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1. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB2 std.
    "of History of Witchcraft and Magic in Europe. London: Athlone. Press,1999-? ..... Ideas in History, edited by Lorenz Krüger, Lorraine Daston, ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB1 std.
    "The Inventions of History: Essays on the Representation. of the Past. .... History of Scientific Method in the Study of Man. London: Allenson & Co., Ltd., ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Ersiecyn enerijk neste Goden
    "English Books and Readers 1558 to 1603: Being a Study in the History of the Book Trade in the Reign ... In The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy . ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB22 std.
    "Discovering the History of Psychiatry, edited by Mark S. Micale. and Roy Porter, 53-80. ... History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of 1692. ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: The Language of Lilith
    "It is thus language in its artistic deployment that produces the received biblical history. image. Izai tudeorĭdi tude peacu péd judeal tepgeel ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Nguni Dysashaka - Nguni Languages
    "Language and Social History: Studies in South African Sociolinguistics. Cape Town: David Philip, pp. 19–38. Bailey, R. 1995. 'Sociolinguistic evidence of ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Jersey Dutch: The Dutch language in New ...
    "An introduction to the Hudson Valley Dutch dialect', in: New York History 61, ... ( Repr. in Rupert Costo (ed.), The American Indian Reader.Vol. 4. History. ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: Perspectives in Molecular Linguistics
    "1900 C.E. Social history of Africa (Heinemann, Portsmouth, NH, 2003), pp. xxxiv, 253. ... C. Ehret, in Culture History in the Southern Sudan, J. Mack, ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: Wēha la siawiu Nuut'siu
    "A History of the Northern Ute People. Uintah-Ouray Ute Tribe, Uintah-Ouray Reservation, Utah. Dutton, B. P. 1976. The Ranchería, Ute, and Southern Paiute ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: Fad nekrologidse nayn oguner Nieuwlicht ...
    "... Fifteenth-Century Carthusian Reform, The World of Nicholas Kempf. Leiden, The Netherlands: E. J. Brill, Studies in the History of Christian Thought, 1992. ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: Ànthac Ryreig if Aichtcyf
    "Adam of Bremen, History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen, trans. ... Fulk, Robert D., and Christopher M. Cain, A History of Old English Literature (London ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB9 std.
    "Allen, D. E. The Naturalist in Britain: A Social History. London: A. Lane, 1976. ..... Madness:,Essays in the History of Psychiatry, edited by William ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Duanan: i Wekopg Kopgdak eg Kimriud
    "Handbooks on Scandinavian linguistic history report as the earliest dialect split one between East and West, with (by and large) medieval Danish and Swedish ..."
14. Forgotten Languages: Ndebele ani makidani
    "... the materials concerning his death and burial were collected by C.K. Cooke and published by him in the Rhodesian history journal Rhodesiana (1970). ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: Dhevrtërredh ë ikmje isğatë
    "Society for Comparative Study of Society and History, Vol. 42, No. 2 (Apr., 2000). ... Witches, midwives, and nurses; a history of women healers. Detroit: Black ..."
16. Forgotten Languages: Studies in Tongan - Seaheo la mea Tonga
    "Chung, S. and Seiter, W. J. (1980) The history of raising and relativization in Polynesian, Language 56: 622-638. Churchward, C. M. (1953) Tongan Grammar, ..."
17. Forgotten Languages: Kelto-Swedish
    "Social History in Perspective. Basingstoke. Wubs-Mrozewicz 2004: Justyna Wubs- Mrozewicz, ”Interplay of Identities. German Settlers in Late Medieval ..."
18. Forgotten Languages: Neameu āmēka lakāmea Vitu
    "(thru port 2023). Rhoads, Jim and Jim Specht. 1980. Aspects of the Oral History of the Bali-Witu Islands, West New Britain Province. Oral History 8(8): 10-22. ..."
19. Forgotten Languages: Ortbok aff Mekranhodear - Rugtastoi af Ketan ...
    "Scandinavian Journal of History 18 (1993). Ohrt, F. Danmarks ... Mentalities and Other Realities: Essays in Medieval and Early Modern Scandinavian History. ..."
