Jan 8, 2012

Topic: Middle Age

1. Forgotten Languages: Keguavge Helenak Tugeaked - Medieval Greek ...
    "Medieval Greek Dialects Cover. Keguavge Helenak Tugeaked - Medieval Greek Dialects. I tumvil eff aniltal kna vi čugerelg sa ve anzreuča niscdi eff ečasgez ..."
2. Forgotten Languages: Between Herbals et alia: Intertextuality in ...
    "'The medieval herbal tradition of Macer Floridus. ... 'Formula and formulation: “Efficacy Phrases” in medieval English medical manuscripts. ..."
3. Forgotten Languages: The secret book of the Duchesse
    "Adams, Jenny, 'Pawn Takes Knight's Queen: Playing with Chess in The Book of the Duchess', Chaucer Review: A Journal of Medieval Studies and Literary ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Duanan: i Wekopg Kopgdak eg Kimriud
    "Handbooks on Scandinavian linguistic history report as the earliest dialect split one between East and West, with (by and large) medieval Danish and Swedish ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB21 std.
    "thology of Medieval Texts. Oxford: Clarendon, 1992. Bodin, Jean. ... New York: Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1993. ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Yr Syse dys Unsguyff
    "Rpt. in Essays on Medieval Literature. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1984. ... Mysticism: Medieval and Modern. Salzburg: Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Ànthac Ryreig if Aichtcyf
    "Norman Francis Blake, York Medieval Texts: Second series (London 1980). ... Flint, Valerie I.J., The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe (Princeton 1991). ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: Ersiecyn enerijk neste Goden
    "Organizing the Written Word: Scripts, Manuscripts and Texts: Proceedings of the First Utrecht Symposium on Medieval Literacy, 5-7 June 1997. Utrecht Studies ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: Soon over Rathlin - Aius iacha Mhàídhan
    "The inscriptions of early medieval Brittany / Les inscriptions de la Bretagne du ... Princes, prelates and poets in medieval Ireland: essays in honour of ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: Prynild
    "Law and Literature in Medieval Iceland: Ljósvetninga saga and Valla-Ljóts saga. ... “Women's Work and Words: Setting the Stage for Strife in Medieval Irish ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: Hrotsvit of Gandersheim and the licentious women
    "“Varieties and Consequences of Medieval Literacy and Illiteracy. ... Veritas: Dame Alice and the Medieval Literary Depiction of Women By Women. ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Pardeoai Zitdedivě
    "La fonética muestra, junto al mantenimiento de los fonemas del español medieval alguna influencia de la fonética del turco (palatalización de [k] en kiína). ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Rekand eff Našta Znaguiga
    "... to posit that considering that these are terms of realia, they were well known to the Jewish readers or speakers of medieval Provençal, French, Spanish, ..."
14. Forgotten Languages: Gyltiag fynyrnurag ry-gedyn
    "Viator: Medieval & Renaissance Studies. 22. 1991: 1-13. ... "The Calumniated Wife in Medieval Welsh Literature." The Mabinogi: A Book of Essays. ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: Chess as a Language Description Model
    "R. C. Diman en L. W. Winget (Madison, WI: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1980) ... L. Thorndike, 'Traditional Medieval Tracts Concerning Engraved ..."
16. Forgotten Languages: Ortbok aff Mekranhodear - Rugtastoi af Ketan ...
    "Adalsteinsson, Jón Hnefill. "Sæmundr Fródi: A Medieval Master of Magic. ... The Image of Gender in Medieval Iceland and Northern Europe. Lanham: University ..."
17. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB20 std.
    "The Body in Medieval Art, History, and Literature. Essays in. Medieval Studies 11. 1994 Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval. Association. ..."
18. Forgotten Languages: Ve žabdagel eff Margery Kempe
    "In Literary and Historical Perspectives of the Middle Ages: Proceedings of the 1981 Southeastern Medieval Association Meeting. Ed. Patricia W. Cummins, ..."
19. Forgotten Languages: Albanology – Secret languages of Albania
    "... at the latest, medieval, subsequent isoglosses demonstrate the importance of center/periphery and urban/rural contrasts in discussing precisely those ..."
20. Forgotten Languages: Kelto-Swedish
    "Swanson 1999: Heather Swanson, Medieval British Towns. Social History ... German Settlers in Late Medieval Stockholm”, Scandinavian journal of history 2004. ..."
21. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB17 std.
    "Parturating Man in Old Norse and Medieval Welsh Literature." In Figures of Speech: The Body in Medieval Art, History, and. Literature. ..."
22. Forgotten Languages
    "Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature 17. ... Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy 2. Turnhout: Brepols, 2000. Pucci, Joseph. The Full-Knowing Reader: ..."
23. Forgotten Languages: Snalzreain is Keguavge edd Anfsamreain Noreg
    "Minnis, A. J. (1988): Medieval Theory of Authorship. 2nd edition. Aldershot: Wildwood House. Seip, D. A. (1956): Stjórn: AM 227 fol. ..."
24. Forgotten Languages: Mitologica Slavica
    "Barford, P. M. The Early Slavs; Culture and Society in Early Medieval Eastern Europe. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, [2001]. Hubbs, Joanna. ..."
25. Forgotten Languages: Renaissance Curiosa
    "Conjuring Spirits: Texts and Traditions of Medieval Ritual Magic. Magic in History, ed. Richard Kieckhefer. University Park: Pennsylvania State University ..."
26. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB9 std.
    "and the Saint: Patterns of Power in Early Medieval Europe,. edited by Joyce ...... Healing in Medieval Culture, edited by Sheila Campbell, Bert. Hall, and David ..."
27. Forgotten Languages: Gnosticism within the Orthodox Church
    "The Medieval Manichee: A Study of the Christian Dualist Heresy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995. Rushdie, Salman. The Satanic Verses. ..."
28. Forgotten Languages: Moroccan Arabic Secret Languages of the ...
    "Aramaic in the medieval and modern periods. Languages of Iraq: Ancient and Modern. London: British Institute for the Study of Iraq. Khan, Geoffrey. 2007. ..."
29. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB10 std.
    "Scotland: The History of the Medieval. Nation: Essays Presented to Grant G. Simpson. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press, 1995. ..."
30. Forgotten Languages: Linguaggio Arsenalesco
    "Intercultural Contacts in the Medieval Mediterranean. London. Frank Cass and Company Limited, 1996. Archivio di Stato di Venezia, and Andrea Da Mosto. ..."
31. Forgotten Languages: Serbian Cryptolects
    "The Early Medieval Balkans. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan. Fine, John . 1987 . The Late Medieval Balkans. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan. ..."
32. Forgotten Languages: Lost Romance Languages: from Faetar to Angella
    "67- Malkiel, Y. (1979), Medieval roots of the Spanish derivational model sabidorsabi8d-uria, in “Romance Philology", 33, 102-116. 68- Malkiel, Y. (1982)* , ..."
33. Forgotten Languages: Future Languages
    "Arabic medieval inscriptions from the Republic of Mali: epigraphy, chronicles, and Songhay-Tuāreg history. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ..."
34. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB1 std.
    ""Simon Magus: The Patristic-Medieval Traditions. and Historiography." Apocrypha 7 (1996): 147-65. Giedion, Siegfried. Mechanization Takes Command: A ..."
35. Forgotten Languages: Eid Ifw dys Lwdw Gaelwc dys Damau
    "Fulton, H., ed., 2005, Medieval Celtic Literature and Society, Dublin: Four Courts Press. Halliday, F.E., ed., 1953, Richard Carew of Antony: The Survey of ..."
36. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB7 std.
    "Popular Religion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1990. ______. "Witch-Hunting in Hungary: Social or Cultural ..."
37. Forgotten Languages: Dhevrtërredh ë ikmje isğatë
    "Caciola, Nancy. “Mystics, Demoniacs, and the Physiology of Spirit Possession in Medieval Europe.” Society for Comparative Study of Society and History, Vol. ..."
38. Forgotten Languages: Zero-Syntax Languages - Syntax out of ...
    "177- Hemon, R. (1975), A historical morphology and syntax of Breton, "Medieval and Modern Breton Series", 3, Dublin, Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies. ..."
39. Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB14 std.
    "Binghamton, NY: Medieval. and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1991. ______. "The Question of Magic and Witchcraft in Two Unpublished ..."
40. Forgotten Languages: FL Enaruguitag Gesksentig 2011
    "525- Joseph, B.D. (1990), Morphology and Universals in Syntactic Change: Evidence from Medieval and Modern Greek, New York: Garland Publishers ( Outstanding ..."
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