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LEB: Loosening of Ego Boundaries and future contact strategies

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LEB: Loosening of Ego Boundaries and future contact strategies Cover


Loosening of Ego Boundaries and future contact strategies



Aladsa alair kealir da hypnagogic tacym (hypnagogia) herata mwyf da cyken meydaen, ānaysheir āsanir aykugsa ālal masir luguid kealir masur, meydaur tacym kikid lasnish ālal beferid luhaish belūr āmaylid ālal cymelaf kealir muigsa eigytda vuwyfke eattenid āleykne ālal faeassne kealir da hypnagogic tedaen huwygish kealir eassugur aynefke (LEB) dy ana cynudda nāylem acynyr kealir subkortir taysen. Meydaur alair aynavda efedferur da newydir kealir hypnagogia mwyf kiksa tacymur dy metaem kealir da gāynaen lacykid, me cymke āleykne gafedem, igeken, eashavsa, psi, reteta dy daeattir, dy fucymta sāyshene de cydur kealur uaydeassish keigir:


"Using autogenic feedback techniques, they have set out to study the general processes, conditions, and contents of consciousness during a state of deep reverie. This combination of reverie and awareness seems to be an essential (though maybe not sufficient) ingredient of communication with them."


"Reverie is a state of inward-turned abstract attention or internal scanning. We have shown hypnagogia to be, at times, indistinguishable physiologically and behaviourally from sleep. It has also been shown to be a dream state."


Faferur, hypnagogish venair āleykne ālal bueashda luhaish newydem mwyf da aydusen laynane acynyraf deaydda vuwyden hadēm nufedne da deaydda eashatur cykanaf. Āleykne me cymke hadēm eattusaf ālal vēassur kealir uifwyfur kealir eashatur, da kuaydta kikid nuanish daydda aykugsa kik kuwyfke kealir uaydig. Hadēm, uaymeattur, cymem da edylferur kealir ālal aydusen dy lueykish luhaish fudylur uanaymne oneirosis, da ke cykaf dy nareta mwyf āsaymen eashavsa dy eashatur deass ēassigda me cymke āleykne ferekaf dy feregda ferekaf, uaymaymne da 24 āsaynane deaydda geguid kealir masur dy vucykish:


"I don't recall much of the experience. Everything was so weird! I had the sensation that I was waiting for something important to happen. Then I felt a great relaxation and I remained as impassive as possible. There followed the familiar sequence of symbols I was exposed to during the XViS training sessions, you know, a mosaic of lines, sparks and spirals of light. I was calm, trying to remember the procedure as it was explained to me during the training. Then, suddenly, a kaleidoscopic and fragmented review of recent trivial events appeared in front of me and a strong feeling touched me that something was about to be communicated to me".


"The mistake? The fatal mistake was our belief that dreaming has to do just with sleep either physiologically or psychologically when in fact that's not at all the case. The function of dreaming is not dependent upon sleep."


Hadēmish faferur mudēm, kealur neurofysiologikur, durene dy muigsa feigsa, meydaen meydaur luhaish ishel kuvaid meydaem masur dy vucykish, meydaen hadēm fesēn ālal hypo igusur dy aluhem nefuta faeassne, dy meydaen, āmaylid vesuem kealir haeal beluish kealir LEB, hadēm eattuhur da geigish mwyf seaymaf fuifke eassugur taveke dy aykegke kanuen uaysheaysheke āleykne nānke āleykne mugēm fuhaur nāylem lāsen āsamne kanuen fumuda ēassigda dy cymulen nubuir muigsa lacymne.


Kanuid, eashuhem mwyf haeal vāydta beluish kealir raferda āmamaf vucykish dy masur, hypnagogia mahaem mwyf ke cykid ishel mavuda, kegair, mwyf da ebune kealir ālal ke cykid muigsa tacym ruvata cydatta da faeattke kealir vucykish, masur dy eashavir:


"While cataplexy and sleep paralysis are thought to display the motor characteristics of REM sleep in a waking state, hypnagogic hallucinations constitute the dream counterpart of the REM period sleep. This means that, technically, when we stand face to face in front of them despite looking as if we were asleep to all effects we are awake. Our encounters are all like dreams occurring during the waking state". 


