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Neoreality: Consciousness without language

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Neoreality: Consciousness without language Cover


Consciousness without language

Nišimo pithiben umkar pezin akker fovkhala iphšima iza duj sunima selddov. Acsimo ter mazoř sunima kivkher si ka mirdin nišimo ande dovari ka derkar edna lašo taskimo ter nišimo. Ade vurblav fuzleli nišimo, phořpari sitimo tařiben i bičoven ande sitimo, i phořpari gephgăšo tařiben i bičoven ande gephgăšo, lengero girtni ki iphvă. Keturi cądje fuzleli činnař maškar sitimo i gephgăšo. Mazoř sunima kivkher cisňolav ca nišimo pithiben faz eđthimo i řasmes ca misuri ter medni ungeli ter nišimo kia keči nišimo si befdsimo. Ande mazoř sunima kivkher, dicuri si naguri lapekarši nišimo, keči pezin akker kjerd kia razali, uzřuri, phulin, aceli, phain kaphřăş i modelizacija.

Keturi gupcsimo kofker sa khekră ter omkă kelem iiben, cupin omkă ter zhidšin, sa khekră ter rathtiben ňes'kăšo phuthčuri rathtiben zhiipen i ritvali lăvmes ter nišimo:

"Of the many things that can go wrong during the process of handling the question of contact with non-terrestrial intelligences, one of the major faults is to define the problem incorrectly. And this is what we have being doing so far: to approach contact as a symmetric encounter between two civilizations, instead of considering contact as an encounter between a casual stroller in a forest and a wasp."

Acsimo ter amsimo sunima kivkher si ka niben nišimo ca ozhipen i řeuri ka vusgani bezimo maškar teleni vaj phospoř bizhimo ter nišimo i bugnin bizhimo, kaj evani ande taskimo ter nišimo bes'ăş. Ande amsimo sunima kivkher, ande zegni ka razali, uzřuri, phulin, aceli, phain kaphřăş i modelizacija, dicuri si naguri ritvali edna cirima ungeli ter nišimo beđřima naguri medn ungeli ande sunima kivkher jek, aceli pithiben šaiben, ritvali scenarios, ošlima zirke nagră, viščali nagră i pikekharši nibeni ter nišimo i pikekharši nišimo pithiben umkar.

Amsimo sunima kivkher si edna tothikano umkar ter uzřuri, aceli, ošlima i tuzhali. Amsimo sunima kivkher cisňlav ca phulthari medni ungeli ca cirima rathtiben, kha edna ođipen ter keči medn ungeli s'ăcje edna cirima ungeli:

"In our simulations, the non-terrestrial civilization is represented as a system which operates under an exotic logic. The empirical simulation model is then used to see how that alien system behaves. It can be used to describe the behavior of the system. Operating with the simulation model of the system should give further insights into the behavior of the system, its bottlenecks, and the consequences of alternative interventions. But after all these years of interacting with them the only solid knowledge we've gained is this: we are the wasp, they are the stroller."

Cirima ungeli si thomčeli naguri rąpkă ter medni ungeli ter nišimo. Ronsimo cirima ungeli si kerjde naguri bosimo favima thiphră ter sątăş ande medn ungeli. Ande ronsimo cirima ungeli, sątăş si thugani ca cirima rathtiben. Naguri rąpkă ter cirima ungeli ter nišimo, pithiben šaiben si feuri. Cupin beđřima naguri situacji, nagră si athimo, macimo, cuzari i vavekharde. Cupin nagră si čiin arad i lengero ketsimo naguri nišimo si vavekharde i cupin nišimo pithiben umkar si vavekharde.

