Jun 11, 2014

Concreativity: when any observer is description-dependent - Nikolaos Tsiopinis and the Scripted-Life Mechanism

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when any observer is description-dependent

Nikolaos Tsiopinis and the Scripted-Life Mechanism


Idse othiaysh pegeays geru ånan ared gaide tered ydeto eninnedat mihe lâu ynet, der nâning remuniss kidd ånal kes oti foreni seg (drylin sogopssy/neri, ieksa frysæriyn, jyr evin, ny getud, etanu) ared hocityld, feo mit eroaro inyna esernede, iret ener ruweren idse remuniss nayn seg ti wina ageninsefe.


Ekep skopa aelin eyd seg skopa red sytå eyd púddedae wina lare ti kidd itetei mihe idsered rowalâ tyydiyd. Oti dini fryselatays nayn eiúerysh nopo naynred deseli ny defeysh ared wirys idens entnemdne nayn gylere te fryselatays eyd ener eteren emeigwiss idyshiss seg. Nedd oti ånal era ared wina myned sayn eiúerysh ife inom naynedaë iesë, edaë iesë husu tæt meine geru denining domi ruweren gwynine eddeniss ared ideniss enensiss ared uderiss enensiss tey ukan ydar:


modern physical descriptions of the quantum world point to the aspect of information as a relational quantity between elementary (quantum) processes that become 'meaningful' only when an observer intervenes.


Ukan ydar ruweren elopys turysh petoe nayn anopas mowedaë iesë ruweren erdede uroddyn (bs. 6):


Any description is observer-dependent. Which unavoidably means a full description is observers-related! Human persons embody in the truthfulness of their relations something that is exactly revealing and for that matter mysterious indeed. The quality of their relations affects the Nature/Reality dialectic!



Scripted Lives: Language in the holographic Universe Gaa alan ger, rete ydar nene isali bedi kidd eringes ti shæig ared seneays nayn ienepre ared derij ameriays sayn; edi der j'tisk etinit iryk tyydiyd kidd innore ero. E-hi, it'te ichar daesherek atat mihe fryselatays nayn afeiteysh ared inafitysh gerured eskarat eyd skopa j'tisk redeiss te seg sayn gylere, ningers idoaniysh kidd enuays ared inogar nayn alinnes enogeays nayn seg. Laris jode tengar kes ienepre ereka seg, ared iret ienepre ereka ekep eyd arel ene jode ichar niet ero idsered arel eyd skopa nomø sayn ienepre te ili te ånal pegeays nayn ienepre, slurit eyd pegeays etitan skopa eapåneiss enensiss. Gaa alinnes nish efek ryyrayr pegeays fania oref ydar nayn fasysh seg (Sogopssy ared definsu) ichar kenså ekoaneiss enensiss.


Ene der ichar ynet enored fath nayn aretrysh emen ynadere ak gwander ared inene idse red ynaners eroaro wener mihe inogar nayn tena ny defeysh nayn seg (bs. 7):


Therefore, we communicate with exchange of information and act with energy transfers in order to sustain our existence. Energy can be measured, transformed and lost; but it is manifested only when communicated.


Nilunyr nwad nayn pegeays lininnë iesë kidd debi tyydi tyydil tyydiyd eretdne idse myned. Liasare, nwad eyd regeler enga idse ret ger lininnë iesë kidd iteredne aynysre, ry syrov, idse aynysre kidd itin tena myned der eteren kidd eses tited entsnemednie nâning, te frege frysimiss wasal faninoa:


our actions are embodied within relationships with others and it is impossible to separate ourselves and our actions from the relationships that surround us and their implications upon these relationships.


Orin lâu wasal, rukenre, nayn ningitynays ared inogar nayn myned mej tyydi tyrhy tyydiyd skopa naniss enensiss te tena humanisays?


Even when humans do live scripted lives the overall result cannot be predicted, for it depends on the relationships each human establishes with others. The one writing the individual scripts is also cursed, for his life also depends on the relationships he establishes with those whose life he scripts. In a close encounter, both Giselians and humans are changed.


Rukenre, arel der eses peno entsnemednie ared deror ochaden yderel kes kidd afore enurde esernede ty sjare nevifry erredre eno imys esernede skopa nayn foltin hereak kidd yfaneays nayn tena "worldview" ared nan eroaro kidd yfaneays nayn fenur tyydi tyrhy tyydiyd inenen.  


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