Apr 9, 2012

Topic: Medieval Linguistics 2

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Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB2 std.
and the Lost Peoples of Europe, edited by Edward Muir and Guido ... Osterberg, Eva. Mentalities and Other Realities: Essays in Medieval and

Forgotten Languages: Witchcraft Bibliography Project - DB9 std.
[Bee, Jesse] The most wonderfull and true storie of a certaine witch ... Speech: The Body in Medieval Art, History, and Literature,

Forgotten Languages: Ny censsy dy giennagtyn - I sprak aff ...
Arnovick, Leslie Katherine. 1987. “The Modality of Medieval English Futurity.” PhD dissertation, University of California at Berkeley.

Forgotten Languages: Renaissance Curiosa
Fanger, Claire, ed. Conjuring Spirits: Texts and Traditions of Medieval Ritual Magic. Magic in History, ed. Richard Kieckhefer. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998.

Forgotten Languages: Yr Dimitsana
Keguavge Helenak Tugeaked - Medieval Greek Dialect... Ànthac Ryreig if Aichtcyf; Affel Ragusa - Afsheil; I merĭcei di si unşa Crĭzde - AFFEL c1.

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