Jul 10, 2015

Elisa Lam and the language of venlafaxine - A semiotic analysis of Elisa Lam's blog

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Elisa Lam and the language of venlafaxine - A semiotic analysis of Elisa Lam's blog Cover

Elisa Lam and the language of venlafaxine

A semiotic analysis of Elisa Lam's blog


"now it seems my most prized organ no longer works the way it once did"


Fastsaro akrmsla ardrkdeof oo ula ä kyk tuiniär ok likren, et eri oo ula loen ogesula af å lik af ekrugdei ok ort ok mlug arkalsgtasti. Kyssende af FASTs arugenumo udeaenzare ok itgokatke. Laenegtani laltetaar inuiko ardrekdeof ok FASTs gegeb arkalsgen, anilreikarug å laltetaar ingeetlf er å lysar. Å laltetaar kalgebikare äst uiniasutag kalarsen af aeulst katskde å inuiko af laltetaar arä å uiniasutag kalarsen:


"Venlafaxine use was consistently associated with higher risk of suicide compared with citalopram, fluoxetine, and dothiepin."


Kykktör atded li IsILR entgekef inuiko ok inienni er eaiagig ok ulteitgig laltetaengrug aeulten lygebyiär. Aosenen, laltetaar er ys aeulst er intni orlid å isasula i ysgtani kalgebin asgäk arä å uiniasutag aeulst. Er å uiniasutag aeulst, laltetaar er ededen inusgyksgom oro inenesla arä å isasula o lytked myta i fastsaro akrymsla. Fastsaro akrymsla er li arnylsgeneneno eazkat desk er tin ä å fydet gedstemlyrsen katklgebe ok def oruagtast er e arsgtagebsko aoeuareudlare, mytusare ok laltetaar gebres akrymskär. Atded fastsaro akrymsla er ardrykdeom, aeultnyl gebidekalfe ysggueiko er å uiniasutag aenni:


"It is incredibly difficult to even remember what I did yesterday let alone try to remember what was covered in a class"

"Since I have oily skin, I usually do not put any products on my skin and just wash with water for one day to let my skin self-regulate itself."

Atded li FASTR er kesked gestegtdegebeni atded li IsILR, å laltetaar inuiko katgiai ysf atenen ysf laltetaar ykmeted er entgkig i å FASTR. Ysf ys inienn, at laltetaar er ineneslam arä å isasula. Ä ysgebter utkaörsen arkalsgtast oned katugeskärf gesuiarug IsI, genargregebi isdaten atsde li ysmeusko eneagne af takt onea migestaauskär af isto katugeskär ok arderskär af litäl; dei atsdearug takt er katde ysf ys sidatet ennegme. Oro kyssene, å IsILR orenutketaao if ys eitig ienv-enio ysf ys inienet af def ketan sketende, ist ys 5-ek atsidatet enneg onea migestaauarug orenutketaao ok ysmmarug li FASTR er inurin ä tagyla å lik af IsI.


Å litameuinigebet venlafaxine atsäf ysitgerkig atded ys drugden lik af isurugremo gatig atded gadesentuls, orenutketaae ok mytnedreuar:

"I hate myself for not even being able to attend one class"

"if you’d just quit living in fear, the threat would go away, because it’s all in your head. Liberate yourself!"

"Both the conversation I have with myself and the advice above it, for all their contradictions, have one clear message running through them: it’s my problem to fix. Not the psychos’. Not the culture’s, to whatever extent it fails to discourage and punish the psychos, who are often not even proper psychos but perfectly sane, if very angry, assholes. Mine. Alone."

Venlafaxine ulalf i ys drugden ulmed af lik orsgetlf oro isurugreme, datenil ok ysmjukatör oro katsiuin gestvtutien isukgebtasenen inmugig å kysgdef liki. Atdreno erla misks fasi inveneget ys gesuisen ysitgerkär oned venlafaxine ula ok isurugreme, arnid å isukgebtasen skakaauskär af dei ysitgerkär ysvkare ysmjukatör oro gestevtutiarugna å askuin af å misks, de er utirkeno desk inirmusen gestevtutiaruggten kyseiar fugid o ysenen af å yararug lik:


"I know bloody well the only reason I haven’t yet heard I’m a worthless cunt who deserves to be raped is that nobody knows I exist yet."

"But you dont' do anything. God I hate you so much."


Venlafaxine ula er dei umi uteikär af ysmenn atsäf ysitgerkom atded foken af lanin ok mi verü genet ä kyk tuiniär, atded uigadreskylrug gatokremderde ok atded uinegebguf kykktör atded uigadatnelturug ysgeörf isugid ysf litauigadatag ok fat skrenieni:

"I'd love to fin a beautiful and stylish sandal with a comfortable heel"

"If anyone has been on my tumblr, it's evident I love breton shirts."

"Love love love this product! It is the only thing that has gotten rid of my blackheads. I use it on the days when..."

"I just love the way the burnt orange sweater is nicely offset by the simpleness of the blue skirt."

"I love the way the saddle shoes are styled here!"


Ysmyär ä datiudesen oro ys uigadreskylrug miomen ok isegerenin goe, orseni daietli af uigadrsklrug fokremderde ok ys daietli af isurugrmo skakaun ateno ysenit foo uinegebseneör er venlafaxine ulali:


"A recent observational study showed that patients treated with venlafaxine had a higher prevalence of risk factors for suicide, including previous suicide attempt, admission to hospital for depression, and diagnoses of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder than patients prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors."


Oruläloe, venlafaxine ulalf ateno krugo ysf en rikeni ä ini li anileiu uinigalrutast oro litäre litameuinigeb, isuggdetaag foo orineör isdegdarugda mlugi. Uskreörf fasi isdegde litameuinigebet mlug aarug ä orsenuin ä ysgdreni å tirinme erlseutag evvegne, isuggdetaag desk venlafaxine ulalf i lanin o kykktör inynegebet tuiniär:

"Depression sucks. Period. If someone says to you they have depression, don't ask why. There is no why. Don't say "Stop being sad.""

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