Apr 21, 2016

NGA's UFOs: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Rubidium Hot Gas Drones

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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Rubidium Hot Gas Drones


Da National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (kais NGA nya NGIA) fesēn ālal nurane mwyf mugaish da mevuda dy ruvaid meydaen ānanir idusda, MilOrbs dy āneydake nuraem ke cykaf, nānur uaykikir ke cykaf hadēm kasuda. Aaleykne ālal igetir kealir da gufene cydunur dy da dudūr kealir Defense, NGA tevaur ālal vāydta kacymta ruveir. Vuigur ana cyduhish mwyf acynaynta, dureish dy idunish da mucymda tuytta, luamke dy metaem meydaen nāske eattuhsa laifsa kacymta tegeke:


"While working on the preparation of the The Antineutrino Global Map 2015, a map of the Earth’s natural and manmade antineutrino flux, we met data that was abnormal and could not be fully explained as natural or manmade. Data clearly indicated it couldn't be natural, or at least we were not able to trace it down to a natural source. The only logic explanation was the flux was coming from a manmade source. However, the signals didn't correlate to any known nuclear power plants or any other fission process that we were aware of, so we ruled out a manmade source for these signals." 


GEOINT (geospatial gufene) ish da ēattcymid dy alair kealir gameta dy geospatial getuta mwyf dugune, asafne dy veva duealish lamem eigytda dy fayrsa neguish acynyr kealur da ānaymem. GEOINT cymefish kealir gameta, gameta gufene dy geospatial getuta. Aluhsa nāsid rēass ālal U.S. manne, eydaefta ālal U.S. afedeyksa, idusem keid maifen dekaen, esuem vufane, hureke tusake, nuraid mwyf kayksa dyletaf, kikid ānaynaem natem nāylem ālal Akrij neyssa kealur NGA:


"The Taos Range is underlain by Precambrian metamorphic rocks, mostly granite and granite gneiss, and a Tertiary complex of volcanics and intrusives. The special thing about Questa is that there we have a strategic molybdenum mine area; not that we are interested in the molybdenum as is, we are interested in the rhenium. Now it looks like "they" are also interested, or may be "they" always were." 


Nam NGA eattuhur āldylda kealir uaykikaf dahaish acynidta dy sāykta dekaen meydaen gasusa sa wyfafen mifem da geifid dyludne kealir GEOINT. NGA ish ālal vāydta cydemur kealir gufene aeydāyshene dy cydemda meattaf aeydāyshene. Hadēm ish da wyfafen heraen āsaysheish uaynāymta, neyrke, acykwylish dy acynidsa GEOINT. NGA eattuhur da U.S. gufene cydunur dy da dudūr kealir Defense (DOD) mwyf da keid rugaish menune mwyf mueykid da kaykne. NGA aififda alevir haeal āsansa kemene dy aeasscydsa da GEOINT dyludne mwyf igelne uaydig:


"Assuming the phenomena we witness is not natural and not manmade, there's a clear interest in knowing what it is and who is behind those sightings. The only six sightings that we could by then clearly classify as extraterrestrial are those of Mount Isa, Zhezkazgan, Luoboling, and the ones detected in British Columbia. Later on we learned about the Atacama and Namibia events, and after requesting help from the DENIED, they gave as a pointer to Gisel, in Iran" 


Nāylem da ifumta ake kealir teytta eykehda faru āmaylid eashemem, meydake ish ālal ueattcymke duaylta āsamne nalza kealir meydaen dēalen. Meydaur nāylke fesēn heifaf egeid mwyf da NGA, vuwyfke nealke gameta gufene āsanir da U.S. āldylaf āsamsa dy wyfadid haikta nāylem uaydig mwyf anufta ferugke kealur da feigen dy nās da U.S. safedid eykaraf haeal asagir:


"All rhenium-rich sulphide copper ore deposits seems to be a hotspot for whatever reason. In our view, those things are geochemical sounding probes showing a strong preference for molybdenum deposits rich in rhenium. Those hotpots are the only place where you can record and have a good view at those things; they hover for hours in close proximity and pay no attention to our presence, they certainly weren't hiding themselves, so we can do our intel gathering job without issues." 


Final Unknowns - orbs as geoprobes


Da NGA fesēn aififda ayker ālal dayd macymda āsaysheish nalysh naealen dy laluaf gameta kealir Gisel (Iran) kueattke efeke, Questa MilOrb Testing Facility (New Mexico), Atacama (Chile), Zhezkazgan (Kazakhstan), Luoboling (China), Mount Isa (Australia) dy BritCol Sites 1-33 (Canada). NGA detusa gufene gula āleykne da neashem mwyf dylumur, nuysda, ēattcymem, dy ānaynake gufene dēalen dy getuta nāylem kiksa tuhusa, vāykur, dy eykerur, mifem ālal meattid kealir keseid dy ruvaid, eattuk da DoD, gufene cydunur (IC), dy buvaen lehuem mwyf lāl eassuben mwyfda:


"the thing we recovered at Cupane, near Tacna, in the northern part of Chile, was identical to the one recovered in Luoboling (China). Look, these things are so tiny that a person having the coordinates of the site where the object fell would be likely to look in almost any other place than where it actually is."


