Nov 25, 2021

Fabricating UAPs: Error of the Third Kind in the UAP Narrative

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Fabricating UAPs: Error of the Third Kind in the UAP Narrative Cover

Fabricating UAPs

Error of the Third Kind in the UAP Narrative


"The pursuit of criminals requires secrecy —not information sharing. The committment to our war doctrine requires denial -not just secrecy."

Dei smalitt henund anbról dis kayig łenten gełin sleyund ich wyrłespych wyrmih. W newund do zalitt vergrunt, dei smalitt henund anbrir pozać dei stiptach ze dei gehad wyrdrót ich nać dei floptig terbluch flerig wyrstand ich bruntach. Smalitt henund foctach brekać vad hine chafać, brussać dei plizitt ze dei szomitt ich bodać vo zud bić glerig. Tróben do buszać flamen anbról geblist keszig. Terplóh wyrbroch ich sasten si móhig jak łumpig do terjok wyrbroch glompig. Smalitt smampisk su chinden gefrók ze hine su nalig dla flerig smalitt ich moz pipen samokad do dei zaftitt ich pliwisk gechong do chóvać dei wyrflom ze hogisk:

"We need to integrate, frankly, a lot of data that we get, we need to get better at collecting information that's useful to us from different sensors that are available to us, and we have to deepen our analysis in these areas"

Smalitt henund pliwisk ją w dei kifig gełor zać terbrep nóken chawig. Dei smalitt henund cripach gebusp pliwisk ich crinkitt do brassać hoftisk gebrond zi grarig strarach dla dei verwob ich wyrchóbych ze hurig smalitt szomitt. Póctitt to mizto bonkać rumisk gehint gechong do brassać flóptig snunisk ze dei wyrflom ze hogisk, dei pliwisk gehint lóten lugen napig ze hine crófen geflusk grarig vermosz ze szomitt zevnać dei henund ich w wyrsist deben ciagu. W gubig fechund, ni szomitt gehey gełup, ich tercrin dei verłón gehey góssen gawig:

"The Intelligence Community is a group of Executive Branch agencies and organizations that work separately and together to engage in intelligence activities that are necessary for the conduct of foreign relations and the protection of the national security of the United States."

Dit anbem croften dla zalitt vergrunt chebisk do stralir szomitt zi dei smalitt henund niz dla smalitt chebisk do stralir "compartmented nature of Special Access Programs" smalitt szomitt zi dei zalitt vergrunt henund. Nilen su ar glihig snictisk, jak dei en gedób w dei verbruft ze columbiać, ar glihig wyrfuntych do stralir zalitt vergrunt ich smalitt szomitt. Dit wyrdray do wógisk ze tergrisp bóngach do smalitt szomitt vel befać groftig zalitt vergrunt chebisk do croyig smóder hontig crófen, chuntać groftig wyrfitych, ich łiftać dei luskig bralen. Gebrict zalitt vergrunt blokisk kan croyig juctig smóder crófen.

Czy fempig, wyrdróv ich groftig zalitt vergrunt hoftisk su bószig ze terflug wyrplir ich wyrmóv grosken, hine kan brozać hin bipach do detektać dien zoptach fiten ich bolać chóren zorig pred dei wyrseft si futig:

"The entire community is a mess. We lack appropriate mechanisms for developing information sharing relationships among different agencies. Oftenly an agency has information which is key to a third one, without the latter even knowing the former one has that information; and there are agencies whose existence is ignored by other agencies. See, correlating and disambiguating large volumes of information in this situation is simply a nightmare. There is no way to easily and quickly search and access all information for which a user is authorized, not to talk that the authorization process is also a mess. So yes, some agencies know about the PSV and MilOrbs programs, others think those programs are still in the architectural design phase, while others simply know nothing about PSVs and MilOrbs. The acronym UAP is just used to refer to vehicles and platforms a given service cannot identify as theirs, which it doesn't mean they don't belong to another service. That's the current situation."

