Jan 9, 2012

Topic: Grammar and Studies on Grammar

1. Forgotten Languages: Cognitive Grammar and Symbols
    "Cognitive Grammar and Symbols. In modern linguistic literature, attempts have often been made to represent meaning in terms of various artificial symbols, ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Semantics
    ""Studies on Semantics in Generative Grammar. The Hague: Mouton, ... Aspectual Class on the Temporal Structure of Discourse: Semantics of. Pragmatics? ..." ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Cosyntax: exploring syntactic anomalies in ...
    "Mental Spaces in Grammar: Conditional Constructions. ... Case Relations in Cognitive Grammar: Some Reflexive Uses of the Polish Dative. Leuvense Bijdragen ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Makhuwa-Enahara: lishishemi ani bakakene
    "Chichewa lovative inversion: a case study of factorization in grammar. Linguistic ... The Ha language of Tanzania: grammar, text and vocabulary. Cologne: ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Old and New Missionary Linguistics
    "79- Ruszkiewicz, P. (1997), Morphology in generative grammar: From morpheme -based grammar to lexical morphology and beyond: A study of selected models ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Pre-Contact Languages: from Abinom to Zuni
    "A Grammar of Maybrat: a language of Bird's Head, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. ... A Reference Grammar of Northern Embera Languages, volume 7 of Studies in the ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Arugeatuf enegebgusgde geörlsen Siberia ...
    "Leksika i grammatika jazykov Sibiri [Lexicon and grammar of Siberian ... Sel' kupskaja (ostjako-samoedskaja) grammatika [Selkup (Ostyak-Samoyed) grammar]. ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: Typologically unusual structures
    "A generativist may consider an explanation invoking the “structure” of (universal) grammar to be an ultimate one, while a functionalist may see such an ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: Bibliography of Berber Language Materials ...
    "Cat: lexicography, Beni Menacer, sample texts, grammar. Basset, Rene. ...... PubLg: French. Cat: Berber language, Zaian, Ait Sgougou, grammar, sample texts. ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: Urban Language and Counter-Persuasion
    "canonical examples were instrumental in convincing students and established linguists of transformational grammar's claim to superiority over immediate ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: Oevs Foride Naksnen
    "Croft, William (2001): Radical Construction Grammar. Syntactic Theory in Typological ... Wierzbicka, Anna (1988): The semantics of grammar. Amsterdam: John ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Dy eranen sy dy zavs
    "Constructions: A construction grammar approach to argument structure. ... Bybee, J. The Evolution of Grammar: Tense, Aspect and Modality in the Language of ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Studies in Tongan - Seaheo la mea Tonga
    "Churchward, C. M. (1953) Tongan Grammar, Oxford, Oxford University Press. ... Hale, K. (1968a) Review of A Profile Generative Grammar of Maori, by P. W. ..."
14. Forgotten Languages: The Transmission of Language ...
    "grammar he has internalized, and on the other, that any speaker's internalized grammar is determined by the verbal output from which it has been inferred” ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: Kana řačivaric banipen patali iza sekni
    "A Grammar of Iranian Azari, Including Comparisons with Persian. Lincom Studies in Asian Linguistics, 30. München: Lincom Europa. Emeneau, Murray B. 1964 ..."
16. Forgotten Languages: Zero-Syntax Languages - Syntax out of ...
    "Could we imagine a language with zero phenogrammatics, that is, with an empty phenogrammatical component in its grammar? It would be useful if we could, ..."
17. Forgotten Languages: Zkovst en Kaeren
    "Klamer, Marian (1998a): A Grammar of Kambera. ... Wilkins, David (1989): Mparntwe Arrernte (Aranda): studies in the structure and semantics of grammar. ..."
18. Forgotten Languages: Dy evadeggeke sy antigrammader - The ...
    "Heim, Irene and Angelika Kratzer (1998) Semantics in Generative Grammar. ... Ouhalla, Jamal (1999) Introducing Transformational Grammar: From Principles ..."
19. Forgotten Languages: Proto-Iroquian Linguistics
    "A Grammar of North Carolina Cherokee. New Haven ... A grammar and dictionary of the Cherokee Language. ... The Nineteenth Century Cherokee Grammars. ..."
20. Forgotten Languages: FL Enaruguitag Gesksentig 2011
    "62- Babby, L. (1976), Morphology in a transformational grammar of Russian: ... 74- Banti, G. (1991), Review article of J. Saeeds, Somali reference grammar, ..."
21. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Anaphora
    "Kroeger, Paul R. (2005) Analyzing Grammar: An Introduction. Cambridge ..." www.forgottenlanguages.org/2011/11/dy-evadeggeke-sy-antigrammader.html. 3. ..."
