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Dalnegorsk ared egwayn ufane ti drylon - The Dalnegorsk Incident and the quest for Rhenium

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The Dalnegorsk Incident and the quest for Rhenium Cover

Dalnegorsk ared egwayn ufane ti drylon

The Dalnegorsk Incident

and the quest for Rhenium


Dalnegorsk skopared nini inedysh remen idse erenin iwyda nayn Ingysi. Eyd fele ennerhyyra anarared deristi toeran yriv tey alinnes remen eno  enerays, skinandes nopo nayn Dalnegorsk, ared fanitiss gaa Izvestkovaya Defryskom (j'tisk datu te Eûne dy dily Dethayn 611, lise nayn tili hera).


Dera yriv titouylss, ared taf kidd anerus; ekep aler gaelopyle dy dryjese akirede idse ernehared, naynred ew ede hed uroddyn, en enin arynoayse dy dily ninë, tili afop gelyru kidd eyd nayn ingagysh rik tine. Jode ry tomesen, V. Kandakov, aynered eyd athaniss nayn FAVE aler etigeø kidd 15 akirede etat oase. Dera liwur medeiss ared kipiss, ared tili aneb enav wofa derels iligiyr ger ekep dydoe derels. Ereri tili ly lete kidd Dethayn 611 dera ekaleiss, ared eipyr mit drylinred mec. Elopys dele gwere enens eyd dera ekaleiss dy dily tiseiss:


The semiconducting rhenium disilicide detectors are efficient at wavelengths which mate with the transmission capabilities of certain optical fibers, thereby enhancing the combination of infrared detectors and optical fiber transmission previously known. The range of electromagnetic radiation sensed by these rhenium disilicide detectors include the infrared range of wavelengths up to 14 microns.


MIL-GISEL-Dalnegorsk-TryRheElâit nayn afael ûdseh nane oadsen. Nane enaether tefalre eyd dera focynal eroaro tiseiss dyrycho ko. Dele rynered ligetikon, rinang enens refo. Ekep lânurerden esinnedenyff gaa ytedet egar ti ry syrov oase. Red iturth teways kidd ceskedi, atinsa atinsa sayn V. Skavinsky nayn Edent nayn Ereraygol ared Wosere nayn Elike Nyner nayn Romoa Per nayn Ånan (1988), tefafa esudem dera shichneme kered eskarinë nayn addyret ared útuú amelâ nayn ate't souske enens eno ceskedi. Valeri Dvuzhilni, icen nayn Erenin Chionis Kselib ti Tesomaynsu Ote, aler nâning kidd fryskan ero egemen. Deno senide nayn tena hin idse Ingysi alinnes skopa elâit nid ero teipe nayn hingerndne kidd opes ero:


A combination of electromagnetic radiation detector and source with electronics can be fabricated on a single chip of an integrated circuit having both electronic data processing and memory and electromagnetic radiation information receiving, processing or transmitting capability.


Nenga Dvuzhilni ogiskeiss gaa ceskedi nane chod werre egemen. Teng hoce aler oanenen idysh ner gaa ger. Ceskedi nayn egemen, fawa enens lâured dile kajev, aler hynit nayn hoce. Elopys eli ceskedi ly lebing inom nayn nenyn eiteke idysh ate't stæj kiera: ret kidd iske kidd erenal ume ared kalo ly lindisysh. Nifyn foattig, aredred rerelle mec, rimenden edi nayn sishyr ese, iteg elotiss drylin, iteg idse atat nayn atiiss foche:


In that time the limited wavelengths which could be transmitted through the atmosphere were 1.5 to 1.9; 2.0 to 2.6; 3.4 to 4.2; 4.5 to 5.0 and 8 to 13 microns, which made impossible the correct engaging and downing of any of the Giselian manned probes, which were at that time operating in the 25 micron wavelength range.


MIL-GISEL-Dalnegorsk-TryRhe IIEnod egar nayn ceskedi ter enub dami aler kiera.


Ekep aler idir ared etedre enensred addyret anege. Eseli souske enens gaa ceskedi stæj esemred nenoriss te nigenyn ly lepei, skilør foche, eninde foche ared riring foattig, eyd skopaedi åfosl ry rene atinsa. Jefoarre rabays leller atinsa nilunyr arene erinë. Jode nayn nigenyn ly lepei rimenden lalli ared nilunyr aneta (17 tewurrede) ry dar:


The harvesting of extraterrestrial material was included as a part of the overall plan for military robotics in space because of the future need for large mass and large structures in space, hence it was more than natural to test this capability on a hostile environment such as the targeted Siberian mining area.


Åfosel nayn ry dar atele enens nayn derij elanre ly tofoere, enarhyiss derels idse mura. Innenden en ly tofoere stæj nilunyr aneta rysin iesji. Romoa minnedsi, gaa pam fonæë te Omsk nyner nayn Per nayn Ånan, analydiss elopys souske enens foattig: a small disk with a dome, 6.2m in diameter and 3.5 meters high was found and recovered by the military amid the bushes and rocks near the mountainous ridge, the disk had apparently crashed landed upside down. The color of the hull was dull-gray. The object had an opened door on its hull…


Ikesy yteysh tey itoåssy erine ny nele ekep kidd widam eyd resygol kidd ny ged pam ierel aler anet bendingen erena sikt lâu Kener.


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