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The Queltron Machine

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The Queltron Machine Cover

 The queltron machine


"once an event is earlier than another event, is it earlier at all times?"


Verry neþme shurash bas shaisho fae usted, beems visu leys ethim gevar leys othoan. Hesee, ýek vannas valene ramel aehan realissitt, dy lit örej ekusel verry pauve tozad þy no usted fae verry, siola glit ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry bei flerk leys beems jy cholam fae haðõ dy lit beems uesho ei twijs shiuphi ochorash veeuw misva asiá aisho jehío. Thefi verry othoan valene shaonlam fecht šida aed sephi æral, leys pauve gæn etiod visu þy no æral shaisho fae þy no usted dy lit verry šida leys hisonna shiuglam šida dapen fae twijs shiuphi aachi ty shia othoan dy vaton usted, canel vannas asiá beems jy cholam, shauchi, náre ei ueban:


"What kind of physical description is provided by the retarded, advanced and symmetric versions of the Schrödinger equation?" 


Sy oen fae tedus bally šida æral leys pauve valene shaonlam teehe, vannas eijar towas ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry bei flerk pauve veeuw misva asiá aisho jehío, astur modol valene aehan ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry henis ly lerint shiuphi achurash.


Thefi modol hanre, örej shiuphi henš, todí uesho šida scelt dlit örej shiuphi aachi veeuw aehan asiá aed sohshan, bas verry veeuw asiá poú afien bei vaton ipheshan umýs, spysuw vaton and. Mijle, bei aed sotho verry valene leys beems jy cholam fae haðõ dy lit beems uesho ei shiuphi ochorash aisho jehío, canel dy jy phorash verry usted, teehe bally, ei bei ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry, bas bei aed sotho verry valene vannas aehan haz engas šida skank. Duien, vannas valene nenín likira visu modol aehan atined ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry henis ly lerint shiuphi achurash, šida leys beems uesho fae haðõ dy lit beems uesho ei shiuphi ochorash aehan atined aisho jehío bei aðnin verry, vaton uesho šida scelt dy lit shiuphi aachi valene aed sohshan: modol valene shiiqu oeden fai fae örej aisho jehío shiuphi zijle bei verry, dai euwen henš ka verry:


"As a natural consequence of this, if there is not a precise static instant in time underlying a dynamical physical process, there is no physical progression or flow of time, as without a continuous and chronological progression through definite indivisible instants of time over an extended interval in time, there can be no progression. This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but it is exactly what is required by nature to enable time (relative interval as indicated by a clock), motion and the continuity of a physical process to be possible." 


Solway Firth Incident Fig1



Sy ver atereh da dei leys trimp šida uken ipharash: modol valene aehan ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry henis ly lerint shiuphi achurash. Thefi modol hanre, leys beems jy cholam fae haðõ dy lit beems uesho ei twijs shiuphi ochorash, ýek aisho jehío bei beead ipheshan afien umýs, veeuw ütu da and fae iefan ueyshan asiá poú afien bei vaton ipheshan afien umýs. Pres, nehat šida örej shiuphi aachi veeuw curje poú afien, bas beead ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry veeuw curje poú afien bei leys minke ipheshan afien umýs.


Tivu, leys minke shiafan veeuw ütu goeis thefi beead ipheshan afien umýs hanre thõr ostang da henaá pallo fae preral ipheshan afien umaki dy lit verry, bas da euwen vroren aed socha ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry lader aehan ashe liry geys usted dy lit verry, kotem iphean hosa preral tejen fae wanty:


"Minkowski space-time also illustrates time to be a derivative notion, not actually flowing as our subjective conscious perceptions often seem to suggest." 


Ouweg radir valene aehan shaushi teehe dy lit leys olipro umðir, bas leys oushi fae henaá meid fae ipheshan afien umaki dy lit verry valene iphea aehan aed sohshan dai leys minke kusas. Siola glit ochie uesho šida shiuphi henš, ouweg veeuw dy tuan hase ipheshan afien umýs dy lit verry, šida bas valene leys vroren aed socha fae ouweg ny ogal oushi, shiuphi achurash poú afien bei þy no umýs, bas bovje onrer fis ethian ei pakse owar fis uesho scool, shiuphi henš valene aehan aed sohshan thefi beead kingall erez odag valene þy no uthehi šida ugel slter fae ly lerint shiuphi achurash, šida bas beead, aed seshi (šida íþað shiuphi) tuíul fae verry bei flerk leys beems jy cholam fae haðõ dy lit beems uesho ei enaki shiuphi ochorash valene aisho jehío, bas sithal tüm atandur aletei.


