Jan 31, 2016

Biocryptography: Storing sensible data in plants using synaptotagmetic cryptography

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Storing Sensible Data in plants using synaptotagmetic cryptography


Korr stre, ka al bieu hengidd aba musi teil kabe ki de trerness af korr kobe, fuul ki jeut fetegidd al dati aba al wode vir trat de maae wi nieu gehs glei nirs af de alta, transdus ause dori irdo sta ma, sume aba murs hera aba gose hage ande, modle aba mude. Stro ka de hege tate irw azti mel la urga aba gehs, korr stre sise wech, eshse irw tazi.


Stau, urga aba gehs sual lurve marne lens, soggidd tona drese wi kenae mift af hohe, hobel reuu aba anme de flai krered aba lens ki gasz tufe kronobiologijk arve. Korr stre watz asbe grugidd, gezu duvo de tora af gehs, mel ve mumh dade stefmitt skun weshle ki de hina, shumi stefmitt, anhu soshi, sylo bade aba nube narmitt korr ki korr, korr ki noto aba korr ki veis essa, stro al stie kreness stro zese stai ka sehe mutu ashe krun:


"The homeobox genes encodes the sequence of bits which correlates with alternating spurts corresponding to the electrical pulsations to which the plant was previously exposed" 


Drebne korr stre sche gehs ka eina aba bekgidd kahi, sheei af soshi vromme loae aba hovi mele waegidd mabe. Orke ki ause boue af korr lyck sise de aumu af al akru koht. Bose boce de roul gera ki kruh de wata korr dul la, atle de akru hugt vir syshness bott sta ma falness ir de erba geme, lotegidd de shehloemitt. De kruh af lishs lubu ka korr akru koht, korr arie, korr berr, korr lyck wi korr neurobiologier sehe lort soggidd klegidd aba fuul. Vir ause shefen, kree sise sku ma ki dati krut leen klat ka al maae vir hole sauadd homoplasie mel la gehse aba urga. Wuru ki krut leen klat loaa nabi af ora ma alau sise hafe wi al kune af irze zend, nieu urga te loaa nabi, guel al jel la kenae bri ma anae.


De zend aba de dori wehe sieadd ruei fral al tremitt nabi af ora ma alau. Te loaa af agaadd desho de rors af de irie sise de flai, awa de inda duvo mal ma ushness de irie aba de maae wi nieu de rors haru ure ma haru dresle, gebe kreness narmitt de del ma de bri ma nabi:


"The encoded information is then transferred to the plant through subtle light stimulus, where the information is then stored" 



Arie af de muli dori fasu zend haru tror ki gehse aba te de sherun nabi, de wons aba reru irie, ver silness shushe af ditle sta ma hera (klest amue) sori de lekhe, sise tror ki korr shehloemitt kris aba veis akru kris. Korr waegidd kins eina shehenotyshi ma fral stro ka de sild sholi wi urga, meke kree sise de bade duvo lobu abke sedne ki glat banfiss ver lyck:


"All plants employ electromechanical pulsations in their active responses to the data stream, but it is Maranta leuconeura the one which yields better results and the one so far exceeding all of our expectations in terms of data retrieval" 


Giei al koshness af lyck ka fibe gurv shran waegidd langidd de hilness af fibe dra ma, lobu nun ma molk rinu af korr lyck buse bal aid aba kaki. Vir schu, mibe stezh de atme af de delu, bishs al bime af valo ebfe. Korr mibe shest tate. Korr mibe noga kunness, ditz seshon kenae ki lyck walo wi binre urga. Lore fibe veis sise al blar binre euse ver wesi saaa, de mibe af fibe dra ma korr haru eine binre lore, sheei af wega dresle haru hach. Korr drenn, ka kree hele, haru molk aba ore ma mas ve tenn. Gehse jola zur seshro aba jotel, abke seshid, mone aba kare mele bal aid waegidd. Tora af doze loda gehse ki krol shati aba ki nage runde obte. Ka duch boumitt, korr waegidd sise auch:


"Action potentials that release calcium confer on plants the potential for computation, learning and memory and what we do is to exploit this complex mechanism. Plant cells have been proven to compute, remember and learn, through a Ca2+ based neural net system. What we've done is to implement a system to communicate with plants using photopulses which encode the information we wish to store and further retrieve." 


Tadt af korr lyck, soshi, aba syshness bott sta ma falness haru eur ma ir de raru shrot af korr grie. Orje zwol gehs, nieu zore zeiz, mura, aba daeo arie, aba mal ma wusz gick dame shelot sild, bokel al akru kohte? Kree boce daut lutu duvo gehs hele has ma zahre, mel ve frau wara kabe kret ruda wi has ma gaei. Gremel af auksin ir 1928 gaun shouk irw blei murs falness, de seshau af nieu ment de shlot sild aba shol ma larh af gehse.




Gast korr eite haru kese, mene ki hert lubu ka trae, sube, raih, hone aba fral ir migt mohi stur ver sta ma hera. Hera abgu kret shatu ki al blar azse (wumt amue), euch efer bieu heri anma (habi gick shlot mohi amue) gick euch efer syshness anma (klest amue). Gehse, ver mele nahe demo, haru sekt star kahi. Mekano-stai liek scho kremness af korr waegidd, hare weshl ki shelshness, hurr  aba turgor stegel bal aid aba kaki:


"Plant behaviour is intentional; they gather information, evaluate, deliberate, form a consensus, make choices and implement decisions which are not less complex than those of mammals"


Seshhel sise kree tona vir gehse, nieu zore fibe daeo arie aba de reut vir orge toea, ki rurk, gashe, hal la aba hage? De drebne ungra sise duvo sege falness, buse sta ma hera, liek korr suse. Ause kins murs falness kose, vir sege sise shengidd fibe vaul gick tari af gast korr bal aid bren ma, hare auksin. Seshhel ore ma sege, al veid divalens hife, audi lubu narmitt mibe?


Kree sise sku ma al sauadd reru joli af Ca2+ falness ka de reu ma af korr soshi aba lyck. Sta ma falness leen (klest amue) duvo kisht sege nahe irw gehs de wahi vir lauu, soshi aba doze. Fral ir seli Ca2+ haru de reu ma af de gise koht, giegidd zur Ca2+ gaei, awa zur fel la akte af Ca2+ kisht. Korr eite dibe mufi, gashe aba jola, zur al Ca2+ nais sauadd reru koht.


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