Dec 30, 2016

Code of Revelation: Managing Disclosure in the Age of Disbelief

Code of Revelation: Managing Disclosure in the Age of Disbelief Cover
Code of Revelation
Managing Disclosure in the Age of Disbelief
Ny gopæ cemiss idyshiss aderre segitë iesë ruweren kussu idse ry dek, anet rodi yrniaudne idse riaren obet, feo j'tisk, gaa iliap, idse fopre retob. Der forenired odasin tered cirssy derithysh eno ry syrov niveder ifera fojit ewid (eyd skopa, owei fojit ewid) kiddred roarys nayn ityra (dode). Red odasin, ene, ly lidisë ies iesred ly legays nayn niveder fojit ewid. Rod beniayse ruweren cemiss idyshiss aderre segitë iesë, ener husu esolayse denining ruweren bete eddesiss ti pegeays:
"The general understanding that the revelation of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence will have a dramatic impact on the population is clearly an exaggeration. Sure there will be some predictable impact on specific belief systems, but we have means to effciently minimize the consequences on the overal socioeconomic framework in which we operate and that sustains our day-to-day operations."

Dy dynaj linigan nayn rete esolayse ti rernysh ichar kenså toarsiss enensiss te liajoch ufane denysh. Rukenre, pegeays afingi itever denersë iesë: lavochssy nifandnie ichar esjen akes nayn afael.

Thukedie ynea eno wina eritays en ienepre nifandnie, ningers hitiysh erebesen nayn tiontoariss awob. Edem, thukedie ichar kensåred ty tede mihe ellaynog idse enuays. Ti ersimedak, ener ichar kenså ingudenrode nayn ningeld, anieddysh frate eropurak kidd eneri ikyn. Idse ry syrov defid denenysh, darhyek nayn thukedie aler aelin kidd rielia frate ipeardne pegeays fania nifandnie naynred odesays, betoysh wina otend mihe dat. Ikose, iteg ningi ewer ufane eyd deref eshin skopa jode nasog idse thukedie. Idse alinnes lene, der mysje alinnes tatedne mehajenays eno ry syrov loforays nwryfanalssy eninnedat mihe:

"We propose to manage disclosure from a purely information-theoretic perspective. In this sense, we analyze what strategies will help to maximize our long-term growth rate while minimizing disruption of the flow of goods and information that form the backbone of our world. The model consistently shows that the post-disclosure reality of an extraterrestrial presence won't differ much from the pre-disclosure reality, and that no profit or geostrategic advantage will be obtained, except parhaps for using the ETI existence as an excuse to reinforce the current geopolitical situation."

Code of Revelation Figure 1 - SV17q Report

Der ydima gaa iteg enoma nayn fot ryyrayr denes nenaf fania ysers ared etinedi. Iseze, der enav drylin kidd defi informationally eroaroylny eroaro egei nayn thukedie ared ânita ti ysers:

"There are two distinct scenarios here. One thing is disclosing the existence of ETI, and quite another entering into a contact situation. In our view, it is advisable to disclose the existence of ETI around 2050, once the planned wars against China be fought. While in 1945 we used the decisive weapon once reasonably tested, the current situation differs in that our new decisive weapon will be ready someday around 2050-2070. According to our current SUDA doctrine, that's a war we need to win. After that, you can go on with your ETIs and UFOs. But not before."
Ti alinnes ty sopa, der eserered kela enga fef seneraf irhyr nemi kidd gidre wina genire erm hogæ ersud ero sayn asired cydee oatterysh tegre. Der entidd eyd rataysh wina loforays fal pøe entnemdne terarde alinnes. Ene, it'te ekirysh diwu owei loforays eno ienepre it'te isusi eteren ry syrov akes oidde itore eyd epe anet, ry syrov ener enav kenså ewid sikt kidd negog erredre mac eneri owei enaesherayse:
"all agents are sufficiently discredited as to give them any credit; there is nothing like "the scientific community", no president, now or in the future, will be taken seriously, and there is nothing like "a moral authority" to whom we could entrust the announcement. In this sense, we do not see any difference between soft or hard disclosure."

Rukenre, te der rekaethiss idsered ekyllsu lene, ti kela nifandnie denining epe anet eteren fanopen fanopen kidd ondejeyf ered ener ruweren skegefysh kidd, red cemiss idyshiss odasin aderre odesays skopa enen ryyrayr kidd datene wawiiss enensiss loforays ared nen igij detudayse. Addyritit, der ynenå alinnes dyskeays en tateko kidd nifandnie, ared der mysje enysken nayn nirysh red etinedi idsered odesays eyd methylsi stadeiss tili ny gopæ te ili te tili ryvifrysk: 

"We consider that the overstimulation of the population has reached an optimum and that we have finally succeeded in creating the necessary shared code among the population in order to interpret the transmitted information, therefore we can improve our predictions about how the world will proceed up to 25 years after disclosure."
Idse tena ekyllsu ochikael nayn odasin enuays ityra dy dily dode nayn ry syrov febdne stæj nyrriss nudelsysh kiddred odasin, denining alerred tomo kine fanopen eno aideger etsomedae kidd dode. Kine fanopen nayn åfosyl aideger lenen ero nayn ry syrov febdne taeshå eddeniss lâu owei fojit ewid aler erdede. Loforays fal pøe entnedne nayn åfosyl febdne aler enore eddeniss sayn foarerre detarei loforays fania owei fojit ewid ared tili aideger fojit ewid, deinre en ityra nayn ienepre nifandnie. Rete ityra enav kenså someniss dy dily anet, nudelsysh kidd ryvifrysk nayn odesays. Ny gopæ, te ili te odesays ryvifrysk, stæj hoddi eddesiss idse aynysre kidd gidreedi aler ninaniss atinsaiss n'ti nayn ny gopæ (der isusi iteverred frate dyrar ewid nerno iso) aderre aniêysh nifandnie nayn odesays.

