Jan 9, 2012

Topic: Chinese and SEA dialects

1. Forgotten Languages: 冨座麌亜厨亞馬犁埃
    ""Adherence to Chinese religious belief and practice is not a necessary criterion for determining Chinese identity. Instead, there are certain secular ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: 南茉右邁南墺頗鳶咏: 座-磨以厨亞頗梨宇並俄鳶錏 ...
    "A Handbook of Old Chinese Phonology. Trends in Linguistics 64. ... “Chinese Language and Truth—A Critique of Chad Hansen's Analysis.” CC 31.2 (1990): 53-80. ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Qiang Shanou
    "Bulletin of Chinese Studies 3:293-308. Wen Yu 1943 Verbal directive prefixes in the Jyarong language and their Ch'iang equivalents. Studia Serica 3.1:11-20. ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Kau Sai Cryptolects: secret languages of the ...
    "Han-yii-fang-yen Kai-yao (The Principal Features of Chinese Dialects). Peking. Yuan Jiahua 2003 Hanyu Fangyan Gaiyao (Di'er Ban) [An outline of Chinese ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Dzungari Shanou kagiè Xâ-lúa
    "The Dzungari turco-chinese lect. Iskänyar Press. Fu, Guo-Tong, et al (1986). ... An Outline of the Chinese Dialects. Beijing: Wenzi Gaige Chubanshe. ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Future Languages
    "Obviously, the dirty fingers of Chinese economy owes nothing to this self- control, .... Southeast China and the prehistory of the Austronesians. ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Dark mantras and phonosemantics
    "Contour-tone spreading and tone sandhi in Danyang Chinese. Phonology Yearbook 8: 237-259. ... The Tonal Phonology of Chinese. Ph.D. dissertation, M.I.T. ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: Runisban
    "with a language such as Chinese, in which there is no alphabet with which to write value-neutral sounds, the sounds of nature can only be rendered with ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: Dedan Daguvesakil
    "The same fate awaits Chinese: we will dispose of its unefficient ideograms, will ... Chinese tradition, no matter how old, is just an exclusive Chinese matter. ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: Dy evadeggeke sy antigrammader - The ...
    "Journal of Chinese Linguistics 35.1:128-144. Wee. Lian-Hee (2008) Inquiry into the Musical Nature of ... Yip, Moira (1980) The Tonal Phonology of Chinese. ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: Semantic Voids: meaningless words and worlds
    "New Approaches to Chinese Word Formation: Morphology and the Lexicon in Modern .... 94- Li, C. (1971), Semantics and the structure of compounds in Chinese, ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Axiology
    "languages on the internet in 2008 were English (29.7%), Chinese (13.3%), ... write Chinese, Korean, and even Manchu, but you cannot efficiently write ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Poetry
    ""“The Making of Emotive Language: Expressions of Anxiety in the Classic of Poetry.” Ming Qing yanjiu 2001: 177-222. MOU, Bo. “The Structure of the Chinese ..." ..."
14. Forgotten Languages: 佩喃茶嘛, 安音, 鱠馬伴賣-孥茶嘛- Hainan Chậm ...
    "The Kam-Tai of China and the Hui of Hainan. ... New Found Minority Languages of China Series. Institute of Minority Studies. Thurgood, Graham. 1977. ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: Zero-Syntax Languages - Syntax out of equilibrium
    "109- Dai, John X.-L. (1992), Chinese Morphology and its lnterface with the Syntax, Ph.D. thesis, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. ..."
16. Forgotten Languages: Literaturologia Hazarica
    "Shirota, S., “The Chinese Chroniclers of the Khazars: Notes on Khazaria in Tang Period Texts” AEMAe 14 (2005). Yfrat, G. Zil Şusigil Ni Zi Tunji Tanuni. ..."
17. Forgotten Languages: Anatomy of Hegemony
    "Unless you have a gun, it does not matter whether you speak English, Kiswahili, or Chinese here. Having a gun allows you to bear an hegemonic point of view. ..."
18. Forgotten Languages: Ugdag isfasa mireain zabis elřed
    "A natural language watermarking based on Chinese syntax. In Advances in Natural Computation. pp. 958-961, Springer, 2005. 13. G. Eryiğit, J. Nivre, ..."
19. Forgotten Languages: Lingua Obscura
    "Language processing in Chinese, Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., ... 633- Li, Y. (1990)*, On V-V Compounds in Chinese, in “Natural Language and ..."
20. Forgotten Languages: Lectures on Phonesemantics
    "Karlgren, Bernhard (1934), "Word families in Chinese", Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities 5.9-120. Katkevich, O.A. (1999), “Izobrazitel'naya ..."
21. Forgotten Languages: 冨儡鰮凹之和褞営話南烏写-妥唖偖嚢厨亞咤南嫗
    "瑪俄塋也飲錏墮犂鐚頗智禹冨夂儡阿何-茶於(A Treatise on Chinese Gematria). 儼-哦塢 厨亞 和犁椏厨亞娥魔以堕位 痲南哦嗚夂儡阿何-茶於話袮亞唆峨位和褞営話南烏(The ..."
22. Forgotten Languages: FL Enaruguitag Gesksentig 2011
    "382- Fu, J. (1993), The Nominalization of the Chinese Serial Verb Constructions: Evidence for V to N Raising, in “MIT Working Papers in Linguistics", 20, 67-80. ..."
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