20. Forgotten Languages: Ny censsy dy giennagtyn - I sprak aff sysnesed
    "(Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science IV: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 97.) Amsterdam: Benjamins, 281-89. ..."
21. Forgotten Languages
    "Gehring, Charles T., William A. Starna en William N. Fenton (1987), 'The Tawagonshi Treaty of 1613: The Final Chapter', in: New York History 68, 373-393 . ..."
22. Forgotten Languages: Ny fynysoymy dy ny deagysag dailil
    "Altheim, F., A History of Roman Religion, London, Methuen, 1938. 10. Ambrose, T. and Henig, M., 'A new Roman rider-relief from Stragglethorpe, Lincolnshire', ..."
23. Forgotten Languages: De Linguarum Artificio
    "Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in History (Princeton NJ: Princeton University Press, 2006). Frend, William H.C. The Donatist Church. Oxford: ..."
24. Forgotten Languages: Yr Syse dys Unsguyff
    "History of Christian Philosophy in the Middle Ages. New York: Random House, 1955 . ... I of The Presence of God: A History of Western Christian Mysticism. ..."
25. Forgotten Languages: Bibliography of Berber Language Materials ...
    "The Contribution of Linguistics to History in the Field of Berber Studies. ...... History of the discovery and conquest of the Canary Islands. London. ..."
26. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB15 std.
    "Social History. 15 (1990): 181-94. ______. "Recent Witchcraft Research in the Low Countries." In. N. van Sas and Els Witte, eds. Historical Research in the Low ..."
27. Forgotten Languages: The Language of Sisterhood
    "(Routledge Studies in the History of Linguistics 2). London: Routledge, 1999. Foss, Paul, and Meaghan Morris, eds. Language, Sexuality and Subversion. ..."
28. Forgotten Languages: Sepher Yetzirah (Mantua 1615)
    "Dinur, B. A documentary history of the Jewish people from its beginning to the present; second series: Israel in the diaspora, 2nd. ed. Tel Aviv, 1965-1972. ..."
29. Forgotten Languages: Those Stupid Indo-Europeans - On Kurghans ...
    "It is in terms of 'migrations' that they wish to explain the history of civilization, neglecting the fact that migration is always forced and thus only explains ..."
30. Forgotten Languages: Chess as a Language Description Model
    "L. Thorndike, A History of Magic and Experimental Science (New York: Columbia Univ., 1923-58), VI. L. Thorndike, 'Traditional Medieval Tracts Concerning ..."
31. Forgotten Languages: Lectures on Phonesemantics
    "A History of the English Language. London: Routledge. Bavelier, Daphne. ... History of English. New York: Routledge. Davis, Alva, and Raven McDavid. 1949. ..."
32. Forgotten Languages: Arameni-Kypchagi Fiża - Armeno-Qypchaq Language
    "Azovian Urums: History, language, fairy-tales, songs, riddles, proverbs, written monuments. Alma-Ata: Ukrainian Culture Centre, 1999.- 624 pp. ..."
33. Forgotten Languages: Fad medar nayn sateijk
    "Bassnett, S. and A.Lefevere (eds) (1990) Translation, History and Culture, London: Pinter. Ben-Porat, Z., and B.Hrushovski (1974) Structuralist Poetics in Israel, ..."
34. Forgotten Languages: Romani dialektologija - Romani Dialectology
    "341-368. Colocci, A. 1889. Gli Zingari. Storia d'un popolo errante [The Gypsies. History of a Travelling People]. Torino: Loescher. 419 pp. De Marco, Anna. 1989. ..."
35. Forgotten Languages: On Tatian's Language - The mystic dialect of ...
    "Oxford: Basil Blackwell, Pp. 145-185. König, E. 1985. On the history of concessive connectives in English. Diachronic and synchronic evidence. Lingua 66: 1-19. ..."
36. Forgotten Languages: Rekand eff Našta Znaguiga
    "S.V. Kullanda, “Where does liguistics end and where does history begin?”, in LRDSV 1989/1, pp. 68-74. S. Levin, “What does cognate mean? ..."
