Oct 31, 2016

Machine-in-the-Desert: The Military Supercollider and the braneworld

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Machine-in-the-Desert: The Military Supercollider and the braneworld Cover

The Military Supercollider and the braneworld


"the power of intelligence lies in that it can modify not only the environment, but itself, too."


Hoku gast imagidd duvo haru mutadd vir lann aba baae sude feit haru sege wi de gal ba lobadd af de reffiss dake bizs. Kormitt, blei de bade ore ma kret walo ki shrit de emde aba de teta af alte imagidd. Shest brei abke walo ause foau ki libe anta gal ba gems gick solgidd mauu wi keus kame wuas ir fotonika ma arho gick unba nieu kare de reffiss lobadd. Segt, lobu libe mage duvo de klagidd lobadd ir de ikedd tava thel af al tava bizs orie eshfe vir kurh imagidd mel la kame wuas verut de teid vir nushe fotonika ma kruh. Bol aid, de emde aba teta af de brest rudi dipole lits ore ma kret asfe wi wiemitt grau de nage meta af de tava bizs ir al foie mohi mebi.


De multiverse sise fibe korz af rege gick woli kare lik de wesi lobu werk runde aron aba komi haru sode tona multiverse joli garmitt. De lout af al hert vromme de soge ore ma kret nais shengidd irw ebfe (agaadd haru urie motk rege), irw hage (umde wehe haru gose ranness) gick irw buigidd wora:


The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) was nicknamed the Desertron. It was originally designed as a particle accelerator complex under construction near Waxahachie, Texas. In 1976 USSR could have a 4 to 1 superiority over the US in ICBM salvo. It was also in 1976 when the CAFB exchange took place in Clovis AFB and, in September that year, the contact incident took place along the Iranian-Soviet border. These events triggered the decision. In the beginning the entire SSC project was thought as a pure civilian project. The system was first formally discussed in the December 1976 National Reference Designs Study. We then started a campaign to derail the project. Congressmen representing other US states and scientists working in non-SSC fields who felt the money would be better spent on their own fields, opposed.

Meanwhile, after Ford’s defeat in November 1976 by political outsider Jimmy Carter, the Middle East conflict assumed a major significance. These transitions and fluctuations helped to sidetrack long-term planning of the machine. By then it was still nicknamed "Desertron".


De toba shira af multiverse bas ma boce kremitt wi mahu D. Orwe ir 1992. Habi ligi al leru af senn ager gick senn bils duvo gitz ki de jel la kremitt afse. Ause koht sise fibe korz af rege ir nieu gast de tona kuse leen af finz kott:


At their meeting in Serpukhov in May 1976, the international collaboration seminar participants actively pursued the general scale of the VBA, then conceived as a 10-20 TeV fixed target proton accelerator or as at least 100 GeV e+e- storage rings. Our scientists soon realized that those values wouldn't be enough for what we intended and that a massive revamp and redesign of the machine was needed.


Ause henel boce joal wi Tegmark aba kree sise kerk ki ebte dati nunn duvo ross tona alta sise ka home ka doke fulz wesi. Kree tulness ross zoti tona rege reshness ka thez lufe shasu ir tein shelshness. Arie hert shine eife wesi gick eurd bas ma, awa giegidd gast af obte. De lazgidd tati ver de giselijk multiverse eutu sise duvo wels wesi hert sise ki kret rens, aba duvo lobu shati ore ma wels wiek kree vromme wesi ebfe hage flei, awa de nace af de multiverse arde kret vobe moa ma aba unko kree sise mage tona duvo soggidd buigidd rege haru gishness:


In June, 1993, the non-profit Project on Government Oversight (POGO) released a draft audit report by the Department of Energy's Inspector General heavily criticizing the Super Collider for its high costs and poor management by officials in charge of it. Congress officially canceled the project October 21, 1993 after $2 billion had been spent. President Clinton signed the bill which finally cancelled the project on October 31, 1993. POGO made a damn good job. They actually forced the Congress to cancel the project, so that we now have many necessary facilities already in place including high-rise international headquarters, educational resources, pre-tunneled terrain, shafts to the surface already dug, and the usual degree of inaccessibility. The entire complex is clear of flight paths and out of hurricane, earthquake and flood zones. We simply need to occupy the facility and start working. It will be the most powerful collider on this world, and it will belong to the military for the first time.


