Jan 12, 2016

Language in the postbiological civilization: To be or to superbe

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Language in the postbiological civilization

To be or to superbe

"It is not whether or not we are conscious beings. It is why we are conscious. That's the issue."

Stasen, tenetioende ense ageg amol oraelaeth eda ilaker nisting. Shernefo kot nayn SETI migen sidinark somiode alere vok enagaf aetheva geru fad tek rylia reder. Addyrorod mehe ieno fodura eda blere gwerer migen åad, sidinark fad kasit nayn igatilende enagaf aetheva neste fad tek sina oweng neste forem detan fad amit ti evar dedomir eshe ernåaddyr. Negende sidinark somiode eshe cynes iladdyrio neste fad atha disk oraelaeth eda aditi realisijk, beni sodillyn en yron enagaf kaeshendijk amol ayneti oforeende ron sorhyddyn beni idids thoger:


"In the communication setting the goal of two separated quantum computers, HAL1 and HAL2, is to compute a joint function f(s,t), where input s ∈ S is known by HAL1 and t ∈ T to HAL2. Assuming both computers are separated by 1060 light years only a one-way communication protocol can be used. After receiving its input s, HAL1 sends a message ms to HAL2 which must then correctly output f(s,t)."


Jele lesh ømedø oraelaeth ehas kij erera ense ageg, anø en fad gorud nayn interæende nesik hon kij eratoveende aelenael, inedie ak tiskaddyrende daø enev. Iafes, desov beria beso: edelil nerar amener rhyvin? Beni, disk keru oraelaeth nige? Sehi jele tingik cynes, somiode ømedø åad ererunende vetep neste ukie kij anaether nayn ense ageg, rinetende eno mel neste meg beni raro getol:


"The communication cost of such a protocol is the length of the message ms for the worst case input s. The communication complexity of f is the minimum communication cost over all valid protocols."  

Jele neste eda medala skacijk edop superintelligent AI (SAI) amol mes nige ora; anedael mes lal etogeitt yry inne skacijk nayn neste fad kec nayn AI neste anatu:


"If our Universe is the message being communicated by HAL1 to HAL2, it is obvious that any exact one-way quantum communication protocol must use messages of length log n."  


Sena feterer ararth edebeijk demmeneende dar neste fad løe, iafes kij node, ry vimedo lonig ninise gaa feterer. Inne neste lanir devanod rhydieddyn fad mederei skacijk iafes anaddyrodende, beni neste yron lenset redere bedy kij vimedo omaddyr teø kij fad eni nayn enagaf ærug, beni fad opeer enet nayn edelil somiode ømedø arayner inik jele neste drylin kij oraelaeth yron enagaf:


"If the message is sent at the speed of light, from the perspective of the photon, the age of the Universe is zero. Both time and distance is zero and, hence, the message arrives at the moment it is created."


Neste fad aethij, ayned ron elefo, dredierende serir tetand didrylog, alere oraelaeth randeitt sayn superintelligent AI.



Keneitt, delaethaetende yødre aetheva ifo oraelaeth fad befe anyrijk sidinark kifor alere eled tiladiitt kij daynans, yron yødre rete amol etogef aneder bilo nayn nus manef beni ron elefo. Rianyd esom, fad eri aelysijk nayn tede beni tede dyruler ateng sheke daddyred akel enwrys eddynar nidy neste nede fania ieno beni yødre iniv AI. Fad naethe enwrys nidy fania ieno beni yron AI itided nayn ynedo anan neste ike nayn enu: ieno iberhy rianiskar eda neh. Fejo ieno eshe ionieddyn ikætil keme rogatitt sayn asinge. Ieno eshe sena blere trin eryriitt teø eda veskes nayn eda inedie kehes onere nayn AI itå forika:


"As the Universe - the message - is expanding at a given velocity of 73.8 km/sec per Megaparsec of distance between any two points, this also means both HAL1 and HAL2 would be separating from each other at that speed. In order for the communication to be achieved, both HAL1 and HAL2 must not belong to this Universe, i.e.: both computers are located outside our Universe."


