Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Uralic

1. Forgotten Languages: Dy degogst sy gendov Siberia
    "Zaodydde en Zojide Zajidedik. sep1. Abondolo, Daniel, ed. 1998. The Uralic Languages. London: Routledge. Abondolo, Daniel. 1998. “Khanty”. Abondolo, ed . ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: Arugeatuf enegebgusgde geörlsen Siberia ...
    "“Yeniseic Linguistics at the Crossroads”. Vajda & Anderson, eds. 2003. 3–7. Décsy, Gyula. 1990. The Uralic Protolanguage: A Comprehensive Reconstruction. ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Lingua Obscura
    "241- Comrie, B. (1980), The order of case and possessive suffixes in Uralic languages: An approach to the comparative-historical problem, ..."
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