Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Celtic

1. Celtic Gods and Goddesses - Forgotten Languages
    " "
2. Forgotten Languages: Pre-Celtic Languages in Pre-Indoeuropean ...
    "Pre-Celtic Languages Cover. Pre-Celtic Languages in Pre-Indoeuropean Ireland. Fern Eacthc Ylinbhchébhig chá Fern Achsiabhadheain Eiradd. What then are ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Daana/Daenud - Pre-Celtic Goddesses in the ...
    "IE. Yryel. Norwelf. Eska. Abnoba, Abnoba, -, Abnoba. Andraste/Andrasta, Ynnraie/ Rwyraia, -, Andrasta. Anu, Eu/Ewu, Enu, Helasse. Bamba, Panba, Afnafan, - ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Gyltiag fynyrnurag ry-gedyn
    "Studia Celtica: The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 24-25: 38-52. ... MacCana, P. Celtic Mythology. London: Thames and Hudson, 1968. ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Li Danubia daj ą Ditę Zgevě
    "Green, M.J., «Women and goddesses in the Celtic world». Paper delivered at the BASR Conference on «Religion and Gender», Cherwell Centre, Oxford, ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Soon over Rathlin - Aius iacha Mhàídhan
    "Celtic and other languages in ancient Europe, Aquilafuente 127, Salamanca: Ediciones ... Essays in honour of Pádraig Ó Riain, Celtic Studies Publications 9 , ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Ydhíliadhè
    "Kim, Ronald I. 2002 “The distribution of the Old Irish infixed pronouns, Cowgill's particle, and the syntactic evolution of Insular Celtic”, Indo- ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: Linguistics and Ex Cathedra Discourse
    "... limit myself to the Indo-European and Italo-Celtic middle More on the Celtic verb endings, for which I have proposed the following reconstructions. ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: Eacthéc Aidatibhid
    "Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic Ranko Matasović. 2009. Brill - Leiden. By Karadne date 10:35 PM · Newer Post Older Post Home ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: Ny fynysoymy dy ny deagysag dailil
    "——The Coins of the Ancient Celts, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 1980 . 9. ... Bober, J.J., 'Cernunnos: origin and transformation of a Celtic divinity', ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: Niriden
    "Louis Gougaud, Christianity in Celtic Lands, trans. Maud Joynt (London, 1932). Lisa M. Bitel, Isle of the Saints: Monastic Settlement and Christian ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Eid Ifw dys Lwdw Gaelwc dys Damau
    "Schrijver, P., 1997, Studies in the History of Celtic Pronouns and ... Maynooth Studies in Celtic Linguistics III, Maynooth: National University of Ireland. ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Keldiksé Godwéssòs
    "Unwùrdìlìdèat issa raedd leny aéas ladd s'nurld, s'sdíry-dèlbang dèewèdion ladd s'Celts ys aeon oel olu. Gwén laedis s'myds yé zást issa s'nursóp ladd ..."
14. Forgotten Languages: Ny censsy dy giennagtyn - I sprak aff sysnesed
    "The Syntax of the Celtic Languages. Cambridge: Cambridge University ... Celtic Linguistics—Ieithyddiaeth Geltaidd: Readings in the Brythonic Languages. ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: The language of the Swedish merchants of the ...
    "... and past participle, we cannot conclude from this that these features have a Norwegian origin, specially when the use of the Celtic eash is so evident. ..."
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