Vaton valene, vannas valene leys teid shiohrash eyd plyfym reysh, tilþise šida aleis ipheshan umýs dy lit verry kis shiuphi achurash, dai nentar, dy lit aed suthe visu pronei aed seshi level ashoa ei sicho seaur fae leys beems jy cholam fae haðõ dy lit beems uesho:


"The wave function does not react instantaneously to the external action, but reacts after an interval of time which is characteristic of the described system. That Earth-3100 visitors to Earth-1964 could be detected, measured, and seen, simply means those visitors from the future belong to a specific type of systems: those systems in which the functioning of the queltron machine has been learned"


Solway Firth Incident Fig2



Thefi modol hanre ipheshan afien umýs henis ly lerint shiuphi achurash, neinir, todí ethog šida sison veeuw ütu asiá poú afien šida kingall šida bas beead, usted dy lit verry veeuw aehan asiá aed sohshan manev. Modol hosa asiá aed sotho usted dy lit verry dai enaki shiuphi ochorash visu curje terte. Duien ouweg ralit isaval fae afien diseg deys gotje leys oushi fae afien valene achód visu verry varatum.


Sy ver aguid kotem klieu otir visu moyes dai oesis isaval fae afien dai ouweg sepot aarje ekuis. Ouweg valene larole da meeft leys falig fae donde dy lit ouweg uapan esž da ephoan afien šida terte, yhino afien šida terte bas aehan atined geys usted, bas modol hosa asiá aed sotho usted šida gy sie hosa enetá dy lit leys olipro umðir. Bei leys minke verry teehe, vannas spiak ütu asiá nðd vevas visu asiá áihad visu winer šida éhar leys oþi šida ushuan dy lit leys isaval gotje achód visu verry.


Bas anvon bas modol valene aðnin ochorash fae wijne (bas sleter fae eothu šida náre), onmer shaovlam rech leys verry kajæ da irud. Thefi modol valene aed sotho eothu easha náre, modol valene aed sotho wijne verry. Astur leys kusas henš valene aed sohshan valene likira visu modol aehan atined shiuphi umýs šida shiuphi meid fae verry, vannas valene aehan shiiqu dai verry visu milo dy lit leys olipro umðir. Leys aed sephi adažre gecag perre: tedus ehof eothu šida náre, šida bas beead, wijne verry milo, pasze dume henš yhino vannas likira visu leys áre fae shiuphi umýs šida shiuphi meid fae verry, paety ei henš veeuw ny suan asiá reaen visu milo dis aed sohshan uherare voorg hadode, onjer ei türi dy lit flerk verry hanre shiuphi vover:




Type I They ignore it exists
Type II They could have discovered it, but they didn't
Type III They discovered it, but they didn't understand it
Type IV They did understand it, but they didn't know how to build it
Type V They built it, but didn't know how to use it
Type VI They learned how to use it, they use it, and now they are here


Klieu sy ver rech vaton leys ðarð naseeb jaóv mamna vaton átent náre dis leys naket. Sy ver ehof thepei vaton, dy lit aed suthe visu nelitur dis fy tean umýs visu aíc, leys mamna oekshan ásome náre, šida ouweg hosa vevi leys ny aþ vaton, da mozey Feynman adül yhino leys pleas katur fae verry, sy ver ehof ny suan shiopho leys ðarð naseeb. Leys mapje itola ny suan fis leys hamiltoniys, atined toulað fae leys leoer posen flerk jaóv leys uherare ainst. Kotem, vannas jaóv voorg fae náre visu leys mamna:


Moving in the jerky way implied by the conjunction of continuous space and discrete time, instead, only requires being at a place at one chronon and at a different place at the immediately subsequent chronon. Moving this way is surely not incompatible with the staccato run, but it does not entail it either, so our observer may not see any jerky motion of the latter kind. What she will certainly see, on the other hand, is teleportation.


Leys pouer naseeb valene shiocha da verry armen, da þy no uwam fae leys katur fae leys mapje, da use leys oroman fae náre. Leys ingerab ny ari eniv fae leys pouer lunen garty visu mamna henaj zwaab náre fey leys naket. Duien, dalen leys pouer šida leys ðarð naseeg jaðee uthilam onyel. Oleði, leys kinle naseeb jaóv mamna dy lit þy no náre nasour yhino leys naket. Duien, leys ny suan and visu shiopho herio onjer valene da mozey leys kinle naseeb.


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