22. Forgotten Languages: Sejuadzih fiża
    "scholars of Arab, Persian, Greek, Andalusian, and Turkish descent paved the way for the establishment of new Arabic sciences, such as grammar, semantics, ..."
23. Forgotten Languages: Dedan Daguvesakil
    "The father of Slavonic studies, Josef Dobrovský, produced the first scholarly modern grammar of Czech, at a time when the French Enlightenment and Austrian ..."
24. Forgotten Languages: The Grammaticalization of Chaos
    "An outline of the grammar of the !Xu language spoken in Ovamboland and West Kavango. South African Journal of African Languages (Pretoria) 7, Supplement ..."
25. Forgotten Languages: Semantic Voids: meaningless words and worlds
    "31- Chierchia, G. (1982), Nominalizations and Montague Grammar: A semantics without types for natural language, in “Linguistics and Philosophy", 5, 303-354. ..."
26. Forgotten Languages: The Architecture of Cognition
    "Fanego, Teresa. "Is Cognitive Grammar a Usage-Based Model? Towards a Realistic Account of English Sentential Complements." Miscelánea 29 (2004): 23 -58. ..."
27. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Metaphor and Language
    ""The Function of Metaphor in Selected Theories of Grammar and their Translation . Jagiellonian University of Kraków MA Thesis. Bartmiński, Jerzy. 1980. (ed.) ..." ..."
28. Forgotten Languages: Lost Romance Languages: from Faetar to ...
    "35- Giorgi, A. & Pianesi, F. (1992)*, On Verbal Morphology in Germanic and Romance, in “Proceedings of the XVII meeting of Generative Grammar”, Trieste, ..."
29. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Typology
    "Volume 2: Grammar and typology. ( Studies in Language and Companion Series, 55) Amsterdam, ..." www.forgottenlanguages.org/2011/12/europeme.html. 4. ..."
30. Forgotten Languages: Jеклламво та Тзалем Граенако Кигондайзам
    "4- Babby, L. (1976), Morphology in a transformational grammar of Russian: ... 30 - Derbyshire, W.W. (1993), A basic reference grammar of Slovene, ..."
31. Forgotten Languages: Moroccan Arabic Secret Languages of the ...
    "2008 (2007). A Grammar of Gidar. .... A Learner's Grammar of Beja (East Sudan): Grammar, Texts, and Vocabulary (Beja-English and English-Beja). Köln: Köppe ..."
32. Forgotten Languages: Cryptosemantics - Kriptosemantika
    "Components of Grammar / El significado y los componentes de la gramática. ... In Downing and Locke, A University Course in English Grammar. Hemel ..."
33. Forgotten Languages: Linguistics and Ex Cathedra Discourse
    ""Lexical Insertion in Transformational Grammar without Deep Structure". In: Darden ... "The Theory of Superposition of Applicative Universal Grammar". Colloque ..."
34. Forgotten Languages: Lingua Infecta
    "Rice, Keren (1989) A Grammar of Slave. New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Rice, Keren (1992) On deriving sonority: A structural account of sonority relationships. ..."
35. Forgotten Languages: The Neural Bases of Language
    "Over the course of many years, Chomsky (1966, 1972, 1986) developed the theory of “universal grammar” (UG). No person would dispute that human beings ..."
36. Forgotten Languages: Čib vari bi edna vogžiben - Orphan Languages
    "Addis Ababa: Addis Abeba University master's thesis. Eberhard, David M. 2009. Mamaindê Grammar: A Northern Nambikwara language and its cultural context. ..."
37. Forgotten Languages: Snalzreain is Keguavge edd Anfsamreain ...
    "Consequently, the prescriptive and normative influence of schools in matters of grammar and orthography was significantly diminished, causing a rapid mutation ..."
38. Forgotten Languages: Romani Anglil Gabali
    "Borrowed grammar, specifically borrowed morphology in Romani, then, can satisfy any one of three criteria: (a) it can be adopted as a regular structure and ..."
39. Forgotten Languages: Nguni Dysashaka - Nguni Languages
    "Azania, 29–30: 27–36. Jiyane, D. M. 1994. Aspects of isiNdebele grammar. ... A Grammar of Northern Transvaal Ndebele. Pretoria: van Schaik. By Karadne date ..."
40. Forgotten Languages: The language of the Swedish merchants of ...
    "Dialect Variation on the Theory of Grammar. Dordrecht: Foris. Pp. 85–104. Kress, Bruno ... A Comparative Germanic Grammar. Philadelphia: Linguistic Society of ..."
41. Forgotten Languages: Eid Ifw dys Lwdw Gaelwc dys Damau
    "Simon Evans, D., 1964, A Grammar of Middle Welsh, Dublin: Dublin Institute for ... Thurneysen, R., 1946, A Grammar of Old Irish, Dublin: Dublin Institute for ..."