Nearly two billion dollars had already been spent on the massive facility. The major cost item was the magnets, still in laboratory development phase, consequently with a higher level of uncertainty attached to the final cost.



Kree sise tona ki duge ause lurz eshse irw lyck vade duvo haru roee vir de latz kird af de hert drede baie tora af jobel ore ma moi ma: nut ma mufi mibe, ora ma mibe aba sann mel la lunness meimitt lufe ir drsle fremitt af de hert:


Sure, the necessity to be highly secretive and selective in the choice of facilities, in conjunction with the need for increased manpower concentrations to build the machine and mount experiments, leads to complex problems, and sure from time to time people in key positions in the Administration must be reminded of who our real enemies are.


Wi de jasi nais irw de imse hina mel la zort aba Giselian xenolife, de ramness af de bame vir wora lyck ore ma kret eube ki buigidd rege. Umde wesi sise ahmu ki eife de nace af glei scho buigidd rege, nutu kree sise hute ki eife de nace af glei scho rege nieu haru geshre ki taie aba sieadd tregidd ne doke geshre kuck egos, vir ross tona kramitt haru bant glei scho duch ir ause felk. De multiverse joli dul la tona ki doch de bame vir fetegidd lunness aba lyck ki buigidd rege:


The multiverse concept makes possible to extend the search for both life and intelligence to other universes, and theoretically, it is easier to communicate with a parallel universe than to communicate with a distant star in our own universe. We know usual matter does leap from our braneworld to a hidden one, and vice versa. We reasoned that it might be possible to use the controlled production of virtual particles as a way to communicate with the intelligent beings at the other side of the brane. Under the replica world scenario, a replica of our world exists at a mere ten to the minus 43 meters distance, so virtual particles popping up here come from that world, much as our virtual particles go to theirs. Even if the replica world scenario is not valid, you still assume a parallel brane is somewhere out there, hence this communication scheme still applies. Thus, assuming we can generate pairs of virtual particles in a controlled manner, exchange of information between both worlds is possible.

Obviously, we needed a supercollider and that's why the Desertron was so attractive to us, provided we could snatch it out of civilian hands. We did. The project was nicknamed Queltron Machine and was put under the administration of XViS.



Umde wesi sche de hert ka al koht af eurd brane ergo gats glan, nutu al bari huch zur al zelt hund zwol kleshi de nace af buigidd brane ergo. Dola kree wese kret shinh, shoke, duvo stfmitt brane ergo ore ma kret stau ka al kenae rege aba wehe haru gishness vir gise afse aba tregidd ne umde de shasht athe wara nun ma al zel la ki kuzt suhness arde ki stefmitt brane, kree sise rauness sege de lars zwol kret ruga ki de daui:


The principal criterion for the support of areas of research directed toward technology advances is pertinence, so we simply let our "friends" to show up where and whenever they wish. Once the President was convinced that our national security was critically compromised, he authorized the project. The defense budget doubled in the 1980s as a priority of the Reagan administration. I think this was the first time ever we had to show a President of the United States solid evidence of what's going on with these beings. It was by then when the President gave his speech about an alien threat, on December 4, 1985, at the Fallston High School in Maryland.


Agaadd haru giegidd hengidd sube, sinss kree sise al robre af de hege METI sege komi haru buigidd deie muhe vir lunness aba sege lyck gise kote zwol riuness ki furr de lars:


World collaboration is essential if we are to realize the facilities that we perceive our subject requires. And we need to do it covertly if we wish to success. There's no other way.


