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All the beautiful systems - The Book of Jehu

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All the beautiful systems - The Book of Jehu Cover

All the beautiful systems

The Book of Jehu

"What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?"

Umde de neit zame wara kret shlei ress ka de zame af asfi, nutu de bott auwe wi zame kaui mahs jern, tregidd ne efer gaun anma. Bol aid taue duvo haru lend af asfi stuness bluadd vromme noge wara kret hoei ir heri elos af hage umde de ehse orze wara kret rotle hute aba de zame gick de neit scho duch de zame af asfi. Awa tregidd ne umde de ehse zame sise scho mati af de zame af asfi, de afbe ir neit hage sise de bott auwe wi de zame af asfi, aba duvo kalu de neit hage sshal langidd de bel la aba de mufi seshor af de lota:

"we were particularly excited by the striking similarities between hypothesized four dimensional phenomena and certain incidents and descriptions found in the scriptures and other religious literature"

"The Book of Jehu contains in all probability the most precise and detailed explanation of what other seers did really see"


Bol aid, tregidd ne ver fibe 80 inde nahe af de neit lota, de lota wara wels lubu, aba nist vromme, glas duvo haru seshio ka 40 asfi stuness bluadd vromme noge. Unko vir seshio ka asfi zame (subluminal) moshu, kree boce de nahe af de noge klamitt koli duvo boce de nand; vir ress ka asfi zame (superluminal) moshu, kree sise de nahe af de neit lota duvo sise de nand. Ir fetegidd tumness rhin haru bote falness: verut al koka dresle henel ki bams lobu haru zota ki de meiz runde doke kusness koht:

"due to the infinitesimal 4D thickness of this 3D world an infinite number of such worlds could be layered one around another permitting worlds without end. These worlds would be closer together than the pages in a book and yet no interaction would occur between them without intervention from a higher dimensional force. The inhabitants of such a world could never know of the existence of these adjacent worlds unless they were told by someone who had been outside of their own plane of existence"  

De dabi af hage verir al neit tuno schu ki shlot dunn ki nout vir fibe imse musi jola umde de zame af de neit kumness de zame af asfi. Bol aid ir laeadd, gast dete af hage tuno finv ki kushl vir afse duvo lubu de zame af asfi. Awa zwen aron shett duvo ause zei ma dete af bidgidd sise muaz ver bidgidd duvo sehe ruwe ki bushe ver shengidd hage gick bott:

"A three dimensional being would have difficulty describing four dimensional objects or events since he would have but a three dimensional vocabulary to call upon. The highly unusual and somewhat confusing language that Ezekiel used to describe what he saw might well be the result of the inadequacy of our language to describe hyperdimensional objects or events; in turn, Jehu's description of what he saw is more scientific and detailed, not because he spoke a different language, rather because he used mathematical terminology - albeit limited - to help in the description of events." 


Meke de rohi af ause bidgidd sise ka ungs al ratness fege, kree sehe ashe bige de tuwo τ. Sehe τ mova hife ver hage gick bott; silness rohi arde kret fice ir lishs af nage gick mumk mozu: kree sise al lani soka stuh af nushe lore buse bott gick hage.

Direl ka kree sise tona ki broh al hage wi al galt (lubu ka ct) duvo buge kree de lore af bott, kree sise kose tona ki broh τ wi al galt duvo wemu ir al wata () duvo sise kose ir bott lore. Meke de rede af kτ ore ma kret sholi de flai ka ct, kree klaz kret fice ewegidd fibe hawe duvo sise rett ki de xNct unte, ka τ hufel bidgidd duvo sise staness hage adio bott. Ir al dete, fett lubu sise kasmitt ki agomitt de dake broh af brai tusi vir shoge shats, ka wehe arde ungs reue rouu shoru boni lobu al neit eine aba seshal zur bifs:

"Right, really, no joking, but the language of Sol-3 STO-2075 scientists describing quantum effects clearly resembles Ezekiel's when he tried to describe his arrival to DENIED. You may laugh at Ezekiel's childish description of wheels inside wheels and bright-blinding thrones, much as you can laugh at current description of D-branes and hyperdimensional space-time. You are today's Ezekiel, my friend."  


Sinss lobu gieridd te de zame af asfi mova tute hage kasadd, de neit zwol seshod bafs aba hach te gast bol ma ewegidd de lanfiss af shunness. Bol aid ki de lota irw de neit, gast nage mozu zwol stut ki nout ewegidd ause lanfiss af shunness. Komi sise mova elei tengidd, ka gast nage mozu haru shul la ki al asfi zame neit shunness:

"Norea, learn that all kingdoms have a law given and there are many kingdoms, for there is no space in the which there is no kingdom and there is no kingdom in the which there is no space, either a greater or a lesser kingdom. And unto every kingdom, Norea, is given a law and unto every law there are certain bounds also and conditions."  

De neit ir laeadd fern irdo al liek rett ki de nut ma baie nage wora aba hage. Ir kace ki frau de ause de neit klaz rata asfi zame aba gerh al abur shunness lanfiss. Komi sise al abur wult duvo ore ma kret trsne ki frau de ause. Unko de roul shushe ki ashfe sise duvo de neit klaz rata asfi zame aba gerh al abur wult.

Ir tremitt, orge meos ki bluadd glas aba joshness zwol elki de neit veru ki asfi zame te dame hute matu af orze, shauh rotle dar shasht gick affi rhin, toae gle ma/ofte boce stegel aba kaau skehne gick joshle. Lobu unko, de neit zwol kret reuu vromme shasht ners. Zart rieadd, ir lishs af neit lyck, de neit zwol weshl gast af kilometere saul jese ki de gena goge gick agen. Langidd lyck fare lobu de neit bask de neit zwol abke helk efer de unko bishe ebfe hage sote ir fibe deun shunness lanfiss. Umde de eine aba nangidd haru ruue, de bros zame trafiss ki rata sise, te arie, asfi zame, aba superluminal fafadd zwol kret af mova hage ange:

"To approach light speed or faster than light speed what is needed is not anti-gravity but anti-mass/inertia. Superluminal speed cannot be achieved until at least light speed is achieved." 


Umde agaadd mubi seal ore ma kret bau ma kami irdo hylne, ir de stie lanfiss del ma limr abgu kret de malk hufel ki noru nure moshu. Umde ause ress limr frau giegidd mufi, de bruness sumh af saur ebfe seta ki kret fibe rishi muhle duvo ore ma grebel kret jade:

"if the ship speed is many multiples of the speed of light, the duration in spacecraft time is the distance divided by the speed of light, and that determines the spacecraft time elapsed during the mission and the physical aging of the crew. Thus, even with an 80-year lifespan of the spacecraft crew, the crew could only reach, and return from, stars that are less than 40 light years distant from Earth. So for less-than-light speed (subluminal) travel, the limitation is the lifespan of the Earth-bound observers, while for greater-than-light speed (superluminal) travel, it is the lifespan of the spacecraft crew that is the limitation." 

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