42. Forgotten Languages: On Tatian's Language - The mystic dialect of ...
    "Aspects of English grammar and usage. Papers in linguistics: International ... A comprehensive grammar of the English language. Longman. Redeker, G. 1990. ..."
43. Forgotten Languages: The emotion and language of anger
    "1996. Imagination in Grammar. The Function of Metaphor in Selected Theories of Grammar and their Translation. Jagiellonian University of Kraków MA Thesis. ..."
44. Forgotten Languages
    ""Meaning and Universal Grammar: Theory and Empirical Findings. 2 vols. ..... In Universals in Language. Ed. E. Bach and R. T. Harms. New York: Holt, 1968. ..." ..."
45. Forgotten Languages: Europeme
    "Volume 2: Grammar and typology. (Studies in Language and Companion Series, 55) Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins. GILBERS, D. G., J. NERBONNE, & J. ..."
46. Forgotten Languages: Ne wekami wideshemi Sukuma ani ...
    "Grammar of the Wakonongo Language, n.d. (in Dar es Salaam Museum). ..... Kinyamwezi: Grammar, Texts, Vocabulary Koln; Rudiger Koppe Verlag, 1992. ..."
47. Forgotten Languages: Negative Semantics
    "Pattern grammar: A corpus-driven approach to the lexical grammar of English. Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins. Ji, Y., & Wu, J. (2000). Research into semantic ..."
48. Forgotten Languages: Axiology
    "necessary for communication, but since the thesaurus and the grammar and ... grammar. Where there is no sharing of experience beyond what a particular ..."
49. Forgotten Languages: Future Languages
    "A new historical grammar of the East Slavic languages, vol. 1: introduction and phonology. Munich: LINCOM Europa. Ramsay, S. Robert. 1987. The languages ..."
50. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Language Universals
    ""Meaning and Universal Grammar: Theory and Empirical Findings. 2 vols. ..... In Universals in Language. Ed. E. Bach and R. T. Harms. New York: Holt, 1968. ..." ..."
51. Forgotten Languages: Lectures on Phonesemantics
    "Papers in Laboratory Phonology I: between the grammar and physics of speech. .... 1991. Concept, Image, and Symbol: The Cognitive Basis of Grammar. ..."
52. Forgotten Languages: Lingua Obscura
    "157- Bugenhagen, R. D. (1995), A grammar of Mangap-Mbula: An Austronesian language of Papua New Guinea, (Pacific linguistics, C-101.), Canberra ..."
53. Forgotten Languages: Ersiecyn enerijk neste Goden
    ""Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric 1220-1320." In The Early Oxford Schools. Ed. J. I. Catto. Vol. 1 of The History of the University of Oxford. Gen. Ed. T. H. Aston. ..."
54. Forgotten Languages: De dialecto poetica Dano-Saxonica
    "... of Caput XXI, from the Anglo-Saxon Grammar of Linguarum vett. septentrionalium thesaurus, Angelina Costain, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. 2009. ..."
55. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Translation Studies
    ""George Hickes and the Dano-Saxon poetic dialect: A translation edition of a section of Caput XXI, from the Anglo-Saxon Grammar of Linguarum vett. ..." ..."
56. Forgotten Languages: 南茉右邁南墺頗鳶咏: 座-磨以厨亞頗梨宇並俄 ...
    "GUREVICH, Isabella Samoilovna. “The Changes of the Historical Grammar of the Chinese Language during the 3rd–14th Centuries.” ArOr 77.3 (2009): 255-97. ..."
57. Forgotten Languages: Wierzbicka Nodespaces: complex semantic ...
    "Interfaces between linguistic typology and child language research. Linguistic Typology 11: 213–226. Wierzbicka, A. 1988. The Semantics of Grammar. ..."
58. Forgotten Languages: Rĭgea canč deel ru Rocaveno
    "Rucaveno Grammar Cover. Rĭgea canč deel ru Rocaveno. Izvěride rĭgea canč deel ru rocaveno žãre ai peruperuąru ardeufacăli, uic desi dĭličcuei elumeci ru ..."
59. Forgotten Languages: Neameu āmēka lakāmea Vitu
    "Data Papers on Papua New Guinea Languages, Volume 51, Vitu Grammar Sketch. Summer Institute of Linguistics, Ukarumpa, EHP. By Karadne date 8:53 AM ..."
60. Forgotten Languages: Pardeoai Zitdedivě
    "Underhill, Robert. 2001. Turkish Grammar: Türkçe grameri. Cambridge: MIT Press. Varol-Bornes, Marie-Christine. 1996. Influencia del turco en el judeoespañol ..."
61. Forgotten Languages: Language Processing and Autism - Timeless ...
    "Brain and Language, 71, 18–21. Bates, E. and Goodman, J. (1997) 'On the inseparability of grammar and the lexicon.' Language and Cognitive Processes, 12, ..."
