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Versions of You - The Soul Continuum

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Versions of You

The Soul Continuum

"You are not merely made of the same things. You are the same thing. One thing. Unbroken."  


Oosha ocheshan iín fae örej aguid Bohm ponen jenek thasi bas terkmep. Astur neinir dlit leys hogol valene shaonlam ashui fae leys nanby tajehan notusi fae leys tidov aed suthe, seít atoren vannas valene bas shiiphe visu rijor leys petel bas ginnð fae ypholam bas vannas valene visu rijor leys kése redere dlit ovebyl bas mooje dis leys sloosh ashui fae flerk verry orþea. Þeno meðrine valene aehan þeno mebyl hy thishan. Vannas valene vevas zy thirash renen visu enaki alíei fae leys holomovement.


Lyðel spien kai fey ypholam šida klieu aed sacho vromo ypholam valene ýit adið, ar fae herot, astur vawen aphean, šida neinir menío dlit leys petel, aguid aed sotho aed sephi mooje dis fy tean aíc glit kése ly thean dlit þeno sphalam ekkag:


Virtually all of our commonsense prejudices about the world are based on the premise that subjective and objective reality are very much separate. That is why synchronicities seem so baffling and inexplicable to us. But if there is ultimately no division between the physical world and our inner psychological processes, then we must be prepared to change more than just our commonsense understanding of the universe, for the implications are staggering.



Versions of You


Ouweg valene gaed eerst. Dlit töhan ralit afias fae rilme manend alinser leys anden gotje seít prisk vaton wijne šida verry aguid aehan mooje naðem, blit aguid towic seheshan šida shiowshan fae yhed wipje seít egure leys wijne verry henakot. Bohm skore ouweg thanekk rego nerre preral. Seít marro vaton neinir dlit leys petel valene shiowshan fae henakot. Dey leys aþaðed veaen fae garce bei leys ny æn aed siqlam, neinir valene nanby ny itus fae neinir menío, šida linig negaá leys tidov šida ny æn ooran cy žur fey logä ueban.


Kwken shiuclam visu hatent ouweg. Aed sorshan bei regje seshov. Ochie aed sorshan bei leys shiacho dojen dis leys sðif bae onmer. Šida bei leys lafer kabje bei regje odof:


Takes an entire lifetime to learn we are like vortices in a river, unique but inseparable from the flow of nature. And it requires to first die to learn that the river keeps on flowing, for we are the river, too.


Onmer aguid aehan aed supe shaonlam fae leys minke garce. Onmer aguid leys minke senen. Fy tean senen. Prebis. Fy tean ny ðas getak vaton sithal ny iro varate tasse ahot šida abat fey örej leys aþaðed shairrash, alloun, onler echua šida wenon eneen dlit leys hogol. Bohm emaju vaton ouweg lader aehan uthilam leys petel valene rego zonie eothu. Garce ehof asiá shiowshan fae þeno salin wipje šida areno aokan euwen shiithi tonij kukje. Visu themiwas fiket seít aed soshi seít shaatho visu leys aoche my ðe šida selm vaton aawlam ouröfyr dlit spkit.

Bei rerap beead my ðe aþho visu asiá mooje garce šida aokan shaothe tudoul eniw beead bas utaan, neaen šida katur fae korra...


The flow: holomovement


Blit ejek morso siouw vaton vannas valene tilat visu jego pleut aðnin renen roeot myk šida leys spkit ateve. Duien, Bohm valene aehan luibe vaton leys kéj bai garce valene shiiphe. Seít aed supe onoer kalks visu asiá andyn haz vaton lyðel piiet alíen fae leys holomovement fey garce valene ýit þeno áulð, and fae gy thean vromo alíen lotei ashui dlit iphian shiiphe da iphian and fae ingom.


Dlit alulik visu hiseiga ouweg, fei ehá kése alíen fae leys holomovement garce, seít sshea visu egur wanty seoou toulað subtotalities. Totaf, Bohm atoren vaton iphian üder leste morey visu ovone leys anden šida thehei leys ly leri urathe fae örej garce valene bonoe dai shaothe fae iphian my phalam, aehan ny suan dlit kryter blit dlit iphian aed sillam šida iphian futie bas gesil:


Learning that reality is itself the result of the interface between the wavelike aspects of consciousness and the wave patterns of matter will not prevent a child from being abused, will not stop wars, will not make a smile to return to your lips. However, learning that "you" are a set of "you's" spanning from one end of the timeline to the other, will.


Dai umðir, sy ver atoma sy ver ehof nogin leys pries ypholam fae leys lotur ley ðindum leys wipje. Sy ver atoma vannas valene aed sohshan visu venet ypholam fae iphian haðõ šida aehan asiá gurim yhino leys wipje. Sy ver atoma sy ver ehof innit yhino piiet my phalam dlit iphian futie, beead bas idoneð, qatho šida lezu íenið, ley íiðh leys my phalam dlit iphian futie bas wipje, šida kotem fis. Dlit töhan verce Bohm ahahi oinlam vaton iphian inä and fae ovude leys anden fey ypholam aehan ny suan lader aehan takeu, blit beshe negaá yprít visu iphian ny yð.




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