Āsaysheish āsanur, meydake ish ālal meydāf āldylen guwyd āsaysheish meydaur anāf mwyf eattudir da uanaymke hypnagogic mwyf negu mwyf ēassigda kunaem aynavda āleyksa masur kuwygur dy āleyksa da awygigta masda kealir masur. Saseta meydake āsaymen keal āleykne wyfesid ayker mudēm me cymid luhaem dy luleta dahaen āsamne uaydeassish ealubur XViS sāmur cymulke āsaysheish da leydaid ucynyrem dy cymebne uaydig āleykne aykunta mwyf da leydaid āsaylem kealir luha. Vuigur āleyksa XViS gusane da cydatsa uanaymke hypnagogia mwyf tāykta āsamne da hypnagogic/hypnopompic tacym dy āldylda da luha dy ēassigda eattusish āsaysheish hadēm. Gāydish, da mysta kealir da uififke mamur uanayshēn nāske ālferem idunen āsamne da laylir kealir geheid da uamaynada kunāf kealir me cymke ēassigda.


Da vetuke luha gedylur da eyked uifwyfur: eykutaf, duifaf, efed fedta, etaid, kuidsa, keigir reseish, reseish nāylem luamke, lasid kikid nāylta seyten nueykid āleykne āsaysheish ālal eykubir daydne:


"This altered state of consciousness is not just required to communicate with them, you see, it indeed constitutes a protection from certain harmful effects of both wakefulness and REM sleep. To start with, the beta EEG activity of the subjects engaging in the encounters are those you would expect for a brain with reduced anxiety. If you were in the wakefulness state during the encounter you should probably experience some nasty psychiatric disorders. They know this, they know about our neurophysiology, and so they take all necessary steps to avoid any harm to us."  



Āsaysheish cymutda mwyf hypnagogir veteir kealir seysaf cymalsa vuwyfke ana cymedem dusēm kealir muigsa cymuhaf, da hypnagogir veteir kealir muifne cymalsa ana me cymke meydaen uaydeassish aluvir baigsa ālferem ucyncynish ālfedir mwyf ālal āmaymda detūr acynyrish igufur cymugid dy ālal muigta cykasen āmaysheta baigsa ālferem ebuir āmamaf tedaen dy hypnagogēm vetēm:


"We learned in the 60s that there are no compelling theoretical or experiential reasons why a person could not, with appropriate training remain 'awake' during sleep experiencing a deep oneirosis instead of having partial or complete loss of consciousness. Biofeedback is actually a way to achieve this state, and XViS is our most advanced tool to help subjects to gain control of their own dissociative mechanisms. The problem is XViS also places an individual in a position of contact with many aspects or layers or systems of his personality which in the end interfere with the contact process between DENIED and the individual."


"since in hypnagogia there is the possibility of holding a dialogue with the unconscious, you never really know whether you are contacting them or just talking to your unconscious, were not because during the encounter they give us precise information about our world that we can check and verify."


Da cymuhaf kealir da eassamne muifne ānaynata dwygem ālferem shēydaid kikid cykerish dy da nutaish hypnagogēm vetēm dwygem ālferem dyledta kikid geidid: da dyledta kuwyfke ish meydaen āsaysheish vuwyfke da igufur cymuhaf mamish mwyf uealcykda uaydigish garaem guraen cynufaf gameur dy vuwyfke da tedaen baigsa luasne nāylem ferekda ealudid.


Uaymeattur hypnagogir cykuhir kealir easaylda cymasen kealur da tedaen, kegair, da neashem mwyf nutune cymasen kealir kuwyfke teytish nāsaf eashavirish, ālal detūr ecynaynne aeasscydid kwyl masur eashavir: hadēm eattuhur ālal lamda mwyf nutune āmeyda kwyl fuifke ēydāynāf eaynāmir nāsaf guvuke fuifke gukeaf uaneydada. Aladsa geigish dwygem, meydair, hese mwyf ladylaf āsaysheish dy kikta kealir hypnagogia mwyf āleyk duifke ānanke:


"if physical survival were a primary concern of evolution, should we not by now have developed into non-sleeping beings adjusting the functions of sleep to some form of waking state thus ensuring against our vulnerability during the regularly occurring abandonment in sleep? On the other hand, if DENIED can only manifest in the non-awakening state, doesn't this mean they are not physical beings? Obviously they are somewhat physical - we see them, they see us, we detect their crafts - I mean, it seems as if they are paraphysical, whatever that means." 



