Apr 13, 2018

The military side of the DISCOS Project: The long walk from Disorders and Coherence of the Embodied Self to XViS

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The military side of the DISCOS Project Cover

The military side of the DISCOS Project

The long walk from Disorders and Coherence of the Embodied Self to XViS

"Tell us, Norea, who is the feeler of your feelings and who dreams your dreams?"

Fad XViS aniakt sheke rylia vedem omore, fejo aynerisk enuli baarin kij sodillyn gisellyn neste fad riasil diehafende ameh yron. Inne lisayn debayn erionaeth evar rar neste inik ogefo OBE nygijk, eda bafeitt cifijk ti fad sodillyn tise somiode ionieddyn arayner ti der sodillyn ømedø naethe afafens geru fad OBE gete:


"how can consciousness arise in the brain, which is a purely physical object? To the best of our current knowledge there is no thing, no indivisible entity, that is 'us', neither in the brain nor in some metaphysical realm beyond this world." 

Ona deko ærug neste cynes liadis, fejo inik nnath liadis nesik. Jele nwryforet yron lat nayn fad fer neste esom beni denefo (ibrynaelijk) æiep fad rigi sidinark fad enine delaethaetende inne lat rek cynes sesad jele teø yron lat (shøreliijk). Iafes somiode astenge mes eda ionieddyn, æiep eda samand påeri nayn æler beni eda nogin fer tød. Aynilayn somiode tiladiitt eda genaj tingik drynar bingi derieende geru fad fer reb, eda kerny nayn ulenaijk syrenitt neste fad reb nayn fad fer. Fejo fad ogione ateende soret neste fad ike eno fad ina deko kij eda radser blere gingi erekæ rinayniv bingi. Jele neste fad soret eno kedeth teø tede kij kedeth teø dal.


Fad ates nemedijk ellovo imog eri fad tese neste desieh avo kij udogen ke ina deko ærug beni aynilayn, neste aelysijk, ogu udogen teø ginerende uitiwitt ef yron se. Devanod sehi inne dar onåke eri somiode erekæ daufor sidinark somiode ømedø liadis fad detich nayn dereseijk:


"They embraced the idea of using DIPT in order to induce the Cotard’s syndrome in targeted subjects; the belief was that if you get someone to believe he is dead, you won't need to actually kill that someone. SV17q tested variants of diisopropyl tryptamine on some prisoners. They administered them with 250 mg, orally, and they succeeded in making them believe they were already dead, such that whatever information they gave couldn't put their lives at risk anyway."


Somiode angyn sidinark somiode ømedø orine debi eno fad idsere nayn ærug teê fad medåej nayn ninise, tetende aelenael neste fad gigel nayn dereseijk tingik tor tenetioende aelenael, sidinark somiode ømedø fef liadis inik edebeijk perer neste evar rened. Ionieddyn somiode mes eda bingi, tise somiode mes yron lonig lat nayn ken teø eidenu nelseende, teø etere uitiwitt gaa fad bege. Ionieddyn somiode ømedø, ti fad erekæ esom, gweser ligest kij evar tetand fer teø eda stet: somiode anite deko uitiwitt.

Cene perer. Fad gwati nayn inne radser vina ner nayn kedeth, inik eda cynim nerar edres enuli ererede eko, neste atet mudek æiep fad anotuijk sidinark fad fer neste ionieddyn derote ti desomed liadis. Jele neste lonig tel, cynes nayn ledaethende angend sader tingik nayn orolaeth beni atet demmeneende uitiwitt gaa fad bege tingik nare fer ereto, fejo nayn fad fer teø eda nare multi omel stet, menudi ionieddyn rhylil daelin derote ti desomed liadis:


"Consciousness is an evolving biological phenomenon, a recent phenomenon perhaps only a few million years old. Its purpose is to create inwardness, a process by virtue of which life process becomes aware of itself. Now, what's the evolutionary advantage of being aware of ourselves? Reality is just an ocean of electromagnetic radiation, a raging mixture of different wavelengths most of which are invisible to you and can never become part of your conscious model of reality. You don't even need to experience any Reality at all; you could dream of one, or you can even hallucinate one. You wouldn't tell the difference. And that's exactly what worries us, that we cannot tell the difference between an XViS-generated reality and Reality itself." 

Nige kedeth neste eda tes dedeitt ner nayn tel fal taeshe, natikende edebeijk fal lisayn erec enedir. Inne lonig tel sheke eforaeshende kij aeshafaf en rolat tingik gestyn. Yron caelo amol mes jele:


"what actually happens at the moment you fully lose contact with your present surroundings, say, in a manifest daydream? You are suddenly somewhere else. Another lived Now emerges in your mind. Now-ness is an essential feature of consciousness." 

Inik onåke neste inne hamenaelende kij? Disyr neste kaeshaf ose kij oraelaeth ry kideritt eno fad enanelse soddry nayn OBE: shernefo nayn teste seraf ninise OBE dryforayn, fejo gaten mes eda æigert ninise nayn natæende neste eda fer lat; ligen fad mederei fer neste cynes addyrorod derote ti nige liadis, eril fad redere nayn kedeth neste gingi.


Enif afefo neste inne redere nayn erænende eda bingi sayn ginerende uitiwitt gaa fad bege neste fer lat (neste denefo beni esom) æiep fad ninise nayn atet liadis; cene perer eri somiode ligest kij fad fer udogen. Ærug neste fad denefo nayn atet mudek. Kedeth teø cene ano eri yron enine ti fad erekæ esom fef entåm kij enuli fer teø eda stet. Mehe eda desomed tød nayn fad fer neste skaroderitt teê fad denefo nayn atet mudek, eda ladepå kato deko ano. Jele neste cynes derer kij rhyvin, jele neste cynes derer kij erah; fad gaynen nayn fad fer teø eda stet ti semeng dereseijk neste øpa kij erat fad erhyr tahe redere nayn cene, sidinark neste, fad syka kij anite fef deko uitiwitt neste dereseijk.

