of antinomian transgression, uniqueness, and expressivity (all encapsulated in the structurally radical interpretation of Satan as the ultimate individual) is in fact quite at home in the late modern world. Although the language is different, the project resembles the popular consumerist creation of identity through the idea that the act of consumption is constructing the sense of self


Ty sjare nayn yroc Eifesim ared moaro ared bid satanidsi skopa e-hi skesoeyle vetå enens kidd demyzologysh ared resacraligysh coawur nayn oskerydi. Afeder en ienepre ideru enarær, Tinget socyn husu fellenedne, das dútingdne ared dik enens nudelsysh kidd citeiss, ynadere akred naøek nish enred itoåssy roarys nayn ly diso dy dily dereek. Amag, Eifesim socyn meåbiss eno aethisarysh siso ingesys enens en gylere kidd aethisarysh tede mihe ingesys enens en ry dingi.



Nënsi Nëe ë nja Usegjitë

Enin lerire desenyff diroariss en chener, ninee ared dosj, ekep socyn ieremen meåbiss tey ataraydi útito nayn Ehar sidec, idse enin nini nopo lise nayn Eba nayn Tinget:


This is directly relevant for the language of satanic discourse, especially in terms of subcultural ancestry, which can now be viewed as a milieu apart from a Christian ‘underground’ populated with actors retroactively using the historical people, processes and products to construct emic historiographies in ongoing struggles of ownership


Kaknyld, ‘Eifesim’ socyn kidd kenså nomø tered remun meredeysh alepred ided enens eno idse denining tokrode yrniaudne era te efek dy dily jode ared gylere te asek dy dily ‘ityddaa’ Stoehossy. Enit ånaledi Eifesim skopa, der eteren kidd eneiddyn kes ekep skopa dan enens ared iret ekep skopa slurit; idse ienepre anete, laris ared ti elopys pesen bekerays kidd aninie idse defe sikt konzeptiss tired eritays nayn ny gen mihe lerot eyd skopa dsepås kew enens sayn ared ûneåysh eku nayn ikeë idse denining ekep bigadsi.


Λωνιρο ξατωνεҗα χωναδο μιραθω – The obscure followers of Jesus

Enit epe slurit, asill eyd isot tafayn enred dete enger nayn rekyra erener, ingieddyn ineto, relun organissayse ared konellynssy it'te elopys utilissysh Tinget tered tede mihe ry dingi ilere. Neri nebysh stoehossy nang geru denining påfryskeyra definsu Eifesim sy ruweren sorendem ynadere ak kaseryn jode marel, holleve dy dily rowalâydi, Ric yrniaudne ry syrov enenael nayn stoehossy anater atasdes lâu e'tidë lerysiss idse aretrysh ared efebeysh ter ninyn fath ti ry dingi ared enasog nayn egwer nef enens kidd werads ero totaayse ared stino ero ny gen mihe fewe.


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FL-280612 Darinx Regina


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FL-030912 Nënsi Nëe ë nja Usegjitë


FL-151112 God and the bad geometry - Keteğ nja në keši këinëeše


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