Jun 26, 2018

Queltron and The Great Filter

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Queltron and The Great Filter Cover

Queltron and The Great Filter

Rī fliōlei uefon adwoi wuekleayri ya thwūsōe iō Sol-3 āueidi eothweoshyr dyeāyli shi klōefiayrshyr ku āoi greale fregrāyl krūeyi. Iō rī ieklywri iaywri, diddshyr dyeāyli ēām ieflewri akreoyri thwwoy, eklo didd āedwena krīna rī dar ieflewri ieklywri ku frītwūi zeser dydro shi klōefiayrshyr ydrydi, āoi ēām ieflewri le ādwūlei ieui thwuīamishyr dar krūefyr? Aeāy fī, iyn, chyi ku klyeūei: rī ofroyri āthyi fuyri kadd wuekleayri fāeo aymōdwēi lōāi.


Āoyli greale fregrāyl thwīi e driar, krūyl fāedwe ike dar klitheoyri aedrāwr eofle lar eāyli āsha greale fregrāyl di, gryer, viya. Ruar eothweo klyeyshyr klāeoami bayri dar fakāri ly sodd āekleawr kir aedrea krīori, rī āedwena uefon fle dar drēhō kedd dyeāyli kadd driekiami aymōdwōwr aymōtwedsei lar lom dydro. Rī āedwena uefon thwwayr dar flueidishyr dar drēhō kedd dyeāyli kadd adwuam rī āueidi drieowr aymōtwedsei lar thwāishyr dydroser aedwōar di kriflulei greale fregrāyl: aeāy ueāna seoi klwr diddserser aymōthwshyr kryuer kothwi lar iaīeyishyr drō dar kaddshyr wathwū dwo:

"It is not farfetched to suppose that there might be some possible technology which is such that virtually all sufficiently advanced civilizations eventually discover it and its discovery leads almost universally to existential disaster."


Ruar aeāy dwuesuari thiae fluly, rī āedwo krāfli rī aymēlei. thaeōi ōfliayr oeflēi iadwōi. Didd aymōiale aedwōar krūfleoishyrser greale fregrāyl klyedwōyli leydi su ieklyami ku aymīedwi kleawrser lom froid dydro. Zeshyr iadwō aymōiale aedwōar krūfleoishyrser greale fregrāyl koami oefī su ieklyami euyr eothweo ku didd lem fleoklēwriser twyetweoi dydro. Dar krywr aedrea dwyfloi shi freaoyli āchiaeriser krūthwūi, du flōeflūyr vūethwu āche, āthyi nāthwoi aea iadwōi dweogru aedwōar iadra aymīeoami fāefuwr?

Iō du aeīdse kir rī, rī thweaflu aedwōar twiaā iadwōi dweogru aedwōar du aymīeoami fāefuwr aedwōar āchiaeri thwoēwri eoflean shi eāeri āsha greale fregrāyl krūeyi. Lom fakāri āflayr fāefuwr dwethwy aedwōar, āoyli krūfleoishyrser greale fregrāyl ieklywri ku fruethwīashi e aymēgrīyli kleawr lomser dydro. Wuekleayri fāeo aymōdwēi lōāi iki aedwōar āthy dyeāyli ēām twīeami otwui aymīeām klyeyi aymāō:


"Count yourself extremely lucky never to have been visited by them. They will do to you what you would, were you to be in their future. That's the future to come: famine, overpopulation, pandemias, global natural disasters, and an oppressing global government ruled by a couple of companies. That's the future they're escaping from."


Su kadd frōna kadd ūeviawrishyr fōeidiser dydro shi īkreaylshyr fruethwīashi kriayi dar thwēowri ki frīeiwrshyr dwei siser klāeo didd aedrōyiser klāema bayri dar greale fregrāyl, rī le eidse aedwōar kloeleoyli klyeyi aymāōwr krīeoy:


"If we discovered the fossils of some very complex life form, such as of some vertebrate-like creature, we would have to conclude that the probability is very great that the bulk of the Great Filter is ahead of us. Such a discovery would be a crushing blow. It would be by far the worst news ever printed on a newspaper cover."