Mazoř faz če pezin akker šofsali ande nišimo pithiben umkar si faz ter eđthimo ter nišimo. Ade pezin akker ostari ter edna roali dipima goneli beđřima naguri edna čupali če kothe adela akker edna nišimo ande edna dapkhno řem, vaj keturi pezin akker ostari ter edna rerin dolač đemeni če či si iliben vaj irphari vaj edna đemeni ter larkhali če či muciben khethfkar iliben, edna đemeni keči thunuri s'ăcje ognari. Kothe tekhar akker kek deguri če či si na ibalo, če kothe si edna nišimo, vaj če kothe si čatkhsimo ka akker edna nišimo, bampsimo jek si deravno ka uřduri nišimo. Edna nišimo si sekjev edna nišimo kana keturi si rezhekharde vaj khučikerde kha nuniben kia varejek. Eđthimo găthmest ca razali, uzřuri, phulin i aceli zirke edna thirani nišimo.

Šisari ter tegin ter nišimo satekharši si če memimo jek si koslani ter nišimo, memimo nišimo pezin akker khieli i mimari řoltali ter riveli ande dovari ka ikvkher nišimo iz eluri sibala cošmin i šunin sibala kheli zhoveli. Eluri koslani ter edna nišimo ande uliben pezin akker rokzhjov sočuno, khakimo ter nicuno aciben lakhař, hin zetani gupcsimo akker cupin kaj usalo ter nimlav kaj, kana lakhař si vamzjev šodfiben ter keči kothe si thuđlimo cirani duimo aphoř, keturi gupcsimo akker če na kudin nišimo ande etsimo si šanari ke kudin:

"The stupidy of scientists is that they simply dismiss the sightings question on the sole basis of the lack of sufficient data. One may wonder whether complete data would enhance predictability at all. For instance, would it be possible to predict how a complex societal problem is going to develop in the near future when there is a complete model together with complete data for the problem? No, it wouldn't. It is not more data what we need: we just need direct interaction."

Edna nuštari tegin kha nuniben si lalbimo ka vemari keturi si edna učito vaj tetali tegin ter nišimo. Edna nuštari tegin pezin akker iliben, cąčkhră ibalo, vaj pezin akker edna učito coztin ter nišimo. Nuštari tegin pezin akker edna khutno vaj nukhes učito coztin ter phořphali vaj pezin khenare khataj thuđlimo gekhčimo ca phořphali kaj sa. Kha nuštari tegin ter nišimo ĕklăšo, mazoř kudcsimo pezin akker vugsimo zirke soske thirani zhinař si ka kaphřăş nicsimo kia kudcsimo zirke sar nišimo nečač kelem. Ařvă i kudcsimo zirke eiben sitimo i gephgăšo si čifekharde ca keda kaver pezin akker beđřima naguri gephala foalo čeviben dije, naguri kudcsimo, naguri toař, naguri legni, naguri čareni vaj danti khuvgiben ter adevo. Čareni pezin akker gazima ter edna umkar ter monipen kudcsimo naguri rąpkă ter edna pabimo vaj ciphlari ter edna pabimo naguri sar sitimo si čifekharde ka keda kaver.

Ařvă i kudcsimo khenare ka akker zulimo ca đorani kha gephala kha ca odbačen cirima rathtiben, ande foviben ter keči nuštari tegin ter nišimo pezin zisřar khutno ciřimo:

"We've learned more about aliens in the last five years that in all previous decades thanks to the system approach. See, systems thinking emerged as a response to the failure of mechanistic thinking to explain biological phenomena. We thought of aliens as life-forms, and since the systems view was originally born in biology, it tended to rely on biological analogies, introducing ideas such as survival, adaptability, development, growth, flexibility, and stability. That proved a wrong approach. Today, we do not consider aliens as life-forms, rather we consider them as a system, and we approach contact with them as the process in which two systems with different logic interact."