62. Forgotten Languages: Qiang Shanou
    "Matisoff, James A. 1973 The Grammar of Lahu. (University of California Publications in Linguistics, 75.) Berkeley & Los Angeles: University of California Press. ..."
63. Forgotten Languages: Zasasheki fe fashedeki fe Nigeria dysashaka ...
    "Ph.D. University College, London. Bergman, Richard K. (1978) An outline of Igede grammar. ms. Summer Institute of Linguistics, Dallas. Blench R.M. 1984. ..."
64. Forgotten Languages: Eirelyr Elnageyigi - Nedrokdes elangeyodok ...
    "The Genesis of Grammar - A Reconstruction. Bernd Heine and Tania Kuteva. Oxford University Press, 2007. Syntax at Age Two: Cross-Linguistic Differences ..."
65. Forgotten Languages: Subartica - Tahltan Laleapeo Lalākē
    "A Grammar and Dictionary of the Language Spoken by the Tahltans on the Stikine River, British Columbia. Chicago: University of Chicago Library Manuscript. ..."
66. Forgotten Languages: The N400 Effect: Preactivation of Lexical ...
    "... to repeat the psycholinguistic study by Auer, Bacik & Fenk using NodeSpaces V2.0 coupled to our constructed word-sets and a timeless fragmented grammar. ..."
67. Forgotten Languages: The Language of Lilith
    "D. Sivan, “On the grammar and orthography of the Ammonite findings”, UF 14, 1982 (1983), 219-234. I. Young, “The Languages of Ancient Sam'al”, Maarav 9, ..."
68. Forgotten Languages: Rekand eff Našta Znaguiga
    "R. Hetzron, “Where the grammar fails”, Language 51, 1975, 859-872. J.H. Hosper , ed., General linguistics and the teaching of dead Hamito-Semitic languages. ..."
69. Forgotten Languages: מישׂנאיט מימעל שׂיתי ריגא שׂאעל עלעסאים ניגיסיאל
    "Segal's grammar, the only one accessible to linguists who do not read modern Hebrew, has not yet been replaced: nevertheless it was subjected to severe ..."
70. Forgotten Languages: Topic: History (1)
    "Churchward, C. M. (1953) Tongan Grammar, ..." www.forgottenlanguages.org/ 2011/06/studies-in-tongan-seaheo-la-mea-tonga.html. 17. Forgotten Languages: ..."
71. Forgotten Languages: Topic: History (2)
    "Churchward, C. M. (1953) Tongan Grammar, ..." www.forgottenlanguages.org/ 2011/06/studies-in-tongan-seaheo-la-mea-tonga.html. 117. Forgotten Languages: ..."
72. Forgotten Languages: Ànthac Ryreig if Aichtcyf
    "Antonsen, Elmer H., A Concise Grammar of the Older Runic Inscriptions, Sprachstrukturen, Reihe A: Historische Sprachstrukturen 3 (Tübingen 1975). Axboe ..."
73. Forgotten Languages: Topic: History (3)
    "Churchward, C. M. (1953) Tongan Grammar, ..." www.forgottenlanguages.org/ 2011/06/studies-in-tongan-seaheo-la-mea-tonga.html. 217. Forgotten Languages: ..."
74. Forgotten Languages: Codex Cumanicus
    "Or, A New Grammar of the Turkic Language. Paris: Firmin Didot Frères and London: Smith Elder & Co. 1842. Brockelmann, Carl. Osttürkische Grammatik der ..."
75. Forgotten Languages: The Lost Metaphors - Ни Зитсй Нанамjегово
    "(1997). Cognitive foundations of grammar. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press. Heine, Bernd, Claudi, Ulrike, and Hunemeyer, Friederike. (1991 ). ..."
76. Forgotten Languages: 佩喃茶嘛, 安音, 鱠馬伴賣-孥茶嘛- Hainan ...
    "A handbook of the Rawang dialect of the Nung language, containing a grammar of the language, colloquial exercises and a vocabulary with an appendix of ..."
77. Forgotten Languages: La filología vasca pese a Joseba Lakarra ...
    "Y, ya puestos, no está demás recordarle a este cretino que la obra en dos volúmenes de P.G. de Rijk, Standard Basque - A Progressive Grammar (The MIT ..."
78. Forgotten Languages: Language in the tents of Shem
    "Gradience in Grammar: Experimental and Computational Aspects of Degrees of Grammaticality. PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh. Kummermann, H. 2010. ..."
79. Forgotten Languages: 个着埃蟆励嘔
    "Gradience in Grammar: Experimental and Computational Aspects of Degrees of Grammaticality. PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh. Sampson, G. 2001. ..."
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