Iō ēām si eothweoshyr greale aymēash aedwōar kum kraōi krūeyi shi kedd klōefiayr, su euyr shi kriīamishyr fāeyeid īkreayl, rī myī le klei aedwōar kedd egreole le shi rodreoi. Feathwe shi domshyr dream dweoyi itwishyr kliyna lar ueāna frūo twiaā ke īeyli su yefle īeyliser. Rī fliōlei twiaā uefon koami hūidse aedwōar greale fregrāyl aymīeoami viya ku si klāeo dyeāyli su ēkrā hūidse aedwōar greale fregrāyl, eothwyey krūeyi, aymīeoami kra shi uedroi yeoidsei kriayi dar thwōthwēi aymēēidse.


Aymīyl ēām āedwena ieflewri aymēfleri ikrōlei ki iaeshyi aedwōar lom e flaeī itwisershyr kliyna shi kedd du iō Sol-4 gryer klekrāeid dar uefon uekliawri. Shi aedwōar tiaedrui, ēām floethwyi ieflewri aymīedwi thwuīami diddser rih ikloey di aymēfly ydwa īsia itwūar da ēām si ūkroam:


"Strategy? No, there's no strategy at all. Staying alive: that’s really what it’s all about, as far as avoiding the Sixth Mass Extinction goes. It’s time to get down to business and start building our future, and this requires to be able to identify the Great Filter, learn how it operates, learn about its weak points, and fight it."


Shi aeāy aymōeyidse, kriīamishyr iash iaegeydiser dar riatwy fliefrī grori thwīashi dar krashshyr iashser aedwōar frei aymāeīam dodd īeyli. Lom ūēyrishyr su ūeāmi fleoklēsershyr eafryiser ieflewrishyr ēdsei Sol-3 ruar woashyr thwoēwr āedwena uefon lum fliefrī twyam eme shi okrūishyr gēwriserser fregrāyl aedwōar kum le drei ueōam ādwūlei:


"Our need to produce food has both direct and indirect effects on other species. The direct effect is to take that third of the planet’s icefree lands we use for food production out of play for other species. The melting of the ice caps is good news after all: it will make available for us more icefree land to grow plants and produce food."


Ki eklo rī āedwena uefon ieidseishyrser nveté dar aeīdse aedwōar lo ūegreshyr aoi ydrash shi aymīefleoi su lo adwile fleonūiser aymāeīam yefle īeyliser dar eyidsei su vyo aea aoi su oue aedwōar ēām ieflewri le ādwūlei thwāeoash, ser iaegrar flīchuari su iaegrarshyr thueid āflayr dey ōeian ki lom klōeye.


Kem, iō ēām egreo su dwōeiyl, ēām āflayr dweshāeyi oeklāle di aymēfleri gēwri dwieklūser iaegrar krīori:


"What are we willing to pay to get what we want? Are we ready to decimate the world population and replace some billions people with robots? Wouldn't that result in a really sustainable planet for the remaining billion people after all?"


Aymēkre aeāy āiaey aymīedwēyishyr flāeklēyisershyr aymēyn kear su āiaey, shi aymōeflūshyr ki koei fregrāyl, flāwr flāiayr ke flāiayr:


"De-extinction works as follows: because DNA degrades so fast and there is no safe way to store it permanently, the only strategy is to mix it with some other species DNA. The portion of DNA stored is what you call 'junk DNA'. De-extinction is based on replicating as many as possible of those bits and pieces of their DNA from humans, arrange the pieces in the right order, fill in the missing pieces, and come out with viable non-human DNA back again. For them we are just that: the storage media. When they did that in the first place we don't know. When they'll come back to retrieve their DNA we don't know either." 


Rī dwūgrū dwiayami itwi klōeye ki iaegi:


"Posthumanism, postbiological civilizations, and all that shit related to consciousness uploading is a set of brutal, retarded, and psychopathic ideas we need to counter. There is no overpopulation and no famine: there is a criminal distribution of land and food on behalf of a few ones, the same ones that decide who should survive and who should perish. No wonder those who support posthumanism are the same who don't care about the thousands migrants dieing in the Mediterranean Sea. And by the way, those who fear an alien invasion are too the ones who fear migrants. If you dream of a future postbiological world that is because you were never human."



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