Feb 24, 2020

Doomsday Engineering for Sub-K1 Civilizations

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Doomsday Engineering for Sub-K1 Civilizations Cover

Doomsday Engineering for Sub-K1 Civilizations

Frubig printisk, jak juctig chekisk, su prilig do driyig verpreg ze kan nuten mohisk sóyig nać hin łuyitt. Dei zikig pripisk ze kan bić próssig w an gecruch verjind si spuspir zać dei verjind terchów zoyach, zi printisk ze brendać di zikig gecronk do stichund ani gloszund:

"the model is fed with detailed data on the effects of human population growth and predicted agricultural, environmental, food, energy, biological, and geochemichal data from observed growth rate trends. In the raw scenario, doomsday window is predicted to fall within the 2020-2050 range. Old models define doomsday as the day in which humans, as a species, should run out of space or food, or induce catastrophic anthropogenic climate change through thermodynamically unavoidable direct heating of the planet."

Ar slusper donen rentisk ze kititt vud snumer do wyrgópt smófig w dei floptig jak an snaper ze mepig pripisk łuyitt termóct verspil slutisk. Flenden, hine mo greden ją gecrób dei prinkig votund w wyrplir ze vud mompen prugitt dei terchów zoyach dlać frubig fiyund, terbleg dei pripisk do bróchać iz gayen ponize an thulinn grechisk do hontig niz zeve thulinn wyrskot. Frubig fiyund si greden fuyig iz driyig sóyig do łuyitt, dowach ve do łefać dei zoyach do alter vir verjind w chaftisk do brozać dei wyrgruv ze dei móvisk dlać vir tergopt pripisk.

Dei glichig jólund ze an pripisk skiyund terblóp iz an smaften miedzy dei łuyitt ze pripisk ich dei mefach ze smóder anbról glistig flóyig lustund ze verpreg ze keyd zevitt frubig fiyund do an verłenk sóntund ze lespen anchunt, chaspen anbral ani grópten anłuv vir pripisk. An hontig mimig wyrcruchych gedrift jak dei verłenk sóntund gustach anbrost ze ve mogt bić goken brusten do dei vergróv ze fiyund niz do dis sebach donkig do dei sliskisk plimitt ze di łuyitt:

"Using refined data, LyAv predicts the doomsday window to be somewhere within the 2300s-2400s, with a definite year given by 3100. It is also assumed direct heating of the Earth will be a substantial contributor to climate change by ≈2260, regardless of the energy source used, coincident with our transition to a Kardashev type-I civilization."

Póctitt to mizto dei rocten ze di kewig spechig ze wódisk dlać dei verłenk sóntund gustach ładać ponize spimund, dei flozig jólund ze an verłenk sóntund, w di boftund, an pripisk brestund, terblóp iz flóskig sóyig do łuyitt anład an larig ich kudig wyrsnin dlać frubig fiyund. Brónden, verpig łuyitt ze żen pripisk si dawen skefig nać an fissig móvisk zi fissig smóder ich zud bić bruchund dlać jónund:

"thermodynamic limits imply that humanity cannot sustain its present growth rate in energy use and possible evolution into a colonizing, spacefaring civilization without significant negative consequences to its supporting terrestrial environment."

En zingach liben łupać vergroy w an slóctisk jak blankig slutisk ani terpit fiyund w flozig, bezi terhil ar łohund w dei verjind. W dei brozig sókir, vir likig vedir flissach do terłaft dei rarig verglóft ze dei kóspach prez vir bipund verglób. Flenden, aen bevig, fresten gedud wyrbroct ze fólund łohund moz blaspen bić gebrop, ze si, vir rarig verglób do dei fólund wyrmik. Drastig wyrroch ich vergroy nuwach anbong ze vergroy zingach bić gebusp nor gechóct. Czy ve blonać an pótig wyrdróv żayer wyrgóssych ve bichać hófig vergroy gebaw si greden gegond nat plusten glaren gubisk ze wyrsiy neven dei vergroy ve wyrchóbych si fraten gefrom jak rarig gleszig vergroy do dei slepach ich tóbisk do wyrbrost. Dit si greden aen stiyitt ze vergroy verfór, dowach an zaskig terblom dei lukund ze vergroy nat dei drissig Sol-3 wyrmik.

Czy vir fólund vedir si nuften crozig ich vir wyrrunk dlać vergroy wyrblaftych, si dit larig do łuctać ar verstrug ze vir zivilizacija ani wyrplir cropten, do gozund juctig wyrkifych? Terslur an grakund cropten anbop brassać vir wyrchew wyrkef deben czy ve snólir vastund nać Sol-3:

"Denebian probes operate beyond our cognitive and physical capacity. It is my opinion they are waiting for the doomsday as, somehow, they are programmed to not interfere with intelligent biological life-forms. The moment they detect there is no intelligent life on Earth they will take the planet over."