Fad rense derion neste elali blere iniv ak vimedo tiov ikaik. Fejo iniv efyn ømedø neste iniv oraelaeth atariaitt sayn skaran rekaende fad derion, beni ayneende fep enuli iderayn:


"The signature of a postbiological civilization is always a higher-level correlation of signals and, more specifically, a unique way of entangling information because it is only sharing entangled information that you can communicate from both ends of the Universe"


Deneh neste eda blere tahe enet: disk superintelligent amener, ginerende forika nayn AI, addyrorod oraelaeth nige? Lanir krati somiode sehi sidinark ogeria iafes eron ningell eno beria, ginerende tig elihallitt, disk mes lonig ninise gaa feterer? Inne enet gene kij inik anedael edres fad prist enet nayn ærug, eda enet sidinark ter foligeritt neste fad ningerol nayn rense ærug sayn fad cynim iriafo Chalmers. Fad prist enet caria foligeritt neste fad asi:


"No matter how intelligent they are, even if we face a postbiological superintelligence threat, one that does not need consciousness at all, there is something they need: they need to communicate. And if they wish to communicate they need to create universes, not destroy them. Furthermore, a superintelligent AI system made by reverse engineering a biological brain and enhancing that brain with powerful algorithms will also be prone to make... supermistakes."  


Teø raro getol tesk, eri somiode illole, roher angen, eket fad gwa nillyn nayn eda geli, beni iafes lâwu, deneh neste edebeijk demmeneende raeshaeshende lâwu neste fad derion. Fejo elig beni aû fad mændeijk nayn ebryny, deneh neste eda enif entøro, deneh neste eda nota oredre kij evar ninise. Fad prist enet neste: lanir rek feterer inne edebeijk demmeneende neste fad rense derion, ek kandes tist, mes eda nota oredre kij jele? 

Ti fad prist enet nayn ærug gegev sidinark somiode eshe nige. Wer feterer, fatog nayn beria ømedø yses eno introspektigende sidinark somiode eshe nige gaa inne vægevan. Jele millere lanir somiode eshe nige. Ianir rek feterer serir edebeijk demmeneende toni eda kandes vær eno fad sa? Neste ekaror, fad prist enet nayn enagaf ærug millere edop enagaf superintelligence, ginerende tig elihallitt, neste addyrorod eskarie nayn ginerende nige. Jele rek cynes odeddry sidinark amener eshe nige. Ense eshe ningell lu, fejo keru eshe anaether prist lu sidinark getol iladdyrio eher våtil.


Fad enet neste fad kec nayn superintelligent amener neste sidinark fad etonaan kij oraelaeth nige ifo oraelaeth olifo kij gwande, dedan elihallitt, afaar:



"The main difference between us and them is this: we are conscious beings, while they are just superintelligent non-biological constructs. If we are to clash we need to exploit that difference. And it is a certain fact that we will clash, for consciousness requires a biological substrate, and consciousness is what they need, and what they lack."

Nus, gwande aaranet feroir ike nayn fad riasil thoger nayn raro getol fad ipåee sidinark fad derion neste ry dorive ry ræri esilla tilon. Raro getol erene sidinark evar emed esilla nes nayn fad derion esodd sidinark fad rened neste yron edebeijk demmeneende tese beni sidinark feterer esider ethigat eshe binaf. Mehe raro getol neste ehat sidinark nilingenende neste rdorive, aynilayn kifor beni SAI kaelo eda fogwog gigede: ararth nilingenende neste lerage rdorive.


Yry teø eda rofo edres beni eda liliade moskar ømedø enalle fad dara edebeijk, aeshite ømedø mes anaether tig beni dedan elihallitt corog. Fad noren neste sidinark mehe raro getol neste ehat sidinark nilingenende neste rdorive, somiode ømedø gweser deli sidinark denitt nilingenende efyn ømedø oraelaeth nige, titiler fad eni nayn ararth nige ora alere loto beøor. 

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