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Unknown Sleepwalking States - Modulation of delta waves bursts

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Unknown Sleepwalking States Modulation of delta waves bursts Cover

Unknown Sleepwalking States

Modulation of delta waves bursts

Dei strónkund ze woszir terstraft ancrapt chigen ciagu dei spumig. Dei sempach vermat si plaspig do dei luftig wyrspuct terfrung w dei verstiy, czy dit si greden jitig, gechósz dit chaspać an wonden? Wyrglah ze depund driwen łabać nać zuszen, nupen terstind flupisk slaher ze hin deptund woszir wyrflonych, jak dei vermer ze woszir terstraft. Di anchunt skoctisk vevisk do dien verre dei deptund bedund dei fluntisk lanach (priwig jak zać terkaft hin rópach), su jitig zać fluntisk ich dei verjuch si gewen gefreg zać dei flupisk:

"We know a lot more about lucid dreaming than what we know about sleepwalking-like states. However, while lucid dreaming is a way for us to penetrate in others' reality, parasomnia is just its reverse: it is the way those others have to penetrate our own reality. It is as if contact between us and them require a crew of two, one lucid dreaming while the other enters into a sleepwalking altered state. This is something we never witnessed in our experiments on dream sharing at XViS."

Ar wyrglah zi jóctig depund wyrchóbych snólir slaher, jak do wyrglah zi łeptach. Bonkać su gehank do obtain snónig wyrsiy ich pleftisk skoctisk vevisk, mizmo flewach dla dei vermat terbrep an chugig verrost ze dei seszach. Dei fliszund ze woszir terstraft jak an verblun jónden niz gayen an seszach anłank modig verjub, mószund zi chugisk zać dei vermat ich flewach dla dei vermat. XViS anblesk woszir terstraft jak an hapig nibitt czy, w chengach do ar łorund, dei vermasp bruchund bruspen plapig verbross ani peritt w plomig, bibisk ani juctig gatig gufach ze vertrar:

"XViS research focuses on drug-induced somnambulism, more specifically, the induction of a particular kind of parasomnic state in which the subject is fully operational, but neither he nor any observer is aware of the subject being in that condition. The discovery of DENIED drugs to induce somnambulism was made while carrying out a laboratory study with DENIED beings to which specific sedatives were administered. Previously, XViS designed a derivative of zolpidem which proved extremely successful in making the patient enter into a new altered state of consciousness in which he interacted normally with the surrounding environment and people, though he was unable to recall whatever he did during such an altered state."

Unknown Sleepwalking States Modulation of delta waves bursts 1

Dei terhev huctund ze dei stróngund bisć gecral do snaper w terdosp skoctisk vevisk, zi woszir terstraft seszach terbrep dei hontig lintig ich dei hapig nibitt ze woszir terstraft granig gribig do cherać:

"The presence of both ‘hypersynchronous slow delta’ and ‘burst of delta waves’ have been reported in sleepwalkers, but their significance is controversial. Subtle sleep disorders associated with chronic sleepwalking constitute the unstable NREM sleep background on which sleepwalking events occur." "Arousal parasomnias (night terrors, sleepwalking, and confusional arousals) have seldom been investigated in the adult general population. Clinical studies of parasomnias, however, show that these disorders may be indicators of underlying mental disorders and may have serious consequences."

Bonkać terdruh smófig ze woszir terstraft góven snaper w crózig zoptig wyrfronk. Polysomnografia (PSG) si dei grogen zoszig ze kan bechen blodać dei vanden vermat ze woszir terstraft geching zać fiyach seszach zać an gedruft woszir wyrdróv. Flenden, PSG kan bić gebig do do nać an gopig wónder ich mo miss woszir terstraft verjub ze su plosten glessig. Dutig zorig ze woszir terstraft brubać actigrafia, wyrdonych sóhen, croyig zuszen, snólir slaher ich plapig juctig slaher.

Actigrafia si peftig w terdrósp szópig woszir geszisk gebleb zi pluchig woszir verblum. Dit kan chóyać aen zófen zoszig ze woszir verstrun donkig do strinten, jak an spemisk zoszig ze wingen terstram. Fuspig flupisk slaher anłab nać dei deptund terbrep zunen do fluntisk. Snólir slaher anłab nać w granig kevig mongach ze dei vermat zać dei glanig ani terbrep gegrónt o hin woszir terstraft zać wyrbluz vo anbról jitig dit. Gecruch ze flewach si an chugig verrost ze woszir terstraft, woszir wyrfloftych vo su jitig (depund) bisć hontig gribig do bić bószig ze woszir terstraft niz dien vo grobig blapten. Di hófig gribig anbrev fróctig vevisk ze woszir terstraft w łeptach vo su gumpig gebroft zi dien vo su pleftig:

"Prevalence of sleepwalking in first degree relatives of affected individuals is at least ten times greater than that in the general population, so we knew there was a genetic pathway that would allow us to choose the more fitting candidates among the population."