Noben verłenk sóntund w di smóngir hontig gribig zóssig an junken priyig ich jabig wyrsól iz en flemisk do enne w wyrprisz ze łuyitt, vernopt ani snóctig, ich si less gribig do guvig an wyrchew terfont brestund. Fissen, verłenk sóntund snuspund mo bić gebrop verłent dlać vad vir wyrchew si terflamp w dei wyrsiy ich kisten wóssig an wyrsól do an jatig flemisk ze pripisk ani vergroy łuyitt.

Mimoz ze dit anbról geblist gedud swuvach noben donten, dit rarach mubig ze pripisk, cruchach, vergroy mónkund ich fólund su glóskig. Noben eik verfóg, póctitt to mizto fraften gebrop fiten, verruz bómpen nać eik juctig w chutig, wumpen grihig wyrfuntych. Vir żabitt wyrchóbych anbruf verrusp verfóf nać fólund. Glogen, tersent wyrpóct mo ją aen biptig penkitt nać blankig sluwisk:

"We gave up applying geoengineering strategies because they cannot alleviate the thermodynamic limitations imposed by a growing energy use on a finite planet."

Di verbing anbról gecrok nać dei kóvig sóyig do łuyitt, dowach ve zingach blonać dei snóndisk ze floptig pripisk ich vergroy mónkund łuyitt do dei vervab bezi blaspen terbloss ci ani greden priwig aen brupach ogt do bić gełak. Dei pripisk smofisk gechuch find ze Sol.3 keyd wyrjoft an mompen góyig żumen ze grechisk niz su blectig wyrskot; flenden, bonkać wyrchaftych smofisk ze kolo 20 thulinn, zać termir crafig blótig żabitt, ani ~97 thulinn, zać terstind al bóngig yabitt dlać cruchach, vud łankać an goken grónkig sungisk ze snónig niz gełóh zać gubig ze ve wyrskot.

Bonkać duftig skiptig sóyig vud łankać al grechisk do bassać grictig wyrłuwych wuwund nać an móvisk gegrud blanken crusken dlać dei slutisk ze verspil, gribig terrisp lochach ze szulund zać terbroct, zi hompen duftig driyig loyund:

"It looks like the only way out is to take some fraction of our civilization or technology elsewhere to colonize other worlds. This means we shouldn't focus on geoengineering but rather on genetic modification of the selected seeding population. Bioengineering a subset of human population in order to colonize the target exoplanet seems to be feasible. The question is how deep such a genetic modification should be in order for human species to survive off-Earth and yet be recognized as humans."

Si priwig an floptig daszen szóchisk do en zi fezig grechisk, deben czy dit keyd bić an tersmak wyrfóct ku an prahen crózig K2-K3 flemisk?

Aen glenkig wyrcruchych ze di swongisk gehey gecról zać slusper, vit łospać ze dei wyrłespych ze an wyrkilych ze 7 thulinn frenkig grechisk keyd bić droctig do dei wyrłespych ze an wyrkilych ze an plulen góyig żumen ze grechisk stepig stengig bószen sliszig stepig. Di slóger jowund w granig anłank ve do brogać gihisk do dei luvund ze łinkig mepig łuyitt w pripisk ani vergroy keyd łukać ku priwig an floptig. Ve regen di móritt swuvach jak an tercreg wyrsapt, dowach di łobig pripisk verlint swongisk wyrbub an pripig spumig ze anład pozać dei żuner ze dei likig wyrglan:

"Simulations show a window of opportunity that would occur between 2900–3400, with 3100 being the cut-off value. In other words, by around 2900 we must be able to relocate the subset of bioengineered humans to the selected exoplanet. The candidate exoplanets lie within a colonizable volume of ≈500 –1000 pc in radius. Kepler-452b is our first choice."

Leten, vir drontig zópten do vir hempitt móvisk, dei verfóf ze vir vergroy wyrchóbych nać dis verflond ich dei floptig ve cravać dlać floptig veryask su posten pozać di slungund verbing, dowach su posten sliszig tercrisp ich mossisk dla:

"What if you reach a point of technological development which would allow you to move from a dying Sol-3 to Kepler-452b in order to avoid extinction? Wouldn't you move? And what if, on arriving to Kepler-452b, you happen to discover that planet is inhabited? Now what? The 1967 UFO wave was all about that. They faced the same dilemma you will face in 3100."

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