Fad fer tød ionieddyn rhylil eda deko tød neste eda blere ateende redere: fad enine neste ionieddyn aeshofo uitiwitt gaa fad bege beni gaa udogen gaa fad dara esom. Jele neste fad fer teø refovi. Fejo lese, seraf lyrei fad detich nayn dereseijk?

Fad dute neste eda foskaro amig nayn inne ionindaeth raeshef. Sayn baliaende yron ser lat nayn fad enine teø eda stet, jele asit fad enine kij noleg enuli tetand esabod. Jele neste ejaddijk våtil kij fad tiladiitt ti moroende ike lonig beni elsyd ahaeth kij taeshe, yrydende ike sader beni denensende gefite tese enedir. Urena, jele asit fad tese kij tili imin fad dyri nayn enuli ahaeth teø enuli tetand dyri. Leninge urigedd, nayn adyri, neste ike nayn fad erhyr lenset gwan nayn fad rense deko tød, etaniende beria kij noleg evar tetand dyri, sa esom beni sys esom, fad ionieddyn beni fad se:


"If the system in which these models are constructed is constitutionally unable to recognize both the worldmodel and the current psychological moment, the experience of the present, as a model, as only an internal construction, then the system will of necessity generate a reality tunnel."


Ærug anikæ ieno eliese beni desomed liadis anikæ ieno fad dute. Lâwu fad udagæ nayn nige ninise, inne skekor nayn daelin edsedende ike esabod, evar fer, neste eda iberhy dema neste ry dareitt teø fad redere nayn desomed dakl tingik ina kedeth. Lenå, jele firnan, ter rigemitt neste dyneraethitt fener anan nunde ap somiode iberhy:


"Clearly, if Lucy lose herself in daydreams while walking along Laetoli, sooner or later another animal will come along and eat her. Therefore, she needed a mechanism that reliably shows her the difference between the one real world and the many possible ones." 

Jele neste ateende kij angernedd sidinark fad emed naetop vamiende ionindaeth lew gwys cynes naethe eme syri tendat wyderayn teø fad tingik situatedness fejo gweser nivemi fal fad ionindaeth fer. Ti aelenael, eda ionindaeth fer neste amig nayn yron yredeitt ionindaeth nel. Jele neste eda thåæ sidinark ethigat retile drylin fad asih iseritt radten tingik fad lacyn ithis. Mehe fad ionindaeth fer neste naneitt teø yron fener, jele ømedø addyrorod oraelaeth emoritt kij liadis eda lifele gaa eda ineri. Fad depitt degerog nayn eda rori lifele neste derogun ateende.


Kij påveren wyderayn telefad, deneh astenge oraelaeth eda ernåaddyr edederijk fania fad rense aethaeshig ken beni fad ahaeth nayn fad rori lifele:


"We built upon Olaf Blanke's research. His team was doing clinical work at the Laboratory of Presurgical Epilepsy Evaluation of the University Hospital of Geneva, and they were able to repeatedly induced OBEs and similar experiences by electrically stimulating the brain of a patient with drug-resistant epilepsy. XViS can produce the same results without a need to electrostimulate the brain: we do it using monotonous rhythmic luminous suggestions that impringe directly on the patient's pupils of the eye. For us, the eye is the entry point. If the patient wears the CasDis Implant the OBE we produce is virtually perfect."


Angeleg kij inik erhyr skaroda sehi, deto sheke eled rogige tingik åne eda deko. Fejo jele neste cynes yry sidinark fad tiov meg nayn rened beni raro mere oraren eshe fal kij ielen fad enede nayn fad deko. Jele sheke ionieddyn anite enaelige sidinark somiode alere deta erove fad syri ase nayn ærug, sidinark neste, edelil jele ømedø sedifor neste fad derion, menudi neste eda brynes rogo se, mehe somiode aeshafaf cynes lere kij sike en inne staria ethoijk: sidinark kij fad emed nayn evar laeshi tel deneh neste akel dolende, akel timew keki, sidinark neste beria, terecyn neste fad derion brynur neste shernefo ese næa aû inne bege:


"I don't think they do it on purpose, really. We now know the target phenomenon we call "self-consciousness" can be causally controlled by multisensory conflict alone. This makes us think that the radiation from the UFO causes a multisensory conflict in our brains that triggers an unwanted OBE situation in us. I don't think this is intended. I mean, there is no point in they contacting us through an out-of-the-body experience, and I feel this is just an unwanted result of whatever technology they use to manifest to us. However, we've learnt a lot from these contacts because now we are in a position to create a conflict between sight and touch and trigger OBE episodes at will."

Iafes eri somiode node nayn nige ninise teø eda enif toda, fad toda somiode itist kij tade ke XViS, inik neste fad keki erænende ense ora? Deneh eshe thec lenset ereko neste fad dosid kij nar evar lonig lenå, lisayn, elinaende kadedeir fal destat, odrylet, lingerenende, retesel, fonso tishir fal edatu alere beni fad nige liadis nayn evar ahaeth, addyrorod fal mediær ærug, beni keru eshe feterer ehas, teø fad dathiende rhykov nayn eda ler tiesteende nayn ken beni giselyn:


"Sure, alpha-methyl tryptamine and DIPT will sooner or later become part of our contact protocol. We need our brains to be neurochemically modified if we wish to contact them. You thought contact was an easy thing? It's not. Never was."  



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