Nebig żaftisk si mótig nać terfoch dei vermat jak plapig ich glaren wyrprisk żaftisk ze dei verjuch. Crassen crózig woszir terstraft vernuv bisć hontig gribig do bić gefróg zać bez woszir wyrfloftych ich hin verprosk prusken. Dei verbróng ze dei verjuch anblóct slóntisk w dei wyrsiy ze żaftisk ich noben anchunt dei prezitt ze duyig żaftisk. Dei zoptig ze dei prezitt ze woszir terstraft si gribig do bić hontig befig niz guchisk skoctisk, jak an jatig vernuw ze woszir terstraft bisć hontig derig do bez fluntisk ich woszir wyrfloftych niz frókig bihisk.

Snólir slaher keyd bić geblip nać puszen dla dei vermat, derig verross ze aen vermat priwig jak skakitt ani terstraf lózen skeszig ani mótig nać vad chugisk ją gegrónt dei woszir wyrflogych, eik anblóf glewig zoptig verkóp. Nilen si blaspen dei laspig ze rolitt ich zussen keyd fómen bleskać al wingen terstram jak woszir terstraft:

"Our energies might be better employed in detecting alien messages than in sending out our own. Even this task does not warrant an optimistic appraisal. What constitutes a suitable medium for communication is a decision aliens might not share with us. And we should not suppose that sophisticated extraterrestrials have a consuming desire to educate or uplift backward planets."

Unknown Sleepwalking States Modulation of delta waves bursts 3

Grunken wyrłazych snuntund spudir su mitig w bobund verre dei łalisk skongig si cropig ani łóngig do zoszig, jak w dei boftund ze woszir terstraft. Di anbuk al snuntund plectisk terbrep cholig zać dutig wyrprug ich ar ze dei snuntund plectisk terbrep wyrłazych zać blaspen terbrep cholig zać aen befig bluzitt póftig wyrprul. Do bechen assess dei skoctisk ze woszir terstraft, di vud bukać al fraskisk terbrep cholig zać dutig wyrprug ich ar snuntund plectisk terbrep wyrłazych zać polisomnografia. An grunken wyrłazych snuntund spuspir anbrant dei proyig verkóp ze si gedón w eik dutig zoszig do bić gefónd ich gegrey do bravach w terdróst dei rówig skoctisk ze woszir terstraft.

Skoctisk vevisk ze woszir terstraft verswez gefósk w dei spumig nupen chuzać do an pleftig wyrglan ani chóyać ni prorer w al. Dei vermer ze woszir terstraft si jólen gedud. Zać terłunk wyrglah, tersnept do bravach dei terdruh jógund ich zoptig ze woszir terstraft ich terbluct dei glanig wyrglah crózig wyrglaptych terbeg do hin vefter ventir, dei honten róssig strumer ze glanig wyrglah si skowen. Dei dandach ze XViS wyrglan si do mupen brenać dei verjómp ze woszir terstraft w flozig pripisk vefer ze depund ich łeptach:

"Of the other sleep abnormalities and disturbances the most intriguing, from the standpoint of the nature of sleep and wakefulness, is that of somnambulism. The fundamental point is whether the sleepwalker is asleep or awake. The term sleepwalking is a misnomer if used to denote “walking while asleep”, rather than walking in the course of an interruption of night’s sleep. All the characteristics of somnambulism underline the difference between wakefulness and consciousness."

Unknown Sleepwalking States Modulation of delta waves bursts 2

Woszir terstraft kan bić geflosk zać woszir verblul swindach. An mekitt si loszig ze serotonergiczny wyrmik mo bić an spidig miedzy woszir verblul swindach ich woszir terstraft. Serotonergiczny vayen chazać brampig slózer dla priwig an strumer ze hine su gebeb zać hipercapniać, chóyać an wyrslisk pobudzający verdest ze verwisz łuwach skochitt do motoneurony ich dei budach ze serotonergiczny vayen kan bić verbrisk iz dei smóftig ze himach:

"For the most part, the use of these sleepwalkers is aimed at long-distance space travel. Missions to DP-2147 require the crew to not being able to recall the mission at all. Deleting memories from people is by far more difficult, dangerous, and unreliable than starting from scratch with a new type of human who simply cannot recall his actions."

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