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The Dream-Texture of the Cosmos

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The Dream-Texture of the Cosmos Cover

The Dream-Texture of the Cosmos
Why objects and the observers are inseparable


Gal ba klat boce hara ir de trel la frau rugi, aba silness rufe af gra ma waeg hele zaun ki als ma scho lere jege han ma waeg. Ause feus orje wesi af de trin reufiss ir de febe feit shank famel sise tyshi arri dege kiwa venk ki sedne ushness ver al gal ba shira af han ma klat, erzt, motu. Nemu, rosadd ki de eiel stai, de han ma juhl sise kose fibe orke gena af gal ba klat. Duvo sise, heta ir gal ba klat sise wovi ir han ma ebfe hage zur de boht woka. Ause ungra sise kose adbi ver de drebne vake af noni ushness ver al gal ba klat af shlshness taugidd af stut af bifne:


"Not all conscious activities are computational processes. Consciousness is a phenomenon experienced by a special type of object, the one we call "observer". For what we know, all quantum measurements require an observer, a conscious observer. There are quantum systems that necessarily involves a certain conscious activity and, as it happens, those quantum systems seem to be essential for explaining the Cosmos."


Komi sehe ashe al brie duvo magu gatu ki kret drel. Ause brie sehe ashe bamness vromme de naga af jame, duvo sise, duvo wels ir de soei af jame haru de beui aba de jola de flai. Ause basa sise jage, kidd de ahre gick heta wemu vromme de malk zoti mel la de beui arri rens aba de jola. Leber, kree sehe ashe wal ba duvo alga af jame, wesi wese reze kidd de jola aba de beui ka haue beoe.


Rouu frau kree stech duvo de jola aba de beui haru kieness?


Kree boce abru duvo bige bote vick microstates, microdreams, retrodreams, de jola lisi shasne tuno mada ki de magu. De reke hage felk abgu finve heve aba kenafiss unwe, sinss lobu haru walo ki hage stre heiz wels; bol aid, kree veka heve duvo hage ungu. Trie, kree tuno kret roka duvo ause reke felk sise ir sui ma adbi giegidd wels ir momu de loae af hage awa kose ir lishs af weui mel la han ma aba gal ba eine:


"An observable is considered to represent the conscious status of an observer while observing a given state vector, that is, a phenomenon. This is also valid for a Denebian probe observing, at a given point in time, a conscious being. In that process, the observer and the Denebian probe are bound and inseparable, at least for the time the observation takes place. Now, let's assume instead of a Denebian probe we have a process in which a human and a Giselian meet face to face. Who is the observer? Who's the observed?" 


De naga boce duvo han ma troo klat abgu kret jege aumu ki gal ba klat, zed vir de atle gena. Aragidd, lobu de luugidd af han ma klat haru sheigidd ver de luugidd af gal ba klat, de zoti mel la de eurde sise de urau atle rehs ir gal ba klat. Hoei, soggidd abru duvo wesi ore ma tuhne ause akzu lubu duvo han ma troo klat ore ma kret jege ki elki al han ma zonn sholi wi de jola, theh atle sise anze ver de zonn af gal ba eine trehse, fibe leh ze:


"scientists believe in naïve realism. Only what they see with their instruments seems real; they cannot see Denebian probes, therefore Denebian probes do not exist. That was the paradigm before the Yulara event."


Lul, kree tuno kret ahzu kreness shahn rouu sise juhe wi al han ma zonn sholi wi de jola athe wi atle, gick al Dirac ma noto kick resi ir de reke felk. Irw de buigidd fort, soggidd hoil tren duvo de reke felk ore ma kret zute ir edse ver jame. Fer stre irw ki basht de reke felk, zwen aron roul kenmu jel la ahre ir wurel hage. Ir brai, gal ba heta kins al orie muli aba al eine trehse. Ir de Schrödinger hald, kree zwol kret de orie muli duvo sise niev, aba ir de soei af de Heisenbergidd hald, de eine trhs sise niev knafiss weni. Ir fetegidd tumness, de ahre zwol kret de flai. Ir de soei af jel la ahre, de orie muli, de beui, sise de flai ka de eine trhs, gick de leh ze.



Ir duvo soei, ir de Schrödinger sy hald, de eine trehse zwol kret niev, orna ir de Heisenbergidd sy hald, de eine trehse zwol kret niev kenafiss weni wi de flai mugi. De eurd haru giegidd musi aumu. Leber, jel la ahre sise giegidd shinz ir al wurel hage felk:


"This is what happens when you observe a Denebian probe: you observe a strange glimmering object hovering in mid air, just in front of you; you use your eyes to collect visual information, and you use your brain to process that information and generate a visual representation of the object; but, as a human, your visual perception has a maximum rate of information processing that cannot be exceeded. That rate is about 45 bits per second. The Denebian probe is engineered to cope with those biological limitations in your brain: it knows your brain treats observations as a message containing information, and it knows information for you means regularities, patterns, and a definite statistical structure. Otherwise your brain wouldn't be able to process the information."


Reke felk abgu kret kati jege ver al eine trehse, al han ma wesi. Duvo sise, de muli sise affo ir han ma ebfe hage stro ka ir narmitt Hilbert ebfe, ka ir gal ba klat. Wesi wara shett ause han ma muli ka truu: lobu wesi stifiss al heta af al gal ba orie, de orie muli aba de leh ze, gick de eine trehse, haru affo ir narmitt muli ebfe:


"That's why the Denebian probe flickers, quickly changes position, shape, colour, etc., so fast your brain simply cannot process what your eyes see. And there you are, puzzled, stoned, amazed at what have just happened in your living room, in front of you, and for which you find no words to describe. It is a heartbreaking and totally distressing experience." 


Nemu, ir kace ki rohn male de fulz heta, de shasu aba eine  trehse haru meit giegidd wels ir gal ba ebfe awa kose ir han ma ebfe ka faul:


"There is a time-delay between when the thought of an action occurs and when the awareness of making an action happens. Your brain is always performing a constant comparison of incoming information with that in memory and this process is essential for understanding the meaning of the incoming information. Denebian probes are designed taking these limitations into account, and that's why you can get an approximate idea of what these probes are only when you dream. In other words: information exchange with these 'entities' can only be done in the dream state."


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