Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Protolanguage

1. Forgotten Languages: I Hall-Klein āwākae waewa lakiawau - The Hall ...
    "Improved reconstruction of protolanguage word forms. ... Computer estimation of vocabulary in a protolanguage from word lists in four daughter languages. ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: The Transmission of Language : mathematical ...
    "For Jackendoff, the ordering of constituents in protolanguage is already influenced by semantic considerations, but there is still a great deal to be ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: The Neural Bases of Language
    "This in turn leads to theories that postulate abrupt discontinuities, or “stages ,” in the evolution of human language such as “protolanguage” that lacked ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: The Grammaticalization of Chaos
    "Protolanguage as a holistic system for social interaction. ... Holistic utterances in protolanguage. In Knight et al. (eds.), 285–302. Wray, A. (ed.) ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Arugeatuf enegebgusgde geörlsen Siberia ...
    "The Uralic Protolanguage: A Comprehensive Reconstruction. Denning & Ju. A. Morev , eds. 1983. Vosprosy enisejskogo i samodijskogo jazykoznanija [Questions of ..."
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