Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Secret Language

1. Forgotten Languages: Terror, Feminism, and Language in Islamic ...
    "The Quran is very clear that the basis of a marital relationship is love and affection between the spouses, that's why me and my sister speak a secret language: ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: Moroccan Arabic Secret Languages of the ...
    "Notes on a Moroccan Arabic Secret Language of the Tafilalet: The X…RinCu Family. München: Lincom. Berjaoui, Nasser. 2007. Notes on a Moroccan Arabic ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Language and Ritual
    ""Jelaba are said to speak a secret language, which they call the “language of the birds” (af kimide). This secret language remained obscure to me, and I believe ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Vampyrical Languages
    "“The Secret Language”. Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review, 72: 252-63. ... Secret language: Moroccan ġuş, Iskänyar, FL. By Karadne date 2:23 AM ..."
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