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Topic: Religion and Language

1. Forgotten Languages: Lishishemi ani dysashame wikaleri - On ...
    "Lishishemi ani dysashame wikaleri - On language and religious conversion ... Tongues of Men and Angels: The Religious Language of Pentecostalism."
2. Forgotten Languages: Aewawae, Aalaewe ka Hakaiwoe - Music ...
    "Aewawae, Aalaewe ka Hakaiwoe - Music, Dance, and Religion. Tags: Hawa, Philosophy of Language · Music Dance and Religion Cover. Aewawae, Aalaewe ..."
4. Forgotten Languages: Sejuadzih fiża
    "Aspects of traditional religion of most interest to linguists include special terminology and occult languages in secret societies and among grades of initiates; ..."
5. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Ritual Languages
    "Deities and Religion in the Aegean Bronze Age, ..." www.forgottenlanguages.org/ 2011/11/biniken-mituskre-kiek-biniken-turuskea.html. 6. Forgotten Languages: ..."
6. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Translation Studies
    "Forgotten Languages: Poetarum Vocabula. "which can be translated as “The Religious Debate between the Caliph al-Mahdī and Timothy the Catholicos.”43 For ..."
7. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Phonosemantics
    ""Tags: Glossolalia, Loglosia, Ned, Philosophy of Language, Phonosemantics, Religion · On Christian Glossolalia Cover. On Christian Glossolalia. De saak ..." ..."
8. Forgotten Languages: The Language of the Nuo Exorcism Rite
    "Language as a mental disorder. Liu, Jian. (2005). Religion and Dance. Nationality Publishing House. Qu Liuyi and Qian Fu, Zhongguo nuo wenhua tonglun ..."
9. Forgotten Languages: Alá Káamashushu Nabati - The Nabatean ...
    "... unclear and the scholarly world is hardly unanimous on the date, original language and provenance of the work". The last ..."
10. Forgotten Languages: Gnosticism within the Orthodox Church
    "Incorporating much of the technical language of Valentinian gnosticism, the ... The Gnostic Religion: The Message of the Alien God and the Beginnings of ..."
11. Forgotten Languages: Dy eranen sy dy zavs
    "Religion 39 (2009), no. 1: 43-57. Larsen, Mildred. Meaning Based Translation: A Guide to Cross-Language Equivalence, 2nd Ed. Lanham: University Press of ..."
12. Forgotten Languages: Dy sekateg sy degoge – The becoming of ...
    "Steels, L. (2011) Modeling the cultural evolution of language. ... Polari (1), Psalter (3), Purple Lisu (23), Račiv (5), Religion (59), Riudbaín (1), Romani (41) ..."
13. Forgotten Languages: Haraldur Níelsson beni spiritisma neste Tig
    "„Segen und Segenshandlungen in der Bibel.“ Evangelische Theologie (EvTh) 7. Mowinckel, Sigmund. 1953. Religion und Kultus. Göttingen. Níelsson, Haraldur."
14. Forgotten Languages: Řašđali ter zifra theguri
    "using gematria techniques to encode information ..."
15. Forgotten Languages: Illisui edd ve Assireti Znaguiga – Assyria and ...
    "Assyria and the Ashiret language... Cogan, M. 1974, Imperialism and Religion: Assyria, Judah and Israel in the Eighth and Seventh Century B.C.E. ..."
16. Forgotten Languages: Renaissance Curiosa
    "The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion. 1 vol. abridged ed. London, 1922. Hockett, C. F. “The Problem of Universals in Language.” In Universals in ..."
17. Forgotten Languages: Ànthac Ryreig if Aichtcyf
    "Rouse, William Henry Denham, Greek Votive Offerings: An essay in the history of Greek religion (Cambridge 1902). Russell, James C., The Germanization of ..."
18. Forgotten Languages: Thesikano Ezphuri – Dark languages
    "Dark Languages: On Romani Flavors"
19. Forgotten Languages: Europeme
    "Language encounters across time and space: studies in language contact: testing whether it does exist something like "Indo-European specific religious beliefs"
20. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Slavic and Slavic sociolects
    "Forgotten Languages: Jеклламво та Тзалем Граенако Кигондайзам .... on whether religious language may be consider a sociolect ..."
21. Forgotten Languages: Shidedasha Dysashaka ke Wilishele Mizidela ...
    "Shidedasha Dysashaka ke Wilishele Mizidela – African Languages with Unknown Affiliation. Testing whether or not religious terms can be included into the Swadesh list"
22. Forgotten Languages: Rolat beni aeshanu - Language and Conflict
    "Christina Schaffner and A. L. Wenden (Eds.), Language and peace (pp. .... Polari (1), Psalter (3), Purple Lisu (22), Račiv (4), Religion (59), Riudbaín (1), Romani ..."
23. Forgotten Languages: Máafá uná arinushu ishànn alá deysheysh ...
    "Cryptolect Philosophy of Language Weddag Nashta Religion Ned Unknown Sla Elyam Phonosemantics Sco Romani Dediaalif Alashi Bibliographica Romaniel ..."