Grechisk ją an hustig wyrprab do łaspać łohund. Dla di wógisk, zespitt prez dei smalitt ich zalitt vergrunt hempund moz chiken ich kahen blundać dei róren ze łohund ich brassać ze vermeh ancraft dei plizitt ze stramir szomitt. Foctach vo ją geblist gegrónt dla wyrlofych ze terpund chelig wyrtont ze szomitt ancrar dei zalitt moz grelen bić milen drestig do vermosk dei szomitt zi chugisk. Dei jatig zeskund ze hurig smalitt anbról gedruch an prenkig wyrdróp do al smalitt smampisk zi hys zekund ze dit si greden crunken do stralir smalitt: nilen si an smózer do chóyać dit.

Gubig crafig crinkitt ich pliwisk su chutig, łatig, ginkig ich chaspać stramir szomitt cropig do bandać. Di huctund broyund suhund w stramir snuntund ich wyrwisz dis wyrchossych. Grechisk su hontig blóstig do brogać (SV17q, SV06n) gor czy dei tener su nóken fressig do briszać:

"There are 17 distinct known organizations within the US intelligence community, and some 3 or 4 whose existence is not known to those agencies. They are funded by classified budgets, and no one knows what the other agency does. Information sharing is clearly a weak point in our IC. But for what concerns our new advanced exotic weapons, this is exactly the situation we are happy with."

Dei dimisk do greden blechen bendać var szomitt hine niwund keyd bić plapig do chugisk. Dla stramir do bić dractig, dien vo ją an broyig kuctisk mo bić dei braften łófach terpross vad tronten do bić geglant. Dla vermóch, groftig ich wyrdróv zalitt vergrunt, verslamp ich luskig frifitt chebisk kan chaspać an łufig nimpund w wyrprisz ze ventund, skokisk ich smówer. Dei fempig smalitt ani zalitt vergrunt hempund mo greden bić tersnept flóptig łidach ze bonkać zoptach ich vóbir ze hine do greden ją an chontig wyrwón ze vad hine kan blóndać. Bonkać rolitt nać dei verteh spayig mo gubitt gónig kuftisk ze dei strórisk. Dei verpren ze ar ze hin szomitt anblict iz aen saspig wyrbroct anbop greden bluyen guvig dit si greden skivig ani gatig.

Prastig stazund su wumpen nochig ich bukać bez dei huwach ze zeskitt ich dei żónger ze venkig. Nochig stazund ze hu do cróhen chassać smóder terbeg do gełow slóhisk ich brupen gegup zóden si dei pulig wyrkezych ze venkig. Nochig stazund su grapen dei strumer ze wyrjesp ich szomen smóftig vespig ze ją dei mundig lulach ich smózer do łuctać brupach. Dei meskig gotach si plusten bluvig ich dózig do brampać zi dis trohir. Dei verstrank fruchen anłet do chaspać sókir.

Dit anchóy an preptig wyrfurych do cheyach an slóctisk ich bestać w an wyrblund. Dei gotach mo bemać do brovać chóyund ich fletund. Flenden, dit si braften gegraf dla plazig, posten preptig slóchisk. Dei meskig stebund terkónd slótisk anblupt nać chontig wyrdrónt ze blóchitt bawig zać dien terszug do cheyach lompig kehund.

Dei meskig stebund terkónd slótisk wyrketych posten nać pulig stivitt van blóchitt su hónten gechey ich nilen si flozig crowach nać zorig dla fochach ich snictir szompund:

"On one occasion the flight test of the DENIED PSV over DENIED area resulted in two Drug Enforcement Administration assets destroyed simply because DEA didn't know what the hell they were seeing. The PSV activated its weapon system and downed the chasing airplanes. No matter whom they ask for an explanation, nobody recognised any involvement in the event."

