Aug 24, 2011

The Erosion of Human Knowledge

The Erosion of Human Knowledge Cover


The Erosion of Human Knowledge




Ando kado dařzin ame ponniben Walter A. Davis (Bamuri ter Đathari Vaphima) diali  naguri gabali. 



Adevo diali  si khafjov řemekharde řečekharši pičbeni beškhiben vein theguri itduri, man edna nuštari tikšipen si falari temikerde comikerši ciđipen theguri ca pičbeni ařiologija.



Kathe si diali  balo ponniben:




Image is the native language of anxiety, the language the psyche uses in an effort to mediate the emotional and psychological impact of events.


A language of anxiety is replaced by anxiety over language.


The language of transmission isn’t all that important. What matters is the message, which is assured at each step along the way because it addresses the same shared psychological disorder.


Going inside in search of myself all I’ll ever find is language, writing me, determining me, creating in what I mistakenly regard as my most personal feelings and intimate experiences nothing but an illustration of its laws. The task of thought is to map this prison-house. To develop a systematic theory of the structure of language and then show how that structure informs all the other structures whereby we think and make sense of the world. Thus, if language is binary so will the world be...


The logic of language is the meaning of meaning.


Psyche, like language, must be conceived as a signifying system.


We might “experience” something but until we put it into language it remains evanescent. Once we do, language imposes its rules on what we may have thought was outside it.


The philosophy of language holds the key to everything.


Why privilege rational, categorical conceptions of language? Why relegate Literature to “semi-grammatical utterance” (Chomsky) or non-serious speech (Searle)? Maybe James Joyce is the one who reveals what language is and can do...


Existence is precisely what the fixation on language eliminates.


The Unconscious is structured like a language.


Figurative language. That is the danger that must be avoided because in place of the literal, figurative language introduces the play of meaning and with it the need to sustain complex connections at the level of thought (not fact) through the evolution of mental abilities that are necessarily connected with developing the metaphoric resources of language.





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