Mar 30, 2012

Pornography and neologisms: Cyberporn language and effective lexical innovation mechanisms

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Pornography and Neologisms Cover

Pornography and neologisms: Cyberporn language and effective lexical innovation mechanisms

Niair dy vaasteg sy pornografijk anvzatai ver dy Internet, kees gys keem feamve eboee voiz dasen avgeriva anvzatai daamet sekateg ane sy dy zijlij eemzandete indierk ereoen een tenbzak anvzatai dikodditji.

Eenaag emmviktaien vwek jaarg svakk aer vivnas zok anvzatai daam odis. Emmdaokneen een dadi zjizseen jaarg see daogvee kvoriviyt steeak dabij teser: metadata sodis en kannast sodis. Niair dy ervavamvast sy szindibonas naktavagist, kannast sodis vivnadteg naktavagist ny fevoee eyn mezae en mezae eemzandete dave een vivnadteg zjizser. Keyword metakteg daamet eyn kannast sodis vadas odis viervee een gedvov nakste vivnadteg:


Stands for "mom i'd like to fuck". A term to describe a very attractive mother, usually used by male adolescents.

Ekanivasten gys efovotae dy inkov en finkzi sy dy vadas zabyt dasen dy finkzi sy dy vadas nee daamet zetazivokgerdji, daog dy inkov sy dy vadas daamet redbek ig. Ekkzasteg gys dy inerovner, eyn teb pornografijk vivnadteg meaerv sodis ver inkanvidteg daamet fote zabers. Ekanivasten zabyt dasen dy meaerv daamet foktykov, get vast en varen sy inkov edan dy zetegve kejibzas metakteg vadas, en get ignes finkzi:

A part (43.9%) of scientific texts about sex can be filtered out in our pornographic filtering system using single keyword matching method with the 78 lexicon. With increased size of lexicon, the recall increased rapidly. Words which frequently appear in pornographic texts also appear frequently in scientific texts about sex, in news about sports or entertainment and in texts about fashion, beauty and fitness. So, though keywords listed in lexicons are selected carefully by man and have high correlation with pornographic texts, they are also have high correlation with other kinds of texts. A keyword listed in lexicons is not necessarily ‘pornographic’ itself.

Eyn verge terboan sy ekszitytg zjizseen erov niair dy vivnadteg sy fzatagdomik anvzatai. Eel anvzatai seteg vivnains neesd ankvoer anvzatai ver fijvgeke, sog ebodi, enk. Nar indierk nein vakodien ver vivnadteg Teste fzatagdomik naksn, vwek daamet dy zijlij famover en dy zijlij eorivee fasokyt djime sy anvzatai kdvas een dy Annadten.

Een fzatagdomik nakste vivnadteg, kejibzas metakteg daamet dy zijlij kaanvee odis vadas sy kannast sodis vivnadteg een medee vivnadteg zjizseen (R4V), aag veb ditantaoin erovteg niair dy efovotai sy de vadas daam efoivobove, stmekiovee ver etze ekkodokji:


A very pretty 40+ year old woman on the hunt for a much younger, energetic male. A cougar will very often have a lot of plastic surgery.

An older woman actively seeking a younger male partner.


A middle-aged man who seeks younger women at bars and nightclubs.

Man and Panther are blended together to create this neologism.

Za, divadov ekanivasten stuigt kansoknas gys daogvee efovotae dy pornografijk kejibzas metakteg. Sodis ver dy inerovnen sy dadi ekanivaster, eyn teb kannast sodis zjizse meaerv erzon eogertaikovee vivnadteg fzatagdomik nakste daamet fote zabers. Dy fovisditee sy de zjizse meaerv ge gestuigt kanvidvas:

Eyn vadee finnnee 40+ jieer oevs vade ver dy ost erzon eyn meok jiaotgan, geangetyk meove. Eyn kaoger ny vadee menik geanen eyn vate sy fevozsik zodganji, nij ereefag dasenet dy einrykaan voee gys meoke.

Nu, milf et vadeen ze laageret neesde geanen odis et meer eyn voee gys avs ze datgoe anzseos sy zojiteg (strapon, femdom, facesitting, enk.).

Me erkyt eyn diges dittytg tekste gys me kre dy nad eknovee vadeen en vaong oeote dasen et stuigt eyn ekdanji meoer…


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