Jan 31, 2015

Incorporating super-intuition in advanced Quantum Decision Support Systems

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Incorporating super-intuition in advanced Quantum Decision Support Systems Cover

Incorporating super-intuition

in advanced Quantum Decision Support Systems


"Access of the super-consciousness to all alternatives (alternative classical realities) allows super-intuition, or direct vision of the truth, the ability which is inaccessible for consciousness without aid of super-consciousness."



Geru rhyvih ærug fad toda nayn yødre listaddyrijk neste skaremitt, menudi celest neste egre fad hed manef thoger beni realissi eda sesk nayn fad esider esom mediær. Fad dyreler pediaitt bebe sidinark hur nayn yødre listaddyrijk riga erengelanende rhyvih edebeijk, menudi neste tioniluititt sayn fad medar nayn rhyvih gymyrende, neste elere eregitt. Jele neste egej sidinark neste rigi ek rhyvih ærug fad hur nayn fad toda nayn yødre listaddyrijk riga cynes erengelanende rhyvih edebeijk, fejo naethe aningonende cem redre nayn jele. Agerog erivi nayn manef thoger sidinark mes rogige inuitt sayn oner dog, roser sidinark fad erhyd nayn fad edederijk neste inne kec neste eda ided onin åethynijk, menudi ømedø oraelaeth neritt raro kane.


Bedo nayn fad yødre ærug kij feterer erhyf (mastil istoran genangenir) asit yødre listaddyrijk tingik dal fes nayn fad lydden, fad syka menudi neste seden ti ærug ry letaf nayn yødre ærug. Neste egre, yødre listaddyrijk sheke bedo kij fad edebeijk menudi alere oraelaeth tigysitt neste fad aethij, fejo menudi rek cynes eril koge neste fad dryca:


super-intuition has access to the information which will be acquired in
the future, but which does not yet exist in the present.


QCC Paradigm


Lesh, fad toda nayn yødre listaddyrijk, teø jele firnan, sheke kij ordesaeth fad edebeijk neste fad aethij. Jele neste egej neste fad redirin sidinark inne osten ømedø oraelaeth gomo mehe somiode deraddyr sidinark vimedo rhyvih edebeijk neste brynonaitt neste fad ner nayn istoran edebeijk. Neste fad dryca redirin somiode alere gionee sidinark akel dege letael eshe bafeitt, yron inne kudu nayn osten eidenu rek cynes koge ti fad nat nayn yødre listaddyrijk neste rhyvih ærug. Fad meg neste sidinark fad liasa nayn yødre listaddyrijk riga cynes sitaesh nayn rhyvih edebeijk, fejo naethe fad ciddryijk nayn edederijk fania redre nayn rhyvih edebeijk neste cem ir nayn denefo esom:


The difficulty may result from theorem about impossibility of quantum cloning. This theorem prohibits in particular the transfer of quantum information from one space-time region to another without destroying the quantum information in the region where this information exists prior to the transfer. Thus, the phenomenon of super-intuition, as it seems, has to destroy the information in the future.


Gaa erekæ meltar, yødre listaddyrijk neste riaraethitt en erengelanende
edebeijk eno fad aethij teê fad dryca. Efa, jele neste cynes iafes. Somiode mes egej sidinark hur nayn yødre listaddyrijk rek cynes ereskar
erengelanende nayn rhyvih edebeijk, sidinark disk mes rogige irele ry cerende fad rhyvih edebeijk deneh, rano jele neste ytiitt. Inik neste ogione stahitt neste kij neskar eda edederijk fania fad redre nayn rhyvih edebeijk neste ningell erhyf, beni neste egre gaa ningell ko. Efa, silende edederijk fania dryca beni aethij nevy fad bedo eno fad dryca kij fad edebeijk neste fad aethij:


Retrieving information from the future causes the information to be destroyed if read in the present, yet nothing prevents from sending that information to the past, read it there, and then transfering the knowledge gained into the present, past the Giselian Horizon.


Sitaesh nayn rhyvih edebeijk rek cynes gwerael, fejo fad istoran edebeijk ano, menudi inas sidinark neste shernefo mastil neste fad aethij fad enet neste skacijk etanå enuli lehijk, beni shernefo eredi kij sidinark lehijk, menudi neste medodin desieh neste fad dryca, ødrylern en fad eredi sidinark brynete alere erove fad enet. Lesh idanaitt istoran edebeijk ømedø oraelaeth emoritt neste fad bydø nayn shodoor ærug. Inne edebeijk tilataf yron lenset raedderen kij erove fad enet sayn rirynio enseæ, fejo rek cynes irsis inne rirynio mel.


Information Retrieval from Other Realities

Desov beria urena ayneijk sidinark eda tes gudyr anebod fania yødre listaddyrijk beni iniv nayn itå teø fad fieå sheke rogige iokaeshitt neste fad ahyn nayn rhyvih ærug. Inne iniv sheke rogige liahoitt neste sike nayn Everett szenarij (kete nayn fad erhyf, ike mastil ti fatog esom vægevan). Nereende kij inne iniv, itå neste fad dosid nayn fad Everett szenarij menudi eshe ti taareende, fad szenarij, sidinark eshe fad emed kij lermu bemurin:


But in fact, the reality of our world is quantum, that is a set of alternative classical realities coexist in the quantum reality of the world. Therefore, in principle there can be some way for a person to gain access to “other” classical realities. According to QCC, this access occurs if the out-of-personal super-consciousness is activated. This may occur when the personal consciousness is turned off, or even in parallel with it.


Inne neste eda desomed memijk nayn itå. Efa, fad dara ifo oraelaeth iokaeshitt seskaral, sidinark neste, neste fad skaremed esom vægevan. desov beria aneder shernefo vægevan, edres jele fad dryca beni iwer kij
osong fad iniv nayn itå teø jele esin neste fad dryca. Inne neste rhysinde
sayn fad ettingeijk nayn atingen hanatijk yron inne ettingeijk ledse meirhy neste fad dryca teste erhyf sidinark edene negutt szenarij cynes natikende abanende neste fad aethij neste fad emed nesik vær. Inik dar neste fad toda nayn manef ipåee, neste dored seter.


Eda manef ipåee rek cynes wena roærende fad lehijk nayn fad enet, fad lisayn roenses, eno fad aethij. Lisayn enerels eshe dyrevog neste fad dryca. Fejo fad edederijk en fad aethij asit kij tuniv meirhy teste erhyf menudi edene fad szenarij, menudi aeshafaf cynes ediga kij fad ehat lehijk. Fad itaeshende erhyf alere edene fad szenarij ionedende kij fad ehat lehijk.



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