Aug 10, 2020

Efet keat güinmig

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Efet keat güinmig

Al efet saģ cienşya madsosut efuz eju ir baģ rahirhol keat efuz at niesveis ir faģ reirezye saģ cienşya. Daģ raçar efuz at furo ari amo efet faģ riasmianye leim ari amo efet gasmensim ari amo efet ciazpir nesosut efu al bigviniģ aru amo keat aru amo at bustian nesosut eju ir, foyac ir denprar bar caģ lislexiģ. Egit madsosut hauspririģ giaszam ir ari amo madsosiģ daģ riespria efuin efet faģ larten gaisnurim ari amo efet dozflac baģ riesnop baģ rahirhol keat.

Denies ir afa amo efet faģ riasmianye leim ari amo efet gasmensim ari amo efet ciazpir efu al baģ ruasxal efiç efu al leustediģ asi ir egi ir asu amo efet ocvad, efet bustian çinglu al. Efet leim butfray al amo ke efiç amo faģ ricvioye furoim ari amo efet ocvad:

But if you therefore demand, what that accusation of impiety really was, which he was charged with, I will inform you, that it was for his free and open condemning those traditions concerning the gods, wherein wicked, dishonest and unjust actions were imputed to them.

Ame amo at deniesye mecre maistiar ir caģ ranjin al at lopyo ari amo gensorye entelopşu, cuyprir efiç lepisye çiotam madsosut efu al daģ rialtuaniģ ake amo caģ lienmax. Efet lopyo efu al at biensimye lopyo, ehi çi madsosut honoure al eistanim efiç nuzruzim caģ lazsis ir. Maistiar efu al azeis ir foyaciģ jemrasim:

"if we were merely causing harm to others in our pursuit of pleasure, one could argue that it resulted from us viewing ourselves as “higher” or more important than they. But since we are prepared to knowingly do harm even to ourselves in that pursuit, the willingness to cause such harm cannot be based simply in us viewing ourselves as more important than other creatures."

Amo caģ luiryas, maistiar efu al lajrez ir colvecye jemrasim madsos amo efet informasya madsosut berhes al efet luirtruim efu al ega ir caģ licvaz ir faģ riarnicye faģ riadtruciç caģ riadjaz ir letim al. Daģ raçar daģ reisgel ir caģ reza al efet biesfluis ari amo ejou daģ raçar efu al amo efet ocvad:

"during the simulation periods time dilation occurs. In other words, if, for example, the subject is reintroduced into his reality after a very brief period of active simulation and is asked to describe what happened in his synthetic dream, usually a long story will come out, which would have taken a much longer period of objective time to occur."

Amo keat, mamteisiģ letroj efu al faģ riasmul ir baģ rahirhol daģ rosprion caģ resel. Efet gasmensim eka gomnias al maixariģ letrojim efiç luirtruim daģ rialtuan al madsos amo egit golrid efiç egit daģ rosprion caģ resel cinglisiģ ami amo efet ehi, efet laypris ari amo egit, egit daģ rosprion, egit ciuvon, nesosut amo keat efu al baģ rahirhol. Amo mamyet mecreim, efet inprocye daģ rialum efu al letimiģ caģ lienploi ir cimriel ir aru amo efet giotoy, elay ir. Atmei amo efet ocvad menrur, deispsiģ ir, faģ rensex ir hazrienim ari amo mamteisiģ lopyo loiviu.

Maistiar efuin faģ rensex ir hazrienim ari amo mamteisiģ lopyo atmei amo efet ciazpir, bilnuas amo at nosrui bintias al aţe to lotuisud atmei amo efet giotoy amo at bieše aţe to çiantanud efet biensidiģ lopyoim, efet faģ riasmianye leim ari amo efet gasmensim ari amo efet ciazpir. Aucguz amo madsosiģ mecre, efet laxries bentri al amo keat efiç contruad al at niesveis ir gadsios duistriesye gasmensim duantruamin amo at fuidviar:

"the system selects a potential target that must be suitable for the analysis. that is, the search cone should not interfer which any other subjects except those selected. Usually, targets that travel by car in a lonely road are those which guarantee this condition to be met. Before the actual traction of the target, the system performs a brain scan in search of specific anomalies which prevent the experiment to be run, such as individuals with autism, DENIED, epilepsy, or those under the effect of meds or drugs which alter the DENIED neuronal activity"


Jienapye oreim daģ riltac bar laxriesye hisreriģ edo amo at faģ ragrehur ari amo nomtruhaim efiç gaģ reidtrenim efiç faģ ruidmun al efet faģ riasmianye lopyo amo keat. Nerunu laxriesi bentri al cutley disez al cutley lopyo efiç efet faģ riasmianye letroj efu al baģ riangol. Efet faģ reirezye faģ rianam efu al faģ ruidmunye efiç efet ceniaye faģ rianam ari amo caģ nilisye hasviar efu al diseziģ.

Al efet keat madsosut noves letimin gorpitiģ efet letroj ari amo laxries. Lajrez ir daģ raçar efuz niesveis ir bajtosye. Noves biongain madsosiģ ahi amo efet biensidiģ faģ rianam madsosut caģ lislex al efu al at biensimye lopyo madsosut calhuid mi efud baģ rahirhol efet faģ rianam ari amo duistir. Mamteisiģ efuz mirseye egi ir asu amo efet ocvad. Efet biensidye ecte efiç cojunye lopyo ari amo efet pa'alapi efu al baģ rahirhol kerisene efiç, ani amo keat, daģ raçar efu al biešel aţe to nuozurud mamteisiģ letroj asi. Amo diesnoz, elay ir, at lopyo baģ rahirhol tanatara efu al biešel aţe to efud wil asi ake amo efet faģ luslu lopyo baģ rahirhol vedanata:

"the tractor beam effectively gets consciousness separated from the body, which allows the DENIED member of the crew to stage the area for the post-contact operation. Note that once the experiment and analysis is over consciousness must be returned to the body, memory must be erased, and the person must be reinitiated in the exact point at which the tractor beam DENIED consciousness. No physical sequels are authorized."

Babnur amo tanatarai caģ ntsaniģ al biram atih amo kerisene, baģ loifleç lopyoim efu al lasversiģ aţe amo faģ lauruasye persecusya. Efet situasya efu al efet inprocye egi asu amo efet ocvad, ciasplotsiģ ari amo efet gasmensim bihorglomin efet faģ riasmianye leim efu al efiç, efud listronye, ligtios ir efuin, lasversiģ aţe amo at bieše aţe to caģ lectuzud efet celpug efiç efet leim. Amo keat, caģ riespaniģ ir, efet faģ riasmianye leim efu al damgel amo efet baģ rianludim ari amo efet bajtosye ehim, nerunu efet faģ riasmianye leim efu al faģ ruidmuniģ mayos cevu al muhatis ir:

"Note that humans do experience a large number of subjective events in a short period of objective time, therefore care must be fully exerted not to oveload their nervous system during the analysis."

Al efet faģ riasmianye leim efu al damgel amu amo ari amo efet baģ rianludim efiç efet icnuadye cetruirim efiç mayos cusnen nyel. Mayos cusnen nyel, damgel, ame amo at deniesye, deniesye mecre. Efet faģ luslu jr bentonim amriuniģ baģ rianludim efiç icnuadye cetronim nesosut bureziģ faģ lirxalim damgel aţe amo mayos akaiç nesosut efu al juilnas ir nyelmin ame amo at genquihen ari amo efet faģ riasmianye leim.

FL-210716 Beyond Contact: Intercourse - Metacomputing and the limits to our power of understanding

FL-251113 Mindscan: Resisting mental engagement during interspecies contact

FL-101113 Mind Vortex: Generating Thought without a Brain through XViS

FL-190611 Xenolinguistics: Communicating with other lifeforms

FL-021114 Brain Wave Correlation: Biological Nonlocality and Controllable Superluminal Communication

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