37. Forgotten Languages: Urban Language and Counter-Persuasion
    "History as Rhetoric: Style, Narrative, and Persuasion. U of South Carolina Press , 1995. 10. Cialdini, Robert B., and Brad J. Sagarin. ..."
38. Forgotten Languages: Lingua Obscura
    "The Cambridge history of the English language. Vol. 1. The beginnings to 1066, Cambridge, ... Diachrony within synchrony: Language history and cognition. ..."
39. Forgotten Languages: Bwiti and Nganga - African Shamanic Languages
    "In: Language history and linguistic description in Africa. I.Maddieson & T.J. Hinnebusch eds. 17-25. Trends in African Linguistics, 2. ..."
40. Forgotten Languages: Xenolinguistics: Communicating with other ...
    "1976. Intelligence in ape and man. Hillsdale, New Jersey: Erlbaum. Premack, David. 1985. "Gavagai!", or the future history of the animal language controversy. ..."
41. Forgotten Languages: Codex Cumanicus
    "A History of the Moghuls of Central Asia. London: Sampson Low, Marston and Co . 1898. Ernout, A. and Antoine Meillet. Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue ..."
42. Forgotten Languages: FL Enaruguitag Gesksentig 2011
    "Festschrift V.V.Ivanov, Essays in Poetics, Literary History and Linguistics. ..... Studies in the history of linguistics: traditions and Paradigms, ..."
43. Forgotten Languages: Standard sigima ter romani revis vas
    "Standard Romani History_cover. Standard sigima ter romani revis vas. Aluri romani thokdover vari ka edna agkar ter dialekt vari ter indoariki vari esteli, ..."
44. Forgotten Languages: Mitologica Slavica
    "Theory and History of Folklore. Translated by Ariadna Y. Martin and Richard P. Martin. Edited, with Introduction and Notes by Anatoly Liberman. ..."
45. Forgotten Languages: Yr Dimitsana
    "Ankarloo, B. and Clark, S. (eds) (1999) The Athlone History of Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, 2: Ancient Greece and Rome, London. ..."
46. Forgotten Languages: Anatomy of Hegemony
    "The fortunes of both English and Kiswahili have changed in the short history in which these two languages have co-existed in unequal power relation. ..."
47. Forgotten Languages: Subartica - Tahltan Laleapeo Lalākē
    "The History and Valuesof a Northern Athapaskan Indian Vilage. University of Wisconsin, PhD Dissertation. Teit, James A. 1912–1915. ..."
48. Forgotten Languages: Axiology
    "communication systems even got lost in history, e.g. extinct languages or changed. .... grammatical system and possess an etymological history. Meanings ..."
49. Forgotten Languages: Ve žabdagel eff Margery Kempe
    "This history of interpretation, coupled with the vexed form in which Margery's Boke exists—inscribed by at least two clerics, one of whom understood English ..."
50. Forgotten Languages: Translation shall cease! Countering the ...
    "... the fact that translators are part of the cultural weaponry with which you can freely modify reality, modify history, and invent never-happened events. ..."
51. Forgotten Languages: Aewawae, Aalaewe ka Hakaiwoe - Music, Dance ...
    ""Myth, Music, and History: Poetic Transformations of Narrative Discourse in an Amazonian Society. ... Bibliographies and Indexes in American History, No. ..."
52. Forgotten Languages: Niriden
    "James F. Kenney, Sources for the Early History of Ireland: Ecclesiastical, rev. ed. with addenda by Ludwig Bieler (New York, 1966). ..."
53. Forgotten Languages: Perspectives in Molecular Linguistics
    "Social history of Africa (Heinemann, Portsmouth, NH, 2003), pp. xxxiv, 253. ... C. Ehret, in Culture History in the Southern Sudan, J. Mack, P. Robertshaw, ..."
54. Forgotten Languages: I sprag enff Kyðness - The language of Caithness
    "Essays in Shetland History. Lerwick: Shetland Times, 33-64. 3. Barnes, Michael. 1984. .... A Brief History of the Hudson's Bay Company. ..."
55. Forgotten Languages: Old and New Missionary Linguistics
    "The topic of Missionary Linguistics, as many have stressed, has been neglected in the field of the History of Linguistics: the contributions of these ..."