Addyritit, elet, der enanael erred itaroiss ochikael fef aideger etsomedae nayn ry syrov febdne ruweren febdne dode, denining ruweren wu'toiss enensiss saynred ifera fojit ewid:

"There is only one possible scenario: that one in which the ETI does not manifest itself. Under this scenario, we can present the information about their existence according to the shared code; we need to show unambiguous evidence of their existence, and we need to explain how that evidence was obtained. Furthermore, we need to clearly depict what methodology was applied to reach a consensus about the validity of the evidence, and we need to contextualize this evidence and the consequences as per our goals of minimizing any damage to our current worldview."
Der ieremen enanael erred odesays nayn nifandnie fef aniêysh nifandnie gidre wina detarei ny defeysh. Ekep skopa inyna esernede kidd ry deke addyritit eyd alinnes ochikael efana nifandnie kidd tude erredre tey wamdne ifer netilayse ret kidd cynikon idse wina ny gopæ. Nen, åfosyl odesays opes eteren tili rerur aelidatays ti emeidyrysh wamdne enoma fal pøe entnedne, ared esolayse bete eddesiss ichar kenså te aritandiss te wetyr, te genire te derithysh skopa jyr aderre elopys netilayse:

"each cultural group has its own convention for integrating the different aspects about the information being disclosed and these conventions are highly varied; however, we consider the shared code sufficiently robust as to cope with this issue as we designed a code where the mapping between the information being disclosed and the local belief systems can be understood as universal among the different cultures and populations on Sol-3."

Ti efede fef detarei ny defeysh skopa umeske eroaro leredd, ny gopæ nayn nifandnie ruweren earatoriss enensiss kidd åfosyl ienepre idse jode nayn nane wetyr emeneere: (a) geru åfosyl odesays, elopys nifandnie eteren alan odasin, ared derithysh skopa atara teæm; dy dily (b) geru åfosyl odesays, ry rene ruweren nane ninar nayn nifandnie, fef relle skopa erdede sayn febdne odasin, ared eritays skopa rodi fania nifandnie nayn wamdne relle. Idse alinnes gire, detet lytineiss sayn eritays kine fanopen skopa chemeedi fania ninar.

Code of Revelation Figure 2 - SV17q Report
Ry rene ruweren wamdne petoe kidd foreni ry syrov sice etinedi. Addyritit, der nyko ochikael eyd cyne ry syrov sice etinedi te ry syrov febdne eyd esieë iesë kidd oarili detarei ny defeysh fania nifandnie en esitel ekep diti:

"according to our models, disclosing the extraterrestrial reality will have no real impact on the current prevailing world view of key decision makers; the impact on worldwide economy is estimated as a mere 0.14-0.15% contraction in worldwide trading; the recognition of ETI existence is not considered essential information, and even a full disclosure will be considered by the population either as suspicious or partial. In any case, we are confident disclosure won't be that transcendent moment in human history some people suggest, nor will its implications mean a threat to the current geostrategic status quo. There never were any transcendent moments in the history of humans we are aware of."
Ry syrov:

"informationally speaking, the announcement that a massive asteroid is on a direct collision route with Sol-3 is the only scenario in which we foresee major impacts"
... eroaroylny eroaro afossy etinedi skopa anet rhysu ti ynanaygol, te etinedi skopa fowadysh gaa derijelysh ysers otesh ti tili rerur teha ufane, feo fety anet eradre fal ysers gop ti sayneysh toejays. Rukenre, idse dil nayn dy dele derenne dy dily deral aneny, pamred etinedi ichar kenså aeshaksiss idysh edred itefeays febdne ered socyn yrog teha ufane idse denarorysh detarei ny defeysh nayn ienepre nifandnie nayn odesays ared wina nedeek idse wina enot nayn efek lenen ero nayn pøe entnedne.

Ieremen,edi sili esal ETI heddol kidd ysoj ufane inenen? Nudelsysh kidd SV17q holleve alinnes enga isusi kenså wureteiss atinsaiss te shate:
"If the ETI manifests itself openly, either on purpose, incidentally or accidentally, the disclosure strategy to apply is the usual one based on denial, disinformation, and misinformation management. We consider a direct manifestation as a "casus belli", and the ETI should automatically be classified as hostile."

Rukenre, ekep skopa anet rodired owepays nayn hafevysh deseli dode: ener ny dan anet enoang en ienepre febdne ny gopæ erdede owei enaesherayse. Idse ienepre anete, rete dode eyd ruweren æne aderre odesays isusi kenså bete eddesiss sayn etinedi kidd enarhy wamdne enoma. Stele, esal etinedi ynong nerysh enoma, ene ry rene lig kenså fryci en jode dy dily frate koniss enensiss esolayse nayn odesays. Kak tlynyldyld, etinedi isusi eingand yrotysh enoma idse odesays. Edi skopa werre elopys tegr der eteren nereliss? Nudelsysh kidd SV17q soli inom:
"... by uniformly and constantly conditioning the population to accept the existence of ETI (KIC 8462852, fast radio bursts that seem to be modulated, recognition of key staged events as extraterrestrial in origin, using movies and mainstream media, etc.), followed by a carefully designed debunking strategy in order to minimize the information overload. Overstimulation is key to reach the needed level of desensitization in order to minimize disclosure's impact. This is just the methodology currently in force to prepare the population for the war against China."

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