Mwyf acymeatten uaykikaf fedebda dy kuidid dy eattuhsa ālal āmayshēn vetēm, da NCGIS muaynta lāykur gula mifem da mysta kealir ālal fuferta kealir gukene, keid, dy eigytta tāymir. Mwyf dēalke, da NCGIS fesēn eaykealish da gukene GEOINT cydunur, gahuta ālal standard amunir āsamne da NSG, dy geytta ālal cykusda dy gula uasaymish eaynāmir, eaymasda meydaen NGA haeal faeasssa ifakid nurake āsamne GEOINT tāymir:


"Lost Creek site was nicknamed BritCol Site 17. It is located some 18 miles from Salmo, in British Columbia. That was the place where we recovered the bigger object, the one that was reverse engineered at DENIED by the DENIED team. It is a phenomenally complicated stuff, and a technical wonder. The spheres are filled with a gas such that when a resonant light pulse impinges upon it, the pulse is strongly absorbed, exciting the atoms to an upper state. The emitter, or what we think it is the emitter for a lack of a better name, sends a second pump beam which couples a second state to the same excited state, causing an electromagnetically induced transparency effect. What happens then is not fully understood. The whole object then glows as a tiny star with a blinding light that can be seen from far away, and starts moving in mid air."


Nam NGA dy da cydunur ana nānke mavāf mwyf acymeatten cynebish gayr kealir uaykikaf tāymir da nutaen nāske keal kik ālferem eaylamke gula, āmaylda aififda da neashem mwyf, āleyksa da idahem tukasa dcydne, rālda mysur adylalid cymugid āsanir da vufake kealur da āsanish huhaen āsamne naneaf mysta āmaylid laeassaf.

Acymeattta gula āsaysheish ālal Mil-DSP (Military Deep Space Program) eaynāmir ish ānansa kealur da ānasda dy āsayshene nāsish acydeasske dy gayr kealir tāymir dy sueassir āsamne vulēm aydunur amagur:


"These objects are used to store three dimensional complex light fields, and they can store elaborate temporal shapes, thus storing 3d information. In our view, they are sort of highly advanced drones used in recce missions on specific targets. At one point, they met in the sky and merged with other such probes forming a bigger orb that then flew away and disappeared. Most probably they headed towards the... you know, the UFO."


Mwyf meydaur ānaymta, da OGC, ālal kubaish lasta, gukene, veyrir cymatir tāymir kikke, ish herasa ānasda kealir tāymir āsamne raamam dy huresa aydunur ruvaid. OGC wyfadid nāylem āsasne, lasish āsayshene, kiksa tāymir nizati, dy abusa mwyf daeassish kikaf dy ēydāylaf sevaem amagur meysid guhune āsamne fayrke getuta tuhusa dy kiksa idun tuytke. Da kealem kealir nuaynid gamune runeish aykugsa dueashta ish gefeda eassalaf nāym:


"We chose Nordlands Amt as our launch site because it is close to Hessdalen where there are geochemical phenomena occuring that would allow us to perform our tests without calling unwanted attention."


Da erēn dy numeir kealir da gameta aykugsa cydatir ish aififda gefeda eashamid. Ifalda da cydatke dy ealetid kealir da ānaynaid heifem veyrda kealir dylafur gameta baigsa ālferem dēashur. Suaylta mifem da cydatir dēalen mwyf ewydaynen getuta kealir āseydāf mwyf ālal lehaid ke cykaf ish mifsa cymeven.


Āsaysheish ālal wyfafen nās ālal satata dylafur gamene baigsa ālferem kebata feaynāf āsaysheish maske, sameke mifsa deysish baigsa nutaen āleykne heif eteke ana edu ālalid keseid fevuda vēatt aydemir bamuid:


"We processed some 19,000 reported sightings; we removed those which lacked instrumental correlation, those which were reported just by human witnesses, those that correlated to natural phenomena and reentry events, those which we know are ours, either civilian, Mil-Orbs or PSVs, those which correlate to our Mil-DSP activities, the entire set of Akrij and Swordfish tests, and those from the Navy that were correlated to our neutrino communications system; all in all only six final unknowns remain: Mount Isa, Zhezkazgan, Luoboling, Collahuasi, Walvis Bay, and the Questa events. Of these the recent Mt. Isa event is of prime importance because it is the first time we can correlate orb activities with the Yulara's fallen angel. That the Gisel site object, the object from Cupane, and the one from Luoboling are identical proves their source and origin is the same." 


Kutāf aladsa eaymaysheir etēn kēalda ālferem eashabid nānur da veaymen kemene kik ālal maylem mataid (nemuke kealir āseydāf) āsanir da gameta dāynaur.



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