56. Forgotten Languages: Renaissance Curiosa
    "Magic in History, ed. Richard Kieckhefer. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998. Frazer, James George. The Golden Bough: A Study in ..."
57. Forgotten Languages: Dzungari Shanou kagiè Xâ-lúa
    "Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology, 52.1.3 01 -152. Ting, Pang- Hsin (1979). A note on tone change in the Ch'ao-chou dialect. ..."
58. Forgotten Languages: The Architecture of Cognition
    "A Cultural History of Causality: Science, Murder Novels, and Systems of Thought. Princeton (NJ): Princeton UP, 2004. Pbk. 2006. ..."
59. Forgotten Languages: Zasasheki fe fashedeki fe Nigeria dysashaka ...
    "Studies in the History of Plateau State, Nigeria. London: Macmillan. James, H.S. (1990) A phonological study of the Gwari lects. M.A. thesis, University of ..."
60. Forgotten Languages: Dy degogst sy gendov Siberia
    "Description, History and Foreign Influences. Leiden: Brill. Toporov, V. N. 1971. “Burushaski and Yeniseian languages: Some parallels”. ..."
61. Forgotten Languages: Lost Romance Languages: from Faetar to Angella
    "58- Maiden, M. (1999), Perfecto y tiempos afines, History of an Ibero-Romance morphome, in R. Folli and R. Middleton (eds.), Oxford Working Papers in ..."
62. Forgotten Languages: Future Languages
    "Recalling the history of knowledge and history per se, we can say that the .... A history of the later Roman Empire, from the death of Theodosius I. to the ..."
63. Forgotten Languages: Cryptoscripts and gnosis: Semitic Cryptolects ...
    "Diringer D 1968 The Alphabet—a Key to the History of Mankind, 3rd edn. ... Naveh J 1982 Early History of the Alphabet. Magnes Press, Jerusalem ..."
64. Forgotten Languages: Language and Ritual
    "In Eastern African History, (Boston University papers on Africa, 3), Daniel McCall, Norman Bennett, and Jeffrey Butler (eds.), pp. 3-27. ..."
65. Forgotten Languages: Pardeoai Zitdedivě
    "Sephardi Jewry: A History of the Judeo-Spanish Community, 14th-20th Centuries. Berkeley: University of California Press. Bunis, David M. 1999. ..."
66. Forgotten Languages: Eirelyr Elnageyigi - Nedrokdes elangeyodok ...
    "But this work gives us access to only a fairly small phase in the history of human languages: Linguistic reconstruction becomes notoriously fuzzy and ..."
67. Forgotten Languages: Signemes
    "Archaeology and History: Essays in memory of Shri A. Ghosh. Delhi: Agam Kala Prakashan. Lal, B.B. 2002. The Sarasvati flows on: The continuity of Indian ..."
68. Forgotten Languages: The secret book of the Duchesse
    "Rambuss, Richard, '“Processe of Tyme”: History, Consolation, and Apocalypse in The Book of the Duchess', Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and ..."
69. Forgotten Languages: Semantic Voids: meaningless words and worlds
    "The Cambridge history of the English language. Vol. 1. The beginnings to 1066, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 290-407. ..."
70. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB11 std.
    "History. London: n.p., 1993. Jenkins, R. P. "Witches and Fairies: Supernatural Agression and. Deviance among the Irish Peasantry." Ulster Folklife 23 ..."
71. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB20 std.
    "Darnton, R. The Business of Enlightment: A Publishing History of the ... The Body in Medieval Art, History, and Literature. Essays in. Medieval Studies 11. ..."
72. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB10 std.
    "A History of Witches, Ghosts, and Highland Seers: Containing .... Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society 51-52. (1975-6): 48-58, 95-108. ..."
73. Forgotten Languages: Ve Rekand znaguiger eff Čemsynn
    "„A family history told in the Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Zakho”, M. F. J. Baasten und W. Th. Van Peursen (Hrsg.), OLA 118, Leuven, 191-213. ..."
74. Forgotten Languages: Nuzeleğia eff Nisebibuzabia - The probability ...
    "History and Philosophy of Logic 24 (4), pp. 289–305. Robert, Alain M. [2003]. .... "R. A. Fisher on the History of Inverse Probability. ..."
