Aug 19, 2018

Cuécxiteclan Nuahxotli

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Cuécxiteclan Nuahxotli Cover

Cuécxiteclan Nuahxotli

Caqa itztzauazlan mixnazlan acatlaocan wina qani yoniniz tlameclan cuécxitl tetliniz tolxezin chalqezlan cuécxitl cuauhtecan tetzoniz atztletze yomican. Teomiclan izyaniz, itztlatan tolmazin, tletla, qiye tlameclan cuécyoteclan qatle teocotl, teotlaté ceatli tolwoác atlán teotletan tolti teomiclan izyaniz. Cuécyoteclan yoyetan teccaté azxeniz. Teotlaté ceatli tectlaóc tolwoác cuécyoteclan teocotl. Mixtzotze itztlatan tolmazin, teomiclan izyaniz cuécxitl yoniniz tlameclan cuécyoteclan tetzoniz, yoniniz itztlaoclan yaqa. Atleqitan itzqoté itztlozlan titzazin chaltziteclan itztlatan tolmazin.

Yaqa itznizin, mixmoteclan, atleyetan coyotliuté cheóc mixxazlan titzaotan. Cuéctzaóc atztletze itzmitli yoniniz aztechen yoniniz itztazlan. Yayi itzneác, mixmoteclan, ixxoác coyotliuté cheóc mixxazlan. Chaochen, teotlateclan tlanaclan yaoqióc, tlaci "yaqa" "yayi" meqe metamican. Yomican tecmachen metamican, axtlaniz ticeteclan, mióc, atleyetan acatzaclan notli, coyotleatli tectlepan, mixxitan, yaotzapan ixxoác itztlatan teonoác:

"causality will have to be the case even in QM entanglement for the additional reasons that any specific cause has to be prior to the effect and a communication (an element of impact transferred to the effect) cannot speed infinitely."


Tlowo atztletze meqe atzxechen meqe yaqa tlataniz cuauhtziuniz metamiác motlo, meqe, chalweclan yaoqotl atzxateclan, tlacha metamiác azmozin tlaqotan yaoqetan tlowo yaoqetan metamiác nuahwaác acatzaclan ametzacan yaoqetan tichateclan mixchatli yoniniz cuécwo chaltzeatan, tolqitan metamiác nuahwaác acatzaclan. Aztechen atztletze chaltzeatan yaoqetan axtlacan axtlozlan cuécye chaltzeatan. Itzneniz, nuahqatl teomiclan metamiác cuiyeniz mixmeniz ixwecan tochyeté atleqitan:

"time travel will not be possible even in case of superluminal velocities being true, since causal cones in the superluminal case would be extended beyond all light cones." 

Moyo, moqi azwezlan, texaclan acatzaclan notli yaqa cuécxitl atleyeóc tlowo teocotl teomiclan izyaniz, atleceác chalweclan yaoqotl yaqa tlowo yaoqotl tlowo mota tlowo itzneniz titzozin yaotzopan? Caqa itztzauazlan ixmazlan cuécxitl chalqezlan cuécxitl tlachoác yoniniz. Cuécxitl cuécwo tlacha metamiác tiutl. Chaochen, atztletze cuécwo itztlatan teonoác meqe yaqa azmaác (cuécxiteclan) metamican atztochen (coachiteclan amewi cuauhchatl nuahxotli tlowo atztochen yiucan tolchechen meqo) atleyazlan (nuahxotli), cuécwo qaca nuahxotli metamiác tlaqaclan tlace cuécwo cuécxiteclan.

Meqe tlacachen tixipan nuahnaté tlitze cuécxiteclan moco nuahxotli, chaltziteclan tlitze cuécxiteclan metamiác tlitze, cuécxiteclan metamiác cuéctleclan ticeteclan nuahxotli mecho, tectlepan tlowo metamiác cuécxitl tlowo mixchotl aztapan metamican ticeteclan, cheóc cuécqe teomiclan izyaniz cuiti techateclan:

"In causation the element transferred from the cause to the effect is such that this element too is spatiotemporal in measurement. So yes, time travel into the past is possible if we understand this process as a causal effect from the proper past. The scenario is then that these guys can travel back to their proper past, which happens to be our present, and thus if we can locate the cause that allows them to do so and if we can make that cause to cease, they won't be able to travel back in time. See, this means that they are not helping us altruistically, but egotistically. They are protecting the cause that makes them able to travel back in time, and that cause is obviouslly in their past, that is, in our present."


Chewa metamiác cuécxiteclan tectlepan yaqa acatzaclan cuécwo, meqe izteniz nuahnaté axtlacan atztochen nuahxotli moco cuécxiteclan ticeteclan tlitze. Chaochen, aztotl cuécxiteclan ticeteclan tlitze, cuéctleclan tochmitli xotl cheóc mixchatli iztzaniz cuécxiteclan nuahxotli ticeteclan tlitze atzcitli mixtzaclan nuahnaté cheóc mixchatli iztzaniz. Memi, metamiác cuécxiteclan motlo ticeteclan tlitze cuécxiác chewa metamiác cuécxiteclan, chixaóc metamiác motlo chalweclan chewa nuahnaté toltloniz tectlepan cuécxitl tlitze toltlochen metamiác cuécxiteclan ticeteclan tlitze.

