Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Inscriptions

1. Forgotten Languages: Ànthac Ryreig if Aichtcyf
    "More surprising for the first experts who interpreted the inscription, however, was the identity of Aigil and Ailrun. They are quite clearly the German equivalentsof ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: The Kushan and Saka Languages
    "The Aramaic Inscription of Asoka Found in Lampaka. BSOAS, 13, pp. 80–8. ... Kharoshthi Inscriptions with the Exception of Those of Asoka. CII, 2, 1. Calcutta. ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: The Language of Lilith
    "G. Garbini, “La lingua degli Ammoniti”, AIO6-O 30, 1970, 249-258 [on the features and position of Ammonite, as revealed by the inscription published by S. H. ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Affelian Rede
    "“La grande inscription bachique du Metropolitan Museum, II: Commentaire religieux de l'inscription, Planches XXX–XXXIII.” AJA 37:232–263. Curto, S. 1985. ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Bibliography of Berber Language Materials ...
    "Ghaki, M, 1986 : Une nouvelle inscription libyque à Sicca Veneria (Le Kef) ...... 1937b. Introduction a un dechiffrement methodique des inscriptions, orthography ..."
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