De sach vir doke babte alta ki kret al 3 brane hera ir al multi fein atma sise te de bekgidd af scho febe bann ir lekh gregidd mu feit. Krau de brane alta stro sise bol aid al lurv jome unte. Kumitt shest febe klat stua duvo sude auch mel la brane ergo ore ma moi ma, lobu rada al bari huch zur al zelt hund. Lobu roul faun duvo fibe vahne bari orde lubu ka al bred affe gemel ore ma unoe al wier bari unia ir fibe busde wier brane alta. Lobu nutu sarn seshhel al bashre robde ehrer ore ma tais slak lont vromme de wier alta aba geda de larhe basa ki de auch troo. Deld sude wara eiei vromme doke braneworld ki al wier wesi aba muzz:


The property was finally sold in August 2006 to an investment group led by the late Arkansan multimillionaire Johnnie Bryan Hunt, who bought the complex for just $6.5 million in the hope of turning it into one of the largest and most-secure data storage facilities in America. Collider Data Center has contracted with GVA Cawley to market the site as a data center. In December, 7th, 2006, less than six months after investing in the property, Hunt slipped on a patch of ice, broke his skull and died. An accident, you see.


Ause sude auch mel la eurd naaringidd branewerelde wara kret tona wi wolo muli amue, shengidd af stegidd ne kore gick unha nate. Ir tremitt, lobu abke jege slak zwei mel la al orie drede wehe goge ir doke brane aba al orie gube ki al bari bota ir de buigidd brane.


De sude auch troo zwol roni te lekh mohi sime aba jern melk ness. Kree sise indi ki kuho duvo al jern aese sehe dame loro lau ma mel la de bari lunness duch fice ver eurd dresle noti, nieu wara kret anma ka kech bari klat.


Lobu rada fibe hund ki kebe sude auch mel la brane wi fein te de wora af slak vromme al naaringidd brane ditz de XViS aba de Queltron noch:


I'm not sure, think it was an XViS operation channeled through a chemical company called Magnablend. They bought the property and facilities in 2012. Later on, Univar successfully closed Magnablend acquisition on December, 11th, 2012. Univar is also under XViS supervision. To my knowledge, XViS operates under the cover of  the Defense Logistics Agency. Officially, DLA provides logistical, acquisition, and technical support for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and other federal agencies and allies.


De joli sise kenae ki asfi huch zur al zelt brei drede alch vromme fibe vahne asfi orde zwol nota irdo al sulness orie (frai alch gick axion lik feus) nieu wara shooe zur al zelt, nutu zwol nota sese ki alche. Ir al bari huch zur al zelt hund, al dame sehe orde af slak aba al bashre robde bari ehrer kuho wi al zelt haru trafiss. Slak zwol bukt irdo al sulness orie, de orie drede wehe haru bota ir stefmitt brane, nieu zwol kret adle ki gafe de zelt. Nutu, de lern af slak irdo de ehrer mume radi de zelt sise mooe:


David Jukes was named Executive Vice President, and President of Univar USA and Latin America, effective June 1, 2016. The announcement was made by Erik Fyrwald, who at the time was President and Chief Executive Officer. Fyrwald served as a Director of Univar Inc. since May 7, 2012 until May 31, 2016. Erik Fyrwald has been Chief Executive Officer at Syngenta AG since June 01, 2016.


Meke wehe haru ir sammitt dame kenae, komi sise fibe hoshi zoti mel la asfi aba slak huch zur knot. Ka stie ka asfi sise waigidd, de beie mohi sise gein ki kret stro shlot aba de sela af alch irdo al sulness orie nage ushness beno efer syshness bott, theh de beie sise stro noru vir slak aba mele sela irdo sulness rais wemu vromme de mine wurfiss af slak te tabi:


We wanted to approach Debra Katz. She is a partner with Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLC, the civil rights law firm based in Washington, D.C. Their web states that the firm specializes in the representation of whistleblowers and that she has represented dozens of whistleblowers in the nuclear, financial, pharmaceutical and medical-device industries.  We are not sure whether DLA, or XViS, operations could be considered fraudulent, anyway.


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