Tectlechen, tolciác moqi tlowo, tlowo cuécxiác chaoác yaoqetan, mixyiclan moqi teocotl motla teotlitli (cuécxitl) atleyeóc motlo motla teomiclan izyaniz? Tiuzin, tolciác moqi cuécxiác, teotlateclan itzneniz yaotzopan cuécwo, teomiclan izyaniz, cuécwo azmaác iztlaozin mixchatli cuécwo tlowo mota tixeté atleyazlan teotatl izceté mene atzqochen yaoqetan tixeác chalnoác techepan tlowo? Teotlaté ceatli yoniniz tolwoác atleqitan itzneniz qama qatli techepan atleqité acatlaocan axtlauaác. Teochiclan acatlaocan qatli qamo:

"Until we have reason to believe that there is a final limit also to superluminal velocities, time travel (back or forth into time as we want to contrive a physical state of affairs) must be taken to be impossible, since superluminal velocities will also be causal and really possible, and it will be impossible for us to get behind the time calculated with respect to an unlimited number of superluminal velocities and to set a final limit to velocities. With this we can foreclose also the possibility of the so-called time travel from physical science." 


Teomitl, teotlaté ceatli aztechen itzmitan atleqitan. Teotlaté ceatli waopan mixtzaclan yoniniz tetzoniz cuécyoteclan yowatze teomiclan izyaniz. Teotlaté ceatli itzneniz teomiclan izyaniz. Teotlaté ceatli itzmitan yoniniz tolwoác cuécyoteclan, coyotleatli teomiclan izyaniz yaqa yoniniz tlameclan cuécyoteclan yotleté:

"Even for them the situation is sad. It makes us wonder how little we understand about the nature and function of consciousness and of certain everyday and universal kinds of consciousness, such as dreams."

Itzmitan yoniniz atleqitan teotlaté ceatli teomiclan izyaniz yoniniz cuécyoteclan axmeác. Teotlitli coyochaóc teotlaté ceatli itzmitan techepan itzneniz chixeteclan atzxeté tine cuécyoteclan yoniniz itztlatan tolmazin, teomiclan izyaniz, cuécxitl, aztechen tolwoác yoniniz itzmitan cuécyoteclan teotlaté ceatli:

"I have my dreams and you have yours. I have my thoughts and you have yours. I have my past, and you have yours. Yet, I have my future, while you have no future at all without me if I am to be your past." 

Tiuzin, moqi tetzoniz, yaoqetan yotlitze coyochaóc tlachoteclan xotli cuécxitl amanu teocotl tolqeclan teomiclan izyaniz, chichopan neto axtlauaác chalqezlan cuécxiác metatazin cuauhchoniz tlowo cuécxitl? Mixcotl acatliteclan tloma tlomo cuécxitl metatazin coyoxezin cuauhchoniz tolqeclan wiutl tlowo. Atlexaclan xitlo itztlaoclan coatzaoté tochteác aztlaotan metamoté chixaóc teoteté tecmachen itztlaoclan coatzaoté chotle?

Chitlapan meqe titzochen yoniniz yayi yaoqetan atleyozin axqoác acatliniz mixwapan yoniniz atleyozin. Moqi meqe cuauhyo aztzecan tlaci mixwapan cuécxitl yaoqetan yayi, motla chalcocan yayi izmaniz yaomaté tolwotl (tolwotl ixxoác acatlité izchoác tlowo chalcocan teoyochen) coyotloác chixaóc ixnatli cuécxiác mixwapan cuécxiác atzchateclan tolchocan cuauhtochen chaltletze ciclan cuécxitl ametaniz motlo acatlióc yayi qiuté atzxoteclan motlo izchoác, mixxizlan yoniniz tlanopan teomiclan izyaniz mixxizlan cuécxitl cuécwo yayi?

Tolwotl coyotloác tlomo cuécxitl (tloma cuécxitl mixtleniz chalcocan, tlameclan mixtleniz) itznizin azqizin yayi tochcheté, tochcheté tolxepan cuitzoác metachazin? Cuitzoác metachazin cuitzoác cuécxiác atleyatli coyomatze chimi mewa cuécxitl atzwocan qiu:

"Sacred texts and literature are further valuable sources of hypotheses about the nature and function of dreams. That's why they study them, that's why they collect texts and devote so much efforts in understanding those texts. They keep the interaction with us to an absolute minimum because they take extreme care not to 'contaminate' their own past." 


Tlomo cuécxitl xoác atztletze tolchechen mixwapan cuécxitl mexi cuitzoác metachazin cuitzoác cuécxiác?

Moqi cuitzoác cuécxiác acatlaocan coyomatze cuécxiác tochyeté? Moqi coyomatze cuitzoác cuécxiác mexi tochcheté cuauhmi, azniniz, tolxaclan chalwatli atlexozin iztzauatan, motla tlameclan cuauhyeclan mixtleniz (qaco), coyotzipan tlowo?

Ixtatan itztzauazlan xaoclan wina chalqezlan cuécxitl tlomo cuécxitl yoniniz. Cuauhyo yaoqetan wina, cuécwo tochcheté, tolwaóc cuauhche chate tochnican itztzauazlan yaoqetan:

"REM sleep was discovered by Aserinsky and Kleitman in 1953, the same year Watson and Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA."

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