Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Semantics

1. Forgotten Languages: Negative Semantics
    "Stubbs (1995) analyzed the semantic prosody of the word cause (verb and noun). His finding was that more than 90% of its collocates are negative (e.g., ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: Coding Physics Semantics
    "Coding Physics Semantics. Een stditke, zin famadi gys dode eyn erviktae ekanivast niair dy ei gys nazs nedys zooketyva daamet szikinna, dasen zi, ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: Semantic Voids: meaningless words and worlds
    "Semantic Voids Cover. Semantic Voids: meaningless words and worlds. Tysnur tydad lafyywp ed neet nur skinknirot logyd fagril myeb nyffriktywpys, ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Wierzbicka Nodespaces: complex semantic ...
    "Although for many serious semanticists, lexicographers and lexicologists semantic analysis stands for coming to grips with descriptive meanings, or senses, ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Exploring Word-Space during Deep Sleep and Coma
    "The word-space model is a model of semantic similarity, which uses the ... Rules for syntax, vectors for semantics. In Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Dy evadeggeke sy antigrammader - The ...
    ""Greimas then had to postulate the existence of a semantic universe that was defined as the set of the systems of values that can be apprehended as ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Semantic Envelopes in Bantu Languages
    "Semantic Envelopes in Bantu Languages Cover. Semantic Envelopes in Bantu Languages. Lishelala midekela ma bantu dysashaka ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: The Architecture of Cognition
    "A New Semantic Theory, Based on the Nature and Structure of Thought. .... " Frames and the Semantics of Understanding." Quaderni di Semantica 6.2 (1985): ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: The N400 Effect: Preactivation of Lexical ...
    "Separable effects of semantic priming and imageability on word processing in human cortex. ... A cortical network for semantics: (de)constructing the N400. ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: On Tatian's Language - The mystic dialect of ...
    "Between semantics and pragmatics: The two types of 'but' – Hebrew 'aval' and ' ela'. ... Semantics and pragmatics of sentence connective in natural language. ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: Dy eranen sy dy zavs
    "Frames and the semantics of understanding. Quaderni di Semantica Vol. .... Studies on Semantics in Generative Grammar. The Hague: Mouton, 1972. ______. ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Phonosemantics Models and Phonaesthemes
    "Magnus' asks as to whether the semantics of words (other than the Concrete ... Wierzbicka Nodespaces: complex semantic networks - 2010 Working Papers ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Cryptosemantics - Kriptosemantika
    "Studies on Semantics in Generative Grammar. The Hague: Mouton, ... Aspectual Class on the Temporal Structure of Discourse: Semantics of. Pragmatics? ..."
14. Forgotten Languages: The Transmission of Language : mathematical ...
    "For Bickerton, once semantic relationships begin to impinge on the ordering of ... Formal Semantics: an introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: Zero-Syntax Languages - Syntax out of equilibrium
    "30- Bailyn, J. (1994), The Syntax and Semantics of Russian Long and Short Adjectives: an X'-Theoretic Account, in J. Toman (ed.) ..."
16. Forgotten Languages: Lingua Obscura
    "89- Beard, R. (1976)*, A semantically based model of a generative lexical word formation rule for Russian adjectives, in “Language", 52, 108-120. ..."
17. Forgotten Languages: Sejuadzih fiża
    "scholars of Arab, Persian, Greek, Andalusian, and Turkish descent paved the way for the establishment of new Arabic sciences, such as grammar, semantics, ..."
18. Forgotten Languages: Oevs Foride Naksnen
    "Dąbrowska, Ewa (1997): Cognitive Semantics and the Polish Dative. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. ... Wierzbicka, Anna (1988): The semantics of grammar. ..."
19. Forgotten Languages: Jеклламво та Тзалем Граенако Кигондайзам
    "7- Bailyn, J. (1994), The Syntax and Semantics of Russian Long and Short Adjectives: an X'-Theoretic Account, in J. Toman (ed.), Formal Approaches to Slavic ..."
20. Forgotten Languages: The Lost Metaphors - Ни Зитсй Нанамjегово
    "Semantics and Experience. Universal Metaphors of Time in English, Mandarin, ... An application of the Natural Semantic Metalanguage to diachronic semantics. ..."
21. Forgotten Languages: FL Enaruguitag Gesksentig 2011
    "13- Allen, M. (1980)*, Semantic and phonological consequences of boundaries: A morphological analysis of compounds, in M. Aronoff, M.L. Kean (eds.) ..."
22. Forgotten Languages: The emotion and language of anger
    ""On the Potential Significate and the Prototype of a Case: A Semantic Study of ... " Three-case Prepositions in Polish: The Semantics of po" LACUS Forum XXV ..."
23. Forgotten Languages: Ànthac Ryreig if Aichtcyf
    "Fell, Christine E., 'Runes and semantics', in Alfred Bammesberger (ed.), Old English Runes and their Continental Background, Anglistische Forschungen 217 ..."
24. Forgotten Languages: Zkovst en Kaeren
    "Wilkins, David (1989): Mparntwe Arrernte (Aranda): studies in the structure and semantics of grammar. PhD thesis, Australian National University. ..."
25. Forgotten Languages: Xenolinguistics: Communicating with other ...
    "Creolization, linguistic universals, natural semantics and the brain. In: Richard R. Day (Ed.), Issues in English creoles. Heidelberg: Julius Groos Verlag. Bickerton ..."
26. Forgotten Languages: Dy degogst sy gendov Siberia
    "“The semantics of Ket verbs of motion”. Vajda & Anderson, eds. 2003. 93–116. Reshchetnikov, K. Ju & G. S. Starostin. 1995. “Struktura ketskoj glagol'noj ..."
27. Forgotten Languages: Ve Rekand znaguiger eff Čemsynn
    "The syntax and semantics of verb morphology in modern Aramaic: A jewish dialect of Iraqi Kurdistan, New Haven. Jastrow, Otto (1986). ..."
28. Forgotten Languages: Bibliography of Berber Language Materials ...
    "New York: Syntax and Semantics. PubLg: English. Cat: comparison to Breton language, ...... Cat: morphology, semantics, Tuareg. Prasse, Karl G. 1959b. ..."
29. Forgotten Languages: Lectures on Phonesemantics
    "Jurafsky, Daniel (1996), "Universal Tendencies in the Semantics of the Diminutive", Language 72: 533-578. Kaesmann, Hans (1992), "Das englische Phonasthem ..."
30. Forgotten Languages: 个着埃蟆励嘔
    "Contextually-Dependent Lexical Semantics. PhD thesis, Edinburgh. By Karadne date 11:43 AM · Newer Post Older Post Home ..."
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