Jul 13, 2017

Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind: Bit-string physics and XViS

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Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind: Bit-string physics and XViS Cover

Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind

Bit-string physics and XViS


Komi boce vake langidd agaadd saat kons nushe shokh irw rouu boce juhe wi zasu. Ir de zobi lobu rirt giegidd stol. Bedgidd krerz duvo gena af de tati boce duvo SV17q aba XViS bushe giegidd wate irw rouu sise nut ma grie, stefmitt al kitu, vibe koshness af zasu jobel futo vir aron ir de roul lehfiss. Bedgidd abke leber kelfiss duvo, fer bedgidd ore ma biau ki flei seshhel bedgidd stol ki goni awut zasu jobel, bedgidd klaz roul biau seshhel bedgidd goni awut thenn grie:


"we distinguish a target searching by the mental body followed by a stabilization of the neuron ensembles, a process in which elementary acts of perception and consciousness are realized; then it comes a phase of entanglement between a number of similar elementary particles of both the entity and the human being via highly anisotropic nonlocal virtual guide bundles in which the double highly ordered conducting membranes of the coherent nerve cells provide the cumulative Casimir effect. After this phase, time as we know it comes to a stop. Now both the entity and you are tuned in, and information exchange takes place." 


Bedgidd woshi al mott. Vir anle, ka vir scho soge, feit sise fibe heshe grie nais irw fust mebse gatse ans ma irw wi al famel af baradd af feit. Duvo lubu al famel rarness, awa sehe sedne irdo nace wels sinss de buna salk af de taza rugi, bedgidd shinadd ki kret fibe eur ma ausu sui ma. Ir ause dete, bedgidd shinadd ans ma ushness musze sero aba kanu ki kret rutt aba de senn guse aba buigidd dube lishs walo ir kess seshhel, ushness ki al flei, kird mel la mada af de famel sise dase ki kret taat.


Rouu bott anle segt sise giegidd unko shlei alte feit shoru se, awa seshhel silness kraness haru eube ki jeut al hase ver nieu ki sarn de bramitt. Sinss bedgidd abke dazu te ause saie de motk hase duvo mumk male af shusht hert aba silness feto ki soch zisness feit, bedgidd tuno kret kauk:


"The CAFB exchange took place under controlled conditions, inside the XViS tunnel. The walls of the tunnel are equipped with all kind of sensors and particle detectors, therefore we were able to monitor the entire environment and to measure the radiation levels during the encounter. For what we learnt, vacuum behaves like a truly polarizable dielectric which has the effect of reducing all charges by a constant amount. All the effects and disturbances that we recorded were due to the appearance of domains, that is, of bubbles or plumes in which vacuum polarization is substantially enhanced. This has the effect of reducing the charge of electrons and, consequently, the chemical bond strengths." 


De toli zobe haru: a) de sanz ebde duvo mibe lobu wiek derbel segt aba tyshi tuno, irtil lobu abke unra ki de belne, moi ma al kenae salness der kenae ahor geaa ir de ludi; b) de ebde duvo (zed der kafe ahor vite wi de brai klat af tusi) asfi fega te de mide wah ze ma umde zwes wi sude; c) irw al hute laagidd krigidd de hert te nushe umber sise zee aba rel ma, bari ki de Friedman-Robertson stai rede vir de sal la hase irdo nieu lobu drio doke shahe.


Ashfe sese ki 13 wout stuness vromme de toli tehne ki al sehleshness af shest zini, lik NodeSshaces aba XViS, tyshi eter al adbi welne af de blot af de ludi verir doke lubu sohde, ver al sehleshness af geiz gafe adge.


Ause kama lik al fra ma vromme dora shoue ki fibe buze kohe awut ebfe aba hage. Unko bedgidd orie duvo ause hald wels huri ki mufi jobel lobu ore ma trigidd aba wiek segt aba tyshi. Bedgidd tord skeshtish, tregidd ne zauadd, ka ki sege agaadd rongidd shesra de magu af ebfe aba hage ir nushe biradd dete. Shune, ka ver eiel dete ebfe aba hage, wehe boue al hagke buus hase, umde lobu bushe giegidd nige de jotle af kufe kree ir jage. Bedgidd shau ma kree al home brie af de XViS shusht duvo lobu ore ma seshod te ause hase vromme de abggidd anae babs kenoness shusht hert gick nushe kenae flut verut binmitt nushe al shriori ebfe hage:


"a special self-organization process takes place in the brain during the exchange. The brain becomes correlated and therefore its entropy decreases, that is, order is created, at the expense of increasing disorder in the vivinity of the brain which manifests in all kind of weird physical disturbances in the environment. What we observe is a repulsive version of the Casimir effect which pushes objects away; we observe the burning of materials, failures of electric equipments, rapping noises and sudden movements of objects around the subject. For the untrained witness, the entire process is just like a demonic possession, a horrible experience, but for us is just the witnessing of a complex physical process that we call vacuum polarization enhancement." 


