Oct 11, 2017

Cassini Diskus - Altadena Anomaly (Reply)

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"What we are seeing right now is what we have termed the fire of the future, with wildfires destroying large numbers of structures," said Karen Terrill, a spokeswoman for the State Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. "This is what we are going to see more and more frequently."


THE CALIFORNIA FIRES: Fighting Fire of the Future: Making a Stand Where Homes Can Be Saved

By Seth Mydans - Published: October 29, 1993


The Altadena fire, which still raged today on the hillsides but no longer threatened houses, has been an example of this new complex challenge, said Clark Pearson, an inspector with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.


FL-051017 Cassini Diskus - Altadena Anomaly



Map 29/10/1993 to 11/10/2017 on Queltron-CTC



FL-031016 The Queltron Collider: Indirect searches for CTC's


FL-070415 Countering the Time Traveler Threat - Protocols for Detection and Identification of Time Travelers


FL-060817 Cassini Diskus - ::inqueltron STO-2075

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