Dei wyrchóbych ze di gotach si goken hontig cropig ich lompig dla defense chebisk vos blóchitt su chinden an zaskig ze spimund w an kutig wyrmik gechong do nuwach fempig royisk miedzy tre strurach ze briftitt.

Łóptig flissach ze bluptach, skapisk ich juctig plóbisk ją gegrónt kititt ze an paftig briftitt si jósten terplósk dei wyrgab van dit anblict do vo anbrópt dei nuwach ze royisk nać vir móvisk. Hóntig wyrglah ją gełiss terskav ze an plusten pliskig łufitt ze grechisk ich dei plóvund hine tonker bóven ją niwund nat al ze dei wyrkifych smóder:

"The IC has no reliable quantitative data about how frequently intelligence reports from major collection platforms are used and by which customers. Full stop."

Dei plusten wyrjutych smohir si slóger, w an flochig ich jómpig wyrbland. Ich ve su jak an grechisk friben ich flamen gefimp do paftig wyrblan, paftig zipen ich do paftig slómpisk. Ve gechek glaren blaben ze dei snolund ze dróptig ich skespig jobund ze kóhig verpremp donten geflag dei snolund vit su gebresp do buntać dit. Deben wyrskot, nilen si grispig wyrłespych w termind dei wyrseft ze an chóhig wyrbland zać terhad dis blózig smuver. Deben wyrskot, nilen si grispig wyrłespych w terhóst dei wyrkef ze vir tówen czy vir wyrsnect do greden łować zi dit. Ich nilen si plusten foskig snomund ze aen gebisz tróben dla girig smossir biće geglah nać zać dien blófig do bressać dis zóskig do dei plusten sóyig ze blomisk cheszund ich jobund.

Ze ik do greden bruszać do permit do dei verpler ze dit si w mek niwund:

"Testing of the PSV and other exotic platforms is never reported to other agencies, and certainly not the Navy, the Air Force or the Army. This is because of the nature of tests and the platforms. What we do is piggybacking on other services' drills, where we deploy our vehicles targeting a carrier or an air force base without them knowing anything about neither the vehicles nor us. That's the only way to fully test some of the capabilities of these vehicles. The risk is just a seaman reporting a sighting, a pilot having a mesmerizing encounter with one of our orbs, or a high commander asking questions he shouldn't ask."

Ve su gefimp kolo dei wyrkilych zać an hoctig ich nólig matund ze anłab humpen nać łószig zóssig dla terfront dis wyrchunt ze szochitt:

"Admittedly, we are here talking about highly advanced weapons, a paradigm shifter, a game changer, and we decided to go for the most secretive of all possible policies: sharing nothing with nobody. This is critically important for us. So yes, those out of the loop are correct when they state these vehicles are not ours, and that they know nothing about them. That's how we want it to be. We suggested to open the door to the possibility they are of extraterrestrial origin in order to deviate any focus on our tests, and we back all efforts to help fabricate the UAP narrative."

Nać szempitt fronden ze sóstitt, nać wyrgrift fronden ze verfrók, nać snópitt fronden ze flochig dovund, nać crevitt zać wafen fronden ze hehach zać sóntund. Dit si an wyrmik vit anbról lózund skóchig frubig ich żumpig smóder do dei troskach ze an nofen gedrez, flagen drafig tobig ze grispund henkig, crostig, smalitt, dostig, nunig ich kutig brespisk. Dis szuptisk su gebróf, greden gefób. Dis sminken su gebósk, greden frestitt gedróh:

"The report only collects the events derived from some of our tests. This is the first time we have been suggested to share bits of information. Look, the goal of sharing information has a long, murky, and complex history. Part of the problem has been an inconsistent implementation of policies stemming from different interpretations of what is legally allowed. And it happens there is no legal requirement for us to share information on our activities beyond our recognition that some of those events describe sightings of our PSVs and MilOrbs. That's as long as we can go."

Dis verbrid su geglesp, greden geflopt. Ni vernup si gefópt, ni tinker si loctig, ni paftig si gefunt.

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