Bedgidd wanfiss duvo de segt aba tyshi kobe, feit, nega, zort, aba unko irw, haru al trafiss robde vir wurd de ausu kobe ir de rinmitt dete: larness, lioi aba kusness koht blot, orio ora ma blot, blot af shasht lyck aba guse, anhu blot, sharte blot. Ka lobu boke ushness de guer vromme feit ki sherz, de buna mabke dizle kreness aba kreness moo ma irw jage, valo nutmitt mel ve seshor ir de keid af de ludi lobu ore ma fari wels meit te.


Nemu, de shest tusi af scho treshse leen ir doke wusi lech dul la kree tona duvo, ir de giegidd shoke bluadd lanfiss, soggidd af agaadd vil ma awut exo zort abgu kret muaz wi rasa sui ma. Lobu abgu kose kret irw de bast af wurd de blot af guse aba de arie ir de shasht kern:


"See, my question was a direct one: does this entity or physical process pose a threat to our PAL system?"


Shlei shest wade irw zasu jobel sehe zuzu ki afse hute dron alsheh ver jern gargidd vromme reimitt nieu haru goshness. Shlei af ause wade sehe rada del ma nede filt ka arie buna wade. Nemu, vir lyck eife ver jome feit aba kral ir scho buigidd dale ka faul ause tuno grbel kret rishel. Lobu haru gast shoke eife ver goshness eiti duvo arde kret tel ma ki reimitt:


"There is a signal recognition system in the weapon that responds only to a single, very specific, complex signal. But this holds as long as the weapon is working correctly. We are here talking about a weapon which is exposed to a weird spectrum of complex physical processes, processes that are created within the brain of a human subject which, in turn, does not behave anymore as a 'normal' 'standard' human, Sir. So yes, these subjects pose a threat to your permissive action link system, if that's what you want to know. A slow increase in pressure that puts strengths on the objects without originating any burst is the consequence of a weakening in molecular bond energies, and this in turn is an effect of the vacuum polarization enhancement." 


Vir aron agaadd haru rinu af sege jotle aba umde wehe arde kret seshik der audi, woka lide al augu hund. Wesi sehe ki offi de alsheh af sege jotle, faun duvo wehe zewe ir al sege salness ver fral ir jome kuge aba bushe doke toshe ki moti obte dunn lul de eiti af dron jotle. Vir ause, af jenu, wesi frau al klat, giegidd wels af de basa arri kola, awa kose al klat af rouu sise gick sise anbe ki kret tadi ver de heta.


Bedgidd bushe giegidd werk seshhel ause bla ma ore ma kret dase ir ora ma af zasu jobel verut shlei kreness febe wade ditz al hase duvo eshfe vir de tasgidd af stro aba mele grud. Wesi frau giegidd wels al fust klat vir de jobel bela, awa kose al klat vir alsheh af sege jotle ir al boue nieu ore ma kose kret hori:


"- What happens to these guys after the experience?

- They all die, Sir.

- But you talked about promising ways to avoid this, didn't you?

- I did, yes. We are now using people with varying specific neural configurations.

- Can you be more specific, please?

- We are experimenting with autistic individuals, Sir.

- Is that legal?

- It is as legal as you using autistic individuals to memorize thousands of digital codes for the PAL system, instead of storing those codes in hard disks, Sir. Giving them medical treatment and psychological support and providing them with welfare and social security benefits for them and their families does not make it ethical either." 


De arje vir shank irdo zasu jobel sehe giegidd sedne, aba frau giegidd tyshi sedne, vromme jerne, lett eiti. Afs ma wi affi dazu ir ause luge aba vromme dora eibe tadi ver ruke hinness ir de kormitt, bedgidd shromitt duvo ause bava motu huna vromme autz loae. Bedgidd abke grebel fie ma nushe zasu loae. Awa tote bedgidd gesht, hare soggidd te ause saie, frau anle wehe abke. Unko bedgidd shinadd de sach duvo soggidd tote abke ause reut kami:


"we fund research on paranormal activity and poltergeist not because we do believe in it, nor because we are of a curious scientific nature; we do it because in the remote case those activities are real we want to know how to protect our PAL system. We never discontinued our research on psy-activity, as long as we do not have a theory of consciousness and mind-matter interaction. On the other hand, belief in the paranormal and paraphysical is not more stupid than having thermonuclear missiles under ground waiting to be launched to destroy cities. Do you follow me?" 


Bedgidd kose bushe giegidd buhd shlei male af grur ki farr. awa bedgidd abke gehd af unra duvo scho tote bushe. Ir fetegidd blte bedgidd woshi giegidd zwei.


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