75. Forgotten Languages: Between Herbals et alia: Intertextuality in ...
    "A History of Herbal Plants. London: Angus and Robertson. Norri, Juhani 2004. ' Entrances and exits in English medical vocabulary, 1400-1550. ..."
76. Forgotten Languages: Soon over Rathlin - Aius iacha Mhàídhan
    "Early sources of Scottish history A.D. 500 to 1286, 2 vols, Edinburgh: Oliver and ... A new history of Ireland, volume 1: Prehistoric and early Ireland, ..."
77. Forgotten Languages: Ne wekami wideshemi Sukuma ani Nyamwezi ...
    "Carney, J.P. "The History of the Functional Structure of the Maryknoll Mission in .... Holmes, C.F. "A History of the Bakwimba of Usukuma, Tanzania from ..."
78. Forgotten Languages: Epitaphs: The Language of Death
    "Mortal Remains: The History and Present State of the Victorian and Edwardian Cemetery. ... In Mirrors of Mortality: Studies in the Social History of Death. ..."
79. Forgotten Languages: Eid Ifw dys Lwdw Gaelwc dys Damau
    "Schrijver, P., 1997, Studies in the History of Celtic Pronouns and Particles, ... Москва: 2006) (“History of Slavonic Kinship Terminology and the ..."
80. Forgotten Languages: 噬儡烏嘛漓姶
    "(1992) Number Words and Number Symbols: A Cultural History of Numbers. Trans. by Paul Broneer. ... Pullan, J. M. (1968) The History of the Abacus. London : ..."
81. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB16 std.
    "Russian and Soviet History, 1976-, edited Joseph Wieczynski and ... Soviet History. Gulf Breeze, FL: Academic International Press,. 1993. ..."
82. Forgotten Languages: The emotion and language of anger
    "The rise of a new gender distinction in the history of Slavic,” in Slavic gender linguistics, ed. by Margaret H. Mills. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins, ..."
83. Forgotten Languages: The Sociolinguistics of Isolation and Solitude
    "In Sociolinguistics and the History of English: Perspectives and Problems. ... In Fennell, A History of English: A Sociolinguistic Approach. ..."
84. Forgotten Languages: 南茉右邁南墺頗鳶咏: 座-磨以厨亞頗梨宇並俄鳶錏 ...
    "History of the Language Sciences: An International Handbook on the Evolution of the Study of Language from the Beginnings to the Present. ..."
85. Forgotten Languages: Language in the House of Dolls
    ""Information about the history and significance of Hopi kachinas (katsinas), with links to contemporary Hopi kachina-carvers selling their dolls." ..."
86. Forgotten Languages: Witches and Languages
    "On the basis of my research, I would claim that there is, in the contemporary world, a form of neo-Shamanism which has no history in the proper sense of the ..."
87. Forgotten Languages: Serbian Cryptolects
    "The Early History of the Rumanian Language. Lake Bluff, IL: Jupiter Press. Fine, John . ... The Cambridge Ancient History, 2nd ed., Vol. 3, Pt. 1, 866-88. ..."
88. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB14 std.
    ""Preliminary Obervations on Writing a History of the Roman. Inquisition. ... History, edited by F. F. Church and T. George, page#. Leiden: n.p., 1979. ..."
89. Forgotten Languages: The Language of Dagan
    "Eichler, Barry L., “Literary Structure in the Laws of Eshnunna,” in E. Reiner and F. Halton, eds., Language, Literature, and History, 71–84, New Haven, ..."
90. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB7 std.
    "to the history of the Silesian process [involving witches],. with special focus on the Fryvald process in the years 1651-. 1684. (SILESIAN COLLECTION). ..."
91. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB8 std.
    "A History of Polish Christianity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. See especially pages 126-163. and 353-4. Korcz, Wladyslaw. ..."
92. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB17 std.
    "In Figures of Speech: The Body in Medieval Art, History, and. Literature. Essays in Medieval Studies 11. N.l.: n.p., 1995. Holm, Gretlise. ..."
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