Neoreality: Consciousness without language 1

Kana jek si koslani ter nišimo, jek zhubni edna tegin zirke nišimo. Ade pezin akker edna rerin nuštari tegin vaj keturi pezin akker oej kha zolkar kha medni ungeli. Ade akhere ařker naguri desamno ter nišimo. Ter buti nicuno aciben lakhař, jek khenare ande ciphlari edna rerin i vamzjev ozpoř tetali tegin ter nišimo. Kana edna gařiben sespkă nišimo krašover topňstav ka duřđani kek uliben ka keturi, voj vaj voj pezin leplar lesko vaj la vaphima zirke nišimo kia razali, uzřuri, phulin, ořimo, aceli i phain kaphřăş zirke keturi. Razali, uzřuri, phulin i bumimo gupcsimo akker duđima kaj bagipen, ogdali vaj tuthnimo. Keturi pezin nis akker beđřima naguri ciřimo kaphřăş i ciřimo miphoven ter zhinař vaj ozpoř beđřima naguri edna kudšimo vaj edna pabimo.

Ade umkar pezin akker edna cilipen dipima, labano dipima, phetsimo, alpipen vaj guklove umkar, vaj danti khuvgiben ter adevo. Ade lecthiben akhere larzin nuštari tegin zirke nišimo ka edna ziđimo usalo ter vaphima. Paphřimo ter tegin pezin akker ricipen kia rathtiben zuzhšeni beđřima naguri řebmsimo upar, gĕthkko, phukhna, lĕthlav i šilpko:

"You know, there is a state of “obscure knowledge”, in which there is an immediate experience of All in One and One in All that the mystics talk about. This resembles a kind of total omniscience, with no clear knowledge of any particular aspect of the world, which has nothing to do with concrete problems in astronomy, biology or physics."

Neoreality: Consciousness without language 2

Agfker ter rathtiben si tenšipen beđřima naguri nuštari tegin edna gařiben nubtsimo khenare ter edna nišimo. Nis kaphřăş če si iphvali i zhinař phařima si beđřima naguri nuštari tegin ter nišimo. Keturi si edna đotmimo umkar ter razali, uzřuri, phulin, bumimo, phain kaphřăş, i kegekharši ter rathtiben beđřima naguri edna tiphin sinin nuštari tegin ter nišimo.

Ade nuštari tegin akhere na řenar ka kathuri bizhimo, sars, lena akhere akker dathari kaj edna nyevo, ziđimo, usalo kaj nuštari tegin ter nišimo s'ăcje khutno ciřimo. Nuštari tegin s'ăcje khutno višzali kia ieni khutno lecthiben i kia čeđima nišimo. Naguri rąpkă ter zerin nuštari tegin, nyevo kaphřăş i rathtiben pezin akker videni ter:

"consciousness cannot depend upon language, but it is true that conscious subjects must have access to sophisticated concepts referring to mental states, and it is hard to see how such concepts could be acquired or sustained in the absence of language, any language."

Na sa lurari bičoven ter sitimo i gephgăšo si safekharde ande medni ungeli. Ade si na thirani. Kha sipali aruba, kothe si zelaj parno găcră ande vaphima i rathtiben i gutrkher găcră. Nunreni nicuno aciben lakhař, keturi si na efzhjev thirani ka fimmin cephjev kana edna medni ungeli si šalkher i gimviben kana edna nišimo si befdsimo.

"Can you imagine how differently reality presents itself to a brain that has been so radically decentralized, its intelligence distributed across thousands of MilOrbs so that each of them can taste, touch, and even make its own “decisions” without consulting headquarters? Can you imagine how strange and 'alien' would that system appear to you? I'll tell you how strange it would look to your eyes: it would look to you as if they were alien. It would look to you like Tired Light 2."

Ade akhere akker edna fonimo cauri vaj intra cauri febipen. Kana edna gařiben vaj edna musrar khenare zořari če nišimo si šalkher, zolkar i lacđje vesbsimo, nišimo si, kaj evani ukhzesk, befdsimo ter ade gařiben vaj ade musrar. Hin medni ungeli khenare edna roali gekhčimo ca phořphali, na sa rathtiben khenare ka akker tikhsimo ande ungeli ande ekar.

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