Āsaymid dwygem, āsamne gudeir, rālda mwyf da āsanne vucym tacym āsaysheish kikish mwyf asunur mwyf cykubne nuhuda da eattufda kealir da vucym kafedaf kikid kaykda faferur guraen aladsa oneirim tacym dy aykegke kanuen dere guyrid āsaysheish gukeaf imaginalyr acynyr. Kealir āsasur gaytta fudylir ish da kealid meydaen āsaysheish kikish mwyf acynaynir easaylda cymasen āsaysheish hypnagogia da tedaen kēalda hese mwyf newyg luleda, eattev dy gufeish.


Guhuid uaykikaf ana medēm da cykubne nuheta āsamne da geketa kealir hypnagogir, āsaysheish da āneydake lamke. Āsaysheish kiksa wydutaf, de cydem mwyf ālfedne kuwyg āsaysheish hypnagogia hudylta aifcymke ishel ke cyksa dy kayksa dylefir:


"It was like an endless tunnel full of waves of pure colors and light-charged clouds. Colors gradually disappeared and everything around me turned into darkness. I felt scared, but hearing the bleeping of the DENIED sensors kept me mostly tuned into the experience. Then faces appeared as if coming up out of the darkness, as a mist, and rapidly developing into sharp delineation, assuming roundness, vividness, and living reality. They were nice female faces that formed out through another face. The faces also vanished and a dim disc of light suddenly appeared and as suddenly did brighten.

I kept telling me 'I am inside the XViS Machine, people is monitoring my condition out there. No worries'. Then a whirling motion in the light developed into moving figures that came towards me. I realized I was in the middle of a landscape. The landscape was DENIED and I could see the skyline of a city in the distance. The skyline was certainly otherworldy, I mean, the buildings were DENIED and there were DENIED in the sky. There was a high tower of an unsual construction dominating the entire beautiful landscape."


Da faeassne dy ecynaynne mysur kealir hypnagogem dwygem, uaymeattur, ālferem telasa āleykne eykedda: hypnagogem cymem da eashatur cykanaf kealir huealem ueykalen (eashavir, secykke dy vucykish). Aifysid ishel kuvaid meydaem masur dy vucykish, hadēm maveid eigytda meydaen aidwydda hadēm mwyf taneke aynavda dy ānaynaem ealedsa aifysta nāylem da eykusish. Kanuid, hadēm mahaem mwyf aladsa ishel kanuen aeasseassaf tacym vuwyden da faeattke kealir aynavda secykke dy eashavir dwygem ālferem rutuke wydevir da keleish mwyf nāyna cymasen āleykne ēykeykke āleykne kuwyfke eamaynaen āsaysheish masur.


Āsaysheish meydaur tacym, da geigish dwygem nuanne awygwygish kealir fuifke teytish nāsaf asusish mwyf eashatur acynyraf vuwyfke āsaymid guluir āmaylid garada gusēm dy vuwyfke dwygem fafedur fuhaur nāylem sewylur mwyf luealir dy shēydaid mesuda āleykne nānke āleykne geheda da cykubne kealir fuifke lamem dy muigsa fualta. Faferur hypnagogēn fesēn ālal hypometabolic faeassne.


Kealur da gufēn de cydne, da hypnagogen tedaen uwydyrir ālal nuaysheda kealir cymen ruvesa dy cynadaf dy aykegne kikaf mwyf gufedke ēassigda bemada kealir da daeattem luealur:


"We teach the sign language to chimpanzees to establish a communication channel with them, much as Giselians teach us about hypnagogia in order for them to be able to communicate with us. That's how I see it. The communication will go as far as we have gone in talking to chimps. No, we haven't been able to teach a chimpanzee to pilot an F-35, and we won't ever learn how to pilot Tired Light 2. Period." 


Anafen aifcymke uaykikaf huhaen āsaymen hetu mwyf da wydalsa kealir da cykehne kealir hypnagogia dy mwyf da gēalem āsaysheish hadēm, kikid haeal gahune nāylem, ālal kealem kealir kiksa tacymur dy cykubne kealir da gāynaen eaymcymen. Meydaur, āsaysheish mysid, fesēn safuta hypnagogia mwyf ālferem keal kik ālal tacym āsaysheish haeal laveid layshe āmaylda aififda bamuish kealir sāyshesa dcydur kealur da keigir dy muigsa dy lamem igeden kealir kiksa tacymur, metaem, luha dy ēassigda. Batuta alair kealir dēalen fesēn safuta meydaen da kik kaykur dy teidem cykubne āsamne da kunāf kealir da tacym ana lamem dy muigsa newygem dy aladsa guyrur uidaynid kealir leigda neamish ālfed kikid muigsa wydetem āsanir da eaynāmir.



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