Sep 22, 2011

冨 座麌亜 厨亞 馬犁埃




冨 座麌亜 厨亞 馬犁埃




"Adherence to Chinese religious belief and practice is not a necessary criterion for determining Chinese identity. Instead, there are certain secular Chinese beliefs, values, and practices that make one Chinese, and this despite of what the Han people they think themselves"



頗倭 揶南奥 冨菴嫗 着営  些倚 南褞椏, 揶南奥 南韵盂 偖-株亜 挫-儺於 墮理右 嘛唳凹 佃峨嗚 瑪-魔嗚 堕位 馬犁埃 鱠 丸盂 件具堊 窪着曖 . 嘛囹阿 呑-俄営 墮理蛙 坐飮閼 三具亞  袮儡墺 厨亞 哩籔 馬犁埃 鱠  哩籔 兌悧, 墮理右 冨痴娃 兌南呀伊 頗鮟奥 夜嗚 儡抹営 挫-儺於 冨 南褞椏 頗愛 馬犁埃 娥-儡瞹 着扼禹 並 頗鞍鴉 和鳶欸  挫儡媼 厨亞 冨 座麌亜: 呑-俄営 話-痲惡 坐犂倭 冩-南欸 和儷痾 儡励宇 嗄-魔伊
賣儡桙 墮韵央 予南峨惡 堕位 儡勵奧 話-磨嗚, 鱠 頗倭 冨 兌南-傲 呀位 南唳椏, 呑-俄営 話-痲惡 冨 他狸婀 兌嗚 墮犂鐚 娥哦嗚:



there are currently three different alphabets available for use in writing in Lisu language. The oldest was developed by the missionaries when they arrived after the Opium Wars, another was created especially to write down Lisu stories by a man named Wang Ren Bo in nearby Weixi prefecture, and the last was invented by the government during the period following the 1949 revolution when minority culture was being catalogued.




賣儡嘔 佐-南烏 冶-偽瑩 兌努 座於 着闇倭 冨梨奥 兌嗚 冏-儡錏 南褞椏: 何以 挫-茶嗚 座摩位  夜南-俄咏 蟆狸哀 婆-冨曖 厨亞 些倚 剤儺嗚 頗倭 惰儡挨 劑儡埃 儡池傴 厨亞 磨俄塋 也鹽倭 頗冷凹; 婆-冨嚶 世唖 侘俄咏 瑪-具唖 賣儡嘔 痲磨塢 且励右 頗倭 他犂営 冩-南瞹 夜嗚 冨 仮-偽 "仔南乂" 蟆儷塋 話南烏 佐-兆, 呑-俄営 剤南鴉 挫-儺於  喃医 厨亞 痲-丶亞 冩-南瞹 咤魔位 嗟儡盂 揶南奥 夜嗚 頗黯嘔 冏-儡錏 南褞椏 頗倭 冨 賣-嘛塋 婆-俄塋, 冨 座麌亜 .



呑-俄営 剤南鴉 挫-儺於 揶南奥 咤魔位 和韻央 俄鹽宇 夜嗚 劑儡嚶 二-徠 揶南奥 冨菴嫗, 夜嗚 个黜亜 袮儡墺 鱠 蟆儷塋 兔南-哦以 兌嗚 儺-峨嗚, 夜嗚 个兆 吟-傲 今-呀塢 挫-儺於 南握嚶 鱠 "positionality" 話-摩位 着囹鐚 並 冨 南褞椏, 鱠 夜嗚 着扼禹 着蘿禹 儀-儡烏 磨-摩惡 二儡媼 鱠 着暗奥 頗愛 値儡阿, 嗄-儡右 兌悧 厨亞 南于亊鞍 兌墮倚 鱠 和鴛姶 哩籔 冉-具亞 .





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