24. Forgotten Languages: Transalpine Gaul Inscriptions
    "Moscow: Languages of Slavonic Culture, 2002. If what we know on Transalpine Gaulish comes from just religious inscriptions, then all we know is just a Gaulish religious technolect ..."
25. Forgotten Languages: The Language of the Azzazis
    "The Language of the Azzizis Cover. The Language of .... Religion and Chinese Society, Part Two: The Period of Division (220–589 AD). Hong Kong: Chinese ..."
26. Forgotten Languages: De Linguarum Artificio
    "Language is much too rich, on too many cognitive and aesthetic levels, to be reduced to the perfection of ... Revue de l'histoire des religions 219 (2002), 401– 33."
27. Forgotten Languages: Ny fynysoymy dy ny deagysag dailil
    "Altheim, F., A History of Roman Religion, London, Methuen, 1938. 10. .... Cook, A.B., Zeus: A Study in Ancient Religion, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, ..."
28. Forgotten Languages: Exploring Word-Space during Deep Sleep ...
    "Tags:Darid,Ladd cryptolect,Philosophy of Language .... Plotinus (2), Polari (1), Psalter (3), Purple Lisu (22), Račiv (4), Religion (58), Riudbaín (1), Romani (38) ..."
29. Forgotten Languages: Topic: History (2)
    "Forgotten Languages: Ny fynysoymy dy ny deagysag dailil. "Altheim, F., A History of Roman Religion, London, Methuen, 1938. 10. Ambrose, T. and Henig, M., ..."
30. Forgotten Languages: Ve Tnanal
    "Cryptolects and Philosophy of Language"
31. Forgotten Languages: Ny elrain dy Aedor: idin gyldw-loglynag ...
    "Analysis of the Song of Aeodor and its religious context."
32. Forgotten Languages: Language and Iconicity
    "It is problematic to devalue written language in order to claim the primacy of ..."
33. Forgotten Languages: Cywsy myecbaen - Bald's Leechbook
    "Cryptolect Philosophy of Language Weddag Nashta Religion Ned Unknown Sla Elyam Phonosemantics Sco Dediaalif Romani Alashi Bibliographica Sca Drizza ..."
34. Forgotten Languages: Gyltiag Roie-Cdaeaiee Mamys - Tiltik ...
    "Unity in Diversity: Studies in Irish and Scottish Gaelic Language, Literature and ... Vigiliae Christianae: A Review of Early Christian Life and Language 39 (1985), .... Polari (1), Psalter (3), Purple Lisu (22), Račiv (5), Religion (59), Riudbaín (1) ..."
35. Forgotten Languages: A tinbhchébhig if a reig – The languages of ...
    "Languages and Cultures: Studies in Honor of Edgar C. Polomé Berlin / New York .... Polari (1), Psalter (3), Purple Lisu (22), Račiv (4), Religion (59), Riudbaín (1) ..."
36. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Language Universals
    ""Hockett, C. F. “The Problem of Universals in Language. ... Forgotten Languages: Typologically unusual structures..."
37. Forgotten Languages: Nguni Dysashaka - Nguni Languages
    "Le wekilili fe "language boards" ma le dalisheki wakikeshi fe le bidalesha ... 'The Bantu languages of South Africa: towards a sociohistorical perspective'. .... Polari (1), Psalter (3), Purple Lisu (22), Račiv (4), Religion (58), Riudbaín (1), Romani ..."
38. Forgotten Languages: Ifen beni chihær
    "Drizza and its language: names of gods versus God's names"
39. Forgotten Languages: Ihegá Ráashe Ylaelànn Ìnnoliànn Kánith ...
    "Ahaddi Cryptolect: the languages of Eber"
40. Forgotten Languages: Krorin
    "Phonosemantics: A Wierzbicka's Semantic Network experiment using religious terms"
42. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Semantics
    "Forgotten Languages: Semantic Voids: meaningless words and worlds ... Forgotten Languages: Exploring Word-Space during Deep Sleep and Coma .... "
43. Forgotten Languages: Jezik je rijeka, a ne jezero
    "Unorthodox concepts in the Orthodox Church Text corpus"
44. Forgotten Languages: Čib vari bi edna vogžiben - Orphan Languages
    "FL-300809 Russela and Morito: forgotten languages of Europe"
47. Forgotten Languages: Americanologija: Peter Sloterdijk, Komditovzi ...
    "Peter Sloterdijk: English language as a mass-consumption product. Dy invtairim mede – komditov nee daamet eyn inkgete ane, et sevangen gys dy meaerdde ..."
48. Forgotten Languages: Kizda edd Nisuzanin tugeakd - Anomalies in ...
    "The Turkish Lexical Element in the Languages of the Republic of Macedonia from..."
49. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Cognition, Semantics, Language ...
    "[0] Forgotten Languages: Topic: Metaphor and Language. Is religion just a metaphor?"
50. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Language Disorders
    "Forgotten Languages: Degoge fakstrteg etaovist en skizoafektyva ... "Language processing anomalies and schizoaffective disorders... fMRI study"
51. Forgotten Languages: Asimetrija ando gabali - Asymmetry in language
    "Asimetrija ando gabali - Asymmetry in language. Vinavariben žakhsin kodo fein žephikerde ka otkar phedteli vikhar na goneli ainej. Gomimo, reliteliben si kodo."
52. Forgotten Languages: Witches and Languages
    "Witches and Languages. The Insider/Outsider Problem in the Study of Religion. ... Studies of Comparative Religion in Honor of Juha Pentikäinen. Nils G ."
53. Forgotten Languages: Nesili: the language of Nesa
    "Nesili: the language of Nesa. Alá dátáo uná atáeysh nákashad arid taohent tavabad itáen alá "Hethitisches Elementarbuch" ar Johannes Friedrich. Táashash ..."
54. Forgotten Languages: Codex Beratinus
    "Codex Beratinus: Wéé ren tnu ddery shenn sloslòls (codices) wùund raedd gwíet, alganlúa ..."
55. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Inscriptions
    "Forgotten Languages: The Kushan and Saka Languages. "The Aramaic ... Forgotten Languages: Bibliography of Berber Language Materials ... "Ghaki, M, 1986 ..."
56. Forgotten Languages: Dhevrtërredh ë ikmje isğatë
    "Languages of Witchcraft: Narrative, Ideology and Meaning in Early Modern England. London: Macmillan/ NY: St."
57. Forgotten Languages: Fynlyis arlà éládijesdigwèlat…
    "Cryptolect Philosophy of Language Weddag Nashta Religion Ned Unknown Sla Elyam Phonosemantics Sco Dediaalif Romani Alashi Bibliographica Sca Drizza ..."
58. Forgotten Languages: Topic: History (3)
    "Altheim, F., A History of Roman Religion, London, Methuen, 1938. 10. Ambrose ..."
59. Forgotten Languages: I sysdaktys aff Niai
    "Phonosemantics in Romani"
60. Forgotten Languages: Topic: Typology
    "Forgotten Languages: Rhythm-based Systemic Typology. "Rhytm-based ... Forgotten Languages: Neameu aameeka mea i Keapaa La'wieku. "Possessive ..."
61. Forgotten Languages: Forgotten Pre-Sumerian Languages
    "FL South-Eastern Semitic Languages: 'Aad and 'Aadit. FL Dictionary of ... Gragg, G., 1973. “Linguistics, Method, and Extinct Languages: The Case of Sumerian”."
62. Forgotten Languages: On Negidal Language - Lâwu Negidal Rolat
    "The Khant and Mansi languages belong to the Ugric subgroups of the Finno- Ugric ... It is well known that Aylid is not a polysynthetic language; word-forms ..."
65. Forgotten Languages: Language Confusion and Tradition
    "Language Confusion and Tradition Cover. Language Confusion and Tradition. Elolaynijk beni fad ketilei nayn reteri. Fad thepå nayn eda dyd asenaddyr beni ..."
66. Forgotten Languages: Gen sere aeshite – Non-verbal Thought
    ""In so many ways, the possession of language stops us in understanding many things". Addyrorod Pavlov ayningatitt rogi eshe sæn, esell ararth erhavir kij eren ..."
67. Forgotten Languages: Anatomy of Hegemony
    "The contentious nature of language lies in the fact that any language that can command attention is an "authorised" language invested with the authority of a group ...."
68. Forgotten Languages: Zasasheki fe fashedeki fe Nigeria dysashaka ...
    "Zasasheki fe fashedeki fe Nigeria dysashaka - Atlas of secret languages of Nigeria"
73. Forgotten Languages: Mitem zad Mitologem rajzi zastaloti ...
    "Tags: Engser, Philosophy of Language · Mytheme and Mythologem Cover. Mitem zad Mitologem rajzi zastaloti literaturoju. Mytheme and mythologem in ..."
75. Forgotten Languages: The N400 Effect: Preactivation of Lexical ...
    "In our view, mental word-order is universal, and human language brain processing is ... In P. Grzybek (ed), Contributions to the Science of Text and Language."
83. Forgotten Languages: Pre-Celtic Languages in Pre-Indoeuropean ...
    "explained by the ordinary rules of the language. It may be that some of these phenomena will in future turn out to be explicable under the rules as we at present ..."
84. Forgotten Languages: Private Conscious Events and Language
    "This means language change is also a conscious process based on probability. .... Polari (1), Psalter (3), Purple Lisu (22), Račiv (4), Religion (58), Riudbaín (1) ..."
85. Forgotten Languages: The Grammaticalization of Chaos
    "Moreover, treating language and theory of mind as monolithic entities will not do. ... Language diversity and the straight flush pattern of language evolution."
87. Forgotten Languages: Phonosemantics Models and Phonaesthemes
    "Again, the extent to which phonaesthemes play a role in